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It’s Just Not That Hard

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When you see the sad, sad debt deal that cuts only 2 trillion over the next 10 years (within which we will also borrow another 10 trillion), that has no guarantees to extend the Bush tax cuts and that doesn’t even touch the major causes for our debt crisis in the first place, do you just shake your head?  When you see southern border states attempt to enact legislation to protect their borders from illegal & violent immigration (Mexican drug cartels) and watch the federal government  (via the Justice Department) actually sue three of their own states rather than confront the foreign country that is causing the problem in the first place, do you get frustrated?  When you watch our president needlessly causing unrest in the Middle East, the source of our cheap oil, by simply declaring that their leaders “must go”, forbidding domestic oil drilling & gas fracking  via the Interior Department & EPA and encouraging Brazil to drill for oil in U.S.A. waters (with billions in American aid & American technology), in the middle of one of the worst recessions in our history, do you think you must have missed something?

If so, have hope.  You are not losing your mind.  None of these things make any sense to any reasonable mind.  All of us, running our own households, make better decisions.  Logic is easy when it comes to prioritizing our needs vs. how much money we have and will have.  We look at our credit cards and our debt and decide what to do about it.  Should we get another job?  Where can we cut?  Does our child really need gymnastic lessons?  We think about how long it will take to get too old to work and we calculate how much we will need to save.  We look at crime and we buy locks for our doors and make decisions concerning the cost/value of alarm systems.  We sure as heck don’t give our much-needed money to ungrateful neighbors to buy their good will.   We know that can never work.  If we want to cut or plant some trees or bushes on shared property lines, we know it might make our neighbors mad.  We do our best to work with them, but if it can’t be done, we will do what we need to do for our family.  And lastly, can you imagine if we just decided to print counterfeit money in our basements?

It’s just not that hard, people.

I learned long ago that when people take actions that make no sense, it is not because they are incompetent- there is always intention behind it.  Give credit where credit is due (no pun inteneded).  No one gets to Congress or the Presidency because they are stupid.  We all need to step back and ask ourselves, why did they do this?  Who benefits from this outcome?  When you ask those questions, you will find answers that make sense.  You won’t like them, though.

There are three things that cause our politicians to act the way they do.  We, Americans (all of us) need to fix these three ailments and everything else will simply fall into place.  Any doctor knows that you don’t cure the cough.  You get rid of the bacteria that causes the cough.  Forget the deficit.  Forget the borders.  Forget the energy needs of the nation.  These are all symptoms.  Let us, instead, focus on the causes of our disease.

Problem #1:   Too much interest money flows into elections & government in general.

Our politicians are beholden, not to the American citizens, but to the rich, tiny elite who use them to make laws that benefit them at our expense.  No president should be holding fundraiser dinners that sell for $35,800 each.  Can you afford that?  I sure can’t.  But we better get the invitation list from those dinners, because they will actually be our new leaders.  If one candidate agrees to do the bidding of these rich diners, then the other candidate must also agree to other diners to compete.  The cycle is an ugly one that leaves regular Americans in the cold.  And it explains why politicians don’t listen to polls.

Solution #1: A Constitutional Amendment + New Election Legislation

To fix this, we need a new Constitutional amendment to further define the First Amendment:  campaign donations do not count as free speech.    Legislation must then be passed that bans all campaign contributions to all Congressional & presidential elections.  Instead, a new tax (about $4/person, for example) for each election will be applied to all citizens without exception.  This will be the new vote tax.  The final candidates will receive this money and only this money to run simple campaigns.  Any and all T.V. and Cable channels that receive even $1 in federal tax money will be required to air scheduled election debates between candidates- at no cost to anyone.  Candidates will be required to debate in front of the American people at scheduled times.  Media (that receive federal money) will be forced to cover all candidate’s speeches equally and neutrally.  Provable bias will result in the pulling of federal money from that media outlet.  Lobby groups must be banned from active participation in federal politics. Also, Political Action Committees (PACs).  Candidates found to be using any money or influence from these groups will be censored and/or removed from the campaign.  The groups will also be penalized with fines and/or prison.  Legislation must be enacted that forbids all government officials from benefiting (while in active service), either by gaining influence or money, from any legislation that they introduce or champion- the President included.  If violations are proven, impeachment proceedings will automatically be initiated.  Finally, our elected officials will be true servants of the people.  And those people who are in government for money will move on quickly.

Problem #2:  Too few wealthy elites own ALL American news, movies, magazines & newspaper outlets. 

The desire to influence the media is simply not new in human politics.  Every civilization known to man has attempted to use media outlets as propaganda machines.  The purpose of doing this is to garner the support of the people.  No government can control their population through armies & police alone.  Government officials know basic math:  there are more of us than them.  Also, they can’t really count on the military & police to turn on their own family & friends.  In America, this is especially true.  Every soldier is a voting citizen with a stake in all decisions.  Therefore, the population must be swayed to support the politicians in power.  Do you trust that only the truth will come out of these propaganda machines?  If a candidate won’t agree to do the bidding of these media moguls, do you believe they will offer great coverage of their campaigns?  And if one candidate does agree to their demands, the other candidate must also agree to their demands.  Or they will simply not be covered- death in today’s elections.   Six families and/or groups own all our media.  And they are the tiny, rich elite.  They are also the major campaign contributors.  Their lockhold on our politicians must end.

