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Disgusting Michelle Bachmann Photo: An Example of the Left’s Evil & Their Desperation

This is how far the left will go.  I need say no more.

An Example of the Left's Evil & Their Desperation

Toby writes:

“Michele Bachmann, Iowa born and the favourite to win the Straw Poll, arrived half an hour late for her slot and then spoke for just over two minutes, saying that Iowans were “going to send the signal” to the rest of America just as they had in 2008.  “This is where Barack Obama got his start. This is where he’s going to come to his end, in Iowa.”

Hey, Toby, want some eggs for your face?

Here is the contact information about this snotty Brit who not only criticizes Bachmann, but American politics, our country fairs and even our food (ha!  from a Brit!?).  Why don’t we just drop this fellow a little email, shall we?

Toby Harnden

The British Jerk Who Posted This Photo & Criticized American Food!

Toby Harnden (doesn’t he look just ‘special’ in his photo?) is the Daily Telegraph‘s US Editor, based in Washington DC. Click here for Toby’s website. You can email him at, follow him on Twitter here @tobyharnden and on Facebook here. His bestselling new book Dead Men Risen: The Welsh Guards and Britain’s War in Afghanistan, about a Battle Group in Helmand in 2009, is available from Telegraph Books.


  1. I couldn’t care less if you ban me from commenting. I only stopped by again to see how you managed to ignore the “Christian” point. If you review my original comment you will see that I put quotes around “Christian” because you call yourself a “Christian Conservative.” The “baloney” part wasn’t a modifier of Christianity in general, just in your version of it. I am, in fact, a Christian. But thank you for verifying that like most people who are Christian in name only, you couldn’t find one blade of grass to stand on in defense of your distinctly non-Christian blog. I believe you are entitled to your opinion, I just wish you wouldn’t drag Christ’s name into your little pet project. Hasn’t He done enough for you?

    Miso: my guess is that you had some cole slaw, some lemon-pepper chicken (broiled) and perhaps some corn-on-the-cob, washed down with a nice cold iced tea. How’d I do?

    • Nathaniel,

      Here is one thing I know: Christ has never been about bitterness, sarcasm & hate. Which you are so clearly full of. In any case, you are most definitely banned. Good luck to you.

  2. The photo is in poor taste, but what worries me is that you (or any of your readers: SURPRISE!) can’t admit that your own party not only does the same thing, but does exponentially worse things. So, it’s not a flattering photo. At least no one is accusing her of being a traitor, anti-American, etc., or praying for high unemployment so that their campaigns can benefit from others’ suffering. These are all things your precious Bachmann does. Wake up and smell the coffee. By defending this ignorant excuse for an American politician all you are doing is hurting your own credibility. Have you heard the crazy, crazy, crazy things she says ON A REGULAR BASIS? And don’t give me that “Christian” baloney. Being Christian does not mean you have the right to sling uninformed and hateful garbage around in Jesus’ name, and it doesn’t mean you have the right to persecute others who do not agree with your views. That is not a Christian thing to do, and Michele Bachmann is a horrible example for anyone who claims to be a Christian. Try this: emulate Jesus Christ’s life, in which he never once condemned anyone, even those who put him to death. You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves. Unbelievable. Go out and educate yourselves on things before you decide to grace the internet with your incredible insights. And don’t go and read all the right-wing propaganda sites you normally frequent. That’s no way to learn anything. You have to look at a variety of sources. How the heck are you ever going to learn something if all you do is read drivel you agree with? As you can probably tell, I disagree with you on some fairly fundamental levels, but here I am giving your blog a shot. Try and do the same, maybe broaden your horizons a little bit. And don’t use the word “evil” unless you’re referring to something truly heinous, like the Holocaust. You cheapen it by throwing it around in such cavalier fashion. Do you really believe the democrat who sold you a movie ticket the other day is “evil?” Time to up your standards, ShortLittleRebel.

    P.s. I read your Rules for Posting, and I’m afraid you’re not living up to your own by-laws. Here is a link to ample evidence backing up any claims I made in the above comment, unless Pulitzer Prize winning journalism isn’t up to your strict set of standards.

    • Whoa, there, Nathaniel. Take a deep breath. Relax. When did it become wrong to make a critical judgment about someone? The photo of Michelle Bachman is sexually provocative- unacceptable in any light. First, it disrespects women in general and second, it has zero political point. (or any other, except to humiliate and ridicule.)

      What you fail to see is that the kinds of accusations leveled at Obama (anti-American, traitor, etc) are in fact, value judgments based on his actions (or inactions) and are thus valid political remarks. This has absolutely nothing to do ‘Christian baloney’. As Christians, we are beholden to the truth as we see it. If someone acts like a traitor, is it wrong to say he has acted like a traitor? Of course not. Nor is it defamatory if it can be backed by evidence. You might not agree with the conclusion of the evidence, or you might interpret it differently or you might find other explanations for it. But the opinion is valid as long as evidence exists to support it.

