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No First Amendment Rights For Cops: The Offending Cartoons

If you wish to see a sampling of the videos that have the individual in question in so much hot water, you can view these three- pay special attention to the last one.  This person never mentioned the Renton Police Department.  It was a spoof on the Internet.  If this person is being arrested for making fun of a police department, how much trouble will we get for spoofing Obama?  Still think giving full control of the Internet to Obama is a good idea?


  1. I caught some of Glenn Beck’s radio show Friday. He had a guest on that was telling how the NSA and Google are working together. He was also talking about some of the software that is being used. Super scary stuff. It is no wonder China, and many other countries want no part of Google. He described it as “Sky Net” from the Terminator movies.

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