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Taking A Day Off Politics

Every now & then, I highly recommend taking a day (or two) off from Politics & Blogging.  Here is how I spent my day off:     What will you do?

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  1. Ya loopy…thank God for air conditioning…we’re in Georgia and its soooooo hot. SLS..those are gorgeous pics..went to Oregon for interview recently..didn’t get the job but it was one of most beautiful places ever. Its nice to know you can be conservative and survive in Seattle! My mother from Spokane and still spends a bunch of time in Gig Harbor. I spend my days off looking for a job mostly.

  2. 106 degrees and it feels like 112! I am staying inside where it is cool, but I wake my husband up at 4am so that he and my youngest son and a guy that works for them, can attempt to finish putting on a metal roof. One of the many that needs done. They work from 5:30 to whenever. I go back to bed most of the time. When it gets cooler, I will spend some time outside, but right now all my plants are burnt up and even the trees are dying. It is getting to expensive to water and I have to much yard to do it all. A couple of acres. Your’s looks so lovely and inviting and your daughter is beautiful. My granddaughter is about the same age and so loves to be outside!

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