      • Thank you for side-stepping nearly every point I made. Just because everyone has an opinion doesn’t mean they are all equally valid. If I wanted an opinion regarding the dangers of nuclear waste, I would prefer an opinion from a nuclear scientist. Just because my neighbor has an opinion about it also does not mean his opinion is valid, at least not when weighed against one that is informed and based on knowledge, education, and (gasp!) evidence. A great deal of my comment was directed toward your readers, whose ignorance does not reflect well on you. Calling someone a traitor is a pretty serious thing to say. I’d like to see the evidence that you claim exists that backs up such a venomous remark. I’ll tell you what DOES border on treason: signing a pledge to a private citizen (the Norquist pledge) that essentially makes our elected officials beholden to someone or something other than their constituents. That kind of thing directly undermines the Constitution and the purpose of elected officials and democracy. And what kind of phrase is “the truth as we see it?” As Christians, you are beholden to The Truth, which is to accept Jesus as your savior and treat others as you would be treated. You essentially take an oath to act as Jesus would act, or to admit that you cannot in the face of your human weakness, but that you will continue to strive toward that goal.

        And please don’t tell me to relax. We are living in serious times, with serious problems that will require serious people doing serious work to solve them. We need to work together and cease the garbage about conspiracies, and Communism, (Seriously? Who in the world is still worried about Communism? If only our problems were so simple.) and how science is bad, and progressives want to bring America to it’s knees, etc. It’s all balderdash, and if concerned citizens like you not only fall for the ruse, but propagate it to boot, then we really are destined to become a nation of stooges, being led around by whatever media outlet we choose as our puppeteers, who are in turn fed their marching orders by big money. If you want to know what the grand conspiracy is all about, look at Wall Street. The foxes are not only IN the hen house, but they OWN the hen house… and the farmhouse, the land, and the streets around the farm. Follow the money. Peace.

      • She has a right to her opinion whether you agree or not, just like you have a right to your opinion. Quit acting “holier than thou”, it’s a blog, it is meant for people to express their views. She probably didn’t respond to some of your points because they didn’t make a whole lot of sense and you provide no real examples, just conjecture. I don’t know how you know what news sources she accesses, that is a pretty neat trick, can you tell me what I had for dinner last night with your psychic powers? Both sides may be guilty of dirty politics but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be called out for it. I have a pretty good feeling Short Little Rebel would back you up in denouncing sexist remarks, actions, etc. no matter what political party they are from.

      • Thanks, Miso

        I do disagree with mud slinging on both sides. What Nathaniel fails to understand is that I am not a republican. I am simply an independent thinker. I give myself the complete freedom to make up my own mind without the need to be loyal to any ‘side’. That being said, I believe that the Democratic Party has been completely & utterly destroyed by Progressivism. I can not support it whatsoever. While the Republicans are very far from what I would want, they are the lesser of two evils. I am to the point where I distrust our government and the power it holds over American citizens. I question why the Republicans are allowing it to happen. Many people think Progressivism is equal to ‘liberalism’ or equal to the ideals of the Democratic Party. Not so. They exist in both parties.

        I love America with all my heart and believe in the American spirit that lies deep within every American citizen. I believe that Progressivism has taken a firm hold over the leaders of our nation- but the People are alive & well. We will eventually rise up & take our nation back.

        Nathaniel is not a Christian and, like many other non-believers, likes to use Christian ideas in his attempt to control the conversation. I ignore those kinds of comments as they are completely insincere.

        Thanks for commenting & I look forward to hearing from you more often! SLR

      • Nathaniel,

        I addressed the main point of your comment- conservatives are hypocrites to complain about the Bachman photo because they do the same thing. As for your comments concerning Jesus & Christianity, why should I address them when you call my faith, “baloney”. As for the education of my readers (or myself), you are simply throwing around wild conjecture. Ditto with the news sources I (or they) read/ watch.

        Nathaniel, just because you sling around a bunch of nonsense doesn’t mean I have to address each bit of drivel you drop. You had only one point. I addressed it.

        One of the rules of my blog states that you must actually add to the conversation and you must actually have a point. Further, you must address the article in question. Complaining about the education or news sources of my readers (or myself) really doesn’t qualify, now does it? Neither does being disrespectful of Jesus or Christianity. You have your one and only warning before being banned as a commentor.

  3. Where did the blowup girl Bill Clinton invited to the Oval Office go ?

    The double standard is disgusting.

  4. Well said Susan! I ran into some of your comments when researching this story and I like your style. I think I will be making your blog a regular stop. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yes the photo is inappropriate, distasteful and unfair…. but Toby Harden works for a British tabloid. This is not from the American “liberal media”. The Daily Telegraph, like many journals in the UK, tries to be shocking, bordering on yellow journalism.

    I suggest you get angry at Newsweek for the cover photo “Queen of Rage”.

    • Harden may work for a British newspaper (this in not a tabloid- it is a mainstream newspaper), but his article clearly attacked every republican candidate and Americana in general. I realize this isn’t American left media- but it IS left media. His hatred of Bachmann is clear in his wording. The Progressives are alive & well in England & Europe.

      The Queen of Rage magazine was just so stupid as to be laughable. It did Newsweek more harm than good.

  6. Progressