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Designed by Americans, Built in Saudi Arabia- The Tallest Building on Earth

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Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has announced plans to build the world’s tallest building in Saudi Arabia. Prince Alwaleed’s Kingdom Holding Company signed a deal with the Saudi Binladen Group to start building the Kingdom Tower which will measure at least 3,280 feet high.   The Kingdom Tower, estimated at a cost of almost $30 billion, will be one mile high and will contain almost 12 million cubic feet of space. Dubai-based Emaar has been signed up as developer as well as Burj’s team, ex-SOM staffer Adrien Smith of Chicago based Adrien Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture to design the tower. The building will apparently be able to house about 80,000 people. It is said that it will take 12 minutes to reach the zenith.

What a pity that only two out of the 11 tallest buildings in the world will be in the United States- and they are dead last.  The two tallest will be on Arab lands- the lands that sent terrorists on 9/11 to take down our twin towers.  The rest is in Asian lands (all but two in China)- lands that own most of America’s debt.  And what a pity that the only use for an American architectural firm is to serve the Arabs & Chinese.   Like the space program (we will be paying for rides to the Space Station on Russian shuttles), the United States has lost its passion, its nerve and its pride.  What a pity.



    • Hi Mitchell,

      Yes, you are right. And it is absurd as well. All that desert around it- and al the poverty of the country when there is such incredible wealth to be had. If anything, this is a monument to the selfishness of the Saudi royal family.

  1. Awesome photos. No doubt it will be a beautiful structure when complete, but the fact that it’s being built with blood money is horrendous. No longer home to the world’s tallest building. No longer the leader in space exploration. If we don’t get rid of this progressive government and turn our economy, our country around, our currecy is sure to no longer be the world’s currency, either.

    • That’s funny, Whitey! I thought the same thing! But it is also a needle in our eye. The bin Laden family is paying for it. Considering we just killed their boy and considering he was the one who took our twin towers down, I can’t help but be irritated. But you are right, it looks just a little absurd in the middle of the desert like that. And with such poverty in the nation’s people

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