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Give the Girl ANOTHER Prize! She Predicted King Obama’s Debt Ceiling Speech!

I’m not sure if I should take much credit, because Obama is  just so predictable!  This is an excerpt from my “President Obama Plans to Drop the Bomb” article from July 3, 2011:

“Let me predict right here and now how this will go down.  President Obama will hold a press conference.

“Republicans, Since YOU Failed, Here is MY Plan! Ta-dah!”

He will say something like, “You all said, ‘hey, that Obama needs to get in here with some ideas.  You all had plenty of time to come up with a deal on the debt ceiling.  Now, some people continued to stall the hard work bein’ done because they needed to protect jet owners and other millionaires.  While I was at Camp David, my team and I got together.  We knew we couldn’t let the country go into default.  Our credibility in the world is too important.  I wanted it to be Congress to get it done.  It’s their job.  But, just in case, I had to come up with a plan.  In case we came up against a wall.  Since no one seemed able to do their job, I have come up with a plan to both cut spending by 15 trillion dollars in the next 5 years and increase revenue by 300% by asking the most fortunate of Americans to contribute their fair share.  Now, people like Michelle & I don’t need a jet (except Air Force One) and we don’t need more money!  We SHOULD give more- and this plan will ensure that we will.  It’s not fair for the poorest of America to contribute the lion’s share.  And it’s not fair to cut the desperately needed medicare for the most vulnerable citizens- our seniors.  This plan will also ensure that programs necessary to grow our economy by investing in new green technology and university education will be funded.  America will lead the world in new energy production and will usher in a new world, free of oil conflict.  The ‘promise of America’ will be extended to all countries.

Now, Ahm callin’ on Congress- both Republican & Democrat alike- to pass this bill.  I did my job.  Now, you do yours.  We don’t have time for all this bickering.  Let’s get the business of the country done.  Before really bad things start to happen.  Thank you.”

Oh, yeah.  I’ll bet the Obama team just salivates at the vision.  Sugar plums & fairies dance around Obama’s head as he delivers the final coup d’état on fiscal conservatives.

Sugar Plum Fairies Are Dancing

All the elements of class warfare, fear tactics for seniors, false promises of ‘free’ education & health care, grand visions of America extending ‘its promise’ to the world- it will all be there.  You wait.

All the elements of class warfare, fear tactics for seniors, false promises of ‘free’ education & health care, grand visions of America extending ‘its promise’ to the world- it will all be there.  You wait.  No matter that poor people do NOT pay taxes.  No matter that the truly rich, like his buddy Soros, pay no taxes at all.  No matter that the taxes he wants are on the very same small business owners who have always & will always be the meat and bones of the USA economy.   No matter that he refused to offer a single plan in the months- years- leading up to this point.  No matter that he refused to meet with Republican Majority Leader John Boehner until the last-minute for a round of golf.  No matter that he was the extreme, attacking partisan in every speech leading up to this ‘critical’ point.  No matter that he continues to spend billions we don’t have and makes war faster than any president in U.S.A. history.  No matter that he, one man, has managed to stir rebellion in the Middle East by demanding Arab leader after Arab leader to ‘leave’ when he has no authority to do so.  No matter that he has created the largest deficit than any president in U.S.A. history.  No matter that his almost 1 trillion-dollar spending program wasn’t ‘as shovel ready as [he] thought’.  No matter that Obamacare has been stricken as ‘Unconstitutional’ and scares the living daylights out of businesses.  No matter that he instructed Bernanke to simply print more money, making us the laughing-stock of the world.  No matter that he gives billions to Brazil to drill for oil (using Soro’s oil company), IN USA WATERS, while denying any such permits or money for American companies to drill likewise.  No matter that he is using the Department of Interior & the Environmental Protection Agency to halt domestic land drilling & natural gas fracking.

None of this matters.  Because the economy is still Bush’s fault.  And now it is Orrin Hatch’s fault for not allowing yet more spending & war.   And most of all, it is the Republicans’ fault for not taxing business owners yet more in an economy that so desperately needs them to succeed.”


  1. Nothing is beyond this administration and Congress. We are officially under dictatorship. This is no longer the land of the free. Yes, I believe this administration will use the U.S. Military against its own citizens if they voice their constitutional rights.

    • Me too. Because of this Oslo thing, ‘right wing conservatives’ are a bonafide terrorist threat. I’m betting that there will be ‘hate speech’ legislation proposed within the month- to apply to the Internet too.

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