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I Predict New Hate Speech Legislation Within Three Months

And it will apply to the Internet bloggers as well.  ( a clarification is needed:  I mean legislation enacted in Congress & supported by King Obama.  I’m not saying it will pass, but it will be sitting there, waiting for the next opportunity….)   Any takers? That’s it! A short post for once! 😉


  1. The always tries to come up with some kind of control over freedom of thought, but with House in GOP control and almost everyone on the Supreme Court a staunch defender of free speech I don’t see any of their latest tricks passing. (After all Obama tried to stop Boehner’s rebuttal to his speech the other night and even the liberal media ignored him on that).

    • I don’t see their tricks passing either, in any legitimate way. What I wonder about is just how they are going to try and cheat it in. They will certainly try as long as Obeyme is in the oval office. I see a consistent connection between those who advocate an “alternate” life style choice and efforts at supression and control of public opinion forums. Am I alone in this?

  2. OK. How does this work? Let’s name some groups that will qualify – African Americans. Asians. American Indians. Muslims. Jews. Baptists. Catholics. Homosexuals. Lesbians…. etc… How does this work? Why not overweight people?

  3. Short but right on point. The not so correct powers that be are just waiting for an opportunity to attack. Such censorship is on its way. Will the sheeple finally take a stand or will they continue to slumber?

  4. I’m not a taker on this one. Big daddy will do whatever is necessary to protect itself from the people. Stopping free speach is a vital part of his agenda.

  5. Nationally? I wouldn’t be surprised if they try, but it won’t pass the House of Representatives. America is at the far end of the leftist ideological swing of the pendulum, but the ascendancy has passed and the country is already starting to move back towards the center/right. Hate crime laws are anathema to American values because they totally invalidate the equal protection ideals of the Constitution and hate speech laws are in direct opposition to the First Amendment.

    • You would think that would be so, wouldn’t you? And yet, despite our Constitution’s mandate that ‘all men are created equal under God’, we have hate laws that give special attention & harsher penalties when special groups are attacked. This leaves a Constitutional loop hole. Further, if we lose seats in 2012 and lose the House, then you can bet your bottom dollar hate speech legislation will fly right through! Internet control too! I was just reading Obama’s Strategic Foreign Relations doc (I think that’s the name). yesterday and was AMAZED at how many times Internet control was mentioned. Of course, it was called ‘securing’ the internet. Free speech might just become a mere memory for us conservatives. But the libs will continue burning flags and teaching kids how to overthrow the government violently.

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