Solution #2: Smarter, Anti-Monopoly Legislation

New, smart, anti- monopoly legislation must be enacted to break up the current news cartel.  Media must be broken into separate categories and owned by much, much smaller entities- along the lines of the AT&T break up.  We are guaranteed freedom of press in our Constitution.  This will ensure that we get it.

Problem # 3:  America’s sovereignty is under attack by Globalists. 

The wealthy elite (George Soros is one of the most outspoken) want to establish what they call a New World Order (also called Open Societies or New International Order) in which national borders will disappear.  The idea is to combine nations as we know them today into larger ‘unions’.  The European Union was the first step.  The American Union is the next step.  China will incorporate Asia and the Muslims are establishing a new caliphate.  The purpose of these new entities is to consolidate the wealthy elite’s power and money.  There is a strong push by the Obama administration to give sovereignty to the United Nations.  In fact, the creation & support for a new International Order is listed 51 times as a major strategic goal for President Obama in his 2010 National Security Strategy document to Congress (30 times to support a new ‘International Order, 19 times to support a stronger  ‘International Institution’, 10 times to support a stronger ‘United Nations’ and 2 times to support a stronger ‘International System’).   If America is ever brought under the sovereignty (via legal status or via a change in currency), the Constitution will cease to be the basis for law in America.  The day this happens, no American citizen will ever be safe again.  Other, world politics, will take precedence over our own national interests.  It will effectively end The United States of America.

Solution # 3:  A Constitutional Amendment to Preserve Sovereignty

A Constitutional amendment must be made to state that the United States of America will never be under the sovereignty of any other entity- either in law or in currency.  The dollar will always be our currency and will neither incorporate any other country’s currency nor will it be combined with any other currency in the future.  The Constitution will forever be the basis for American law.  No other legislation from any other body will be legal in the United States now or in the future.  America’s participation in any international programs will always be voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time the American people deem it is necessary to protect our own interests.


Americans, it isn’t hard to solve our nation’s problems.  You & I (any conservative & liberal) could do it as reasonable people in a meeting room in a relatively short amount of time.  If we fix these three items, our politicians will serve us once more.  They will be free to do their jobs as the intelligent people they are.  As long as these three obstacles remain in place, our politicians are trapped into either choosing to give up their career or serving the monied elite.  Once these things happen, every single problem facing our nation will simply go away.


  1. Shortie
    I am with you part way. The answer is not sticking it to businesses but cleaning up congress. Here is the deal, few people know people want to stay in congress because they get to keep all the left over money from campaigns and it just rolls over to the next one and they pile up bigger and bigger war chests so that when they retire, they are millionaires. I say put in term limits just like the president that they only get two terms are are out. This would help avoid the heavy campaing contibutions and the lobbyists influence.

    Blessing on you and yours
    John Wilder

  2. You’re ideas about breaking up the media won’t work. There’d be few media outlets left if such legislation was enacted. Secondary and tertiary markets would be left few, if any, local outlets of any medium because they’re not profitable.

      • I didn’t say it was unfixable. I said your idea wouldn’t work. No legislative solution will work in any instance where it’s to break up large companies whose economies of scale are the only thing allowing a product or service to be provided in any given set of areas.

        Example: What happens to middle and lower class retail and pharmacies across the US if Wal Mart, after years of pretty piss-poor, monopolistic behavior, were to be dissolved?

      • We’ll have to disagree on this one. I do believe it is possible. We prevent monopolies of all sorts. This wouldn’t be different. The human capacity to make money and lust for power can never be underestimated. Media will always be needed, thus it will always make money. Information is power- therefore it will always attract power seekers. If small outlets can’t compete today, it is due to the size of their giant competitors. Remove the giants and you allow small ones to flourish. There will always be takers.

      • Information – hell! content in general – is largely irrelevant to the media. Reach and proper demographics are what matters because, with very few exceptions, the sole significant source of revenue for the media is advertisers. Smaller areas can’t provide what the advertisers are looking for.

        Worse, there’s no longer any differentiators among the local outlets. In all mediums they’ve long ago stopped reporting on their own and just reprint feeds from national or international sources or, in the case of television, become a network affiliate.

      • Jonolan, I simply don’t know enough about the business to answer you on these points. However, I have been a management consultant for 15 years and have worked with monolithic companies pretty much my entire career. People always say things can’t be done. And then, with good methodology & analysis, we always solve the problem. I will just stick to that mentality as it has never failed me in the past. I have no doubt that this can be done. Only the will is lacking.

        We will just have to disagree. I am willing to give it a try. In fact, it is so important that I feel it must be done- profits be damned.

      • Yes. You with businesses. That’s where change of this nature has to take place, not within the Legislature. As I said, I never claimed the situation was unfixable; I just claimed that laws wouldn’t fix it now.

        A long time ago existing laws could have prevented it, now they can’ fix it unless the underlying business model of the industry is shifted somehow.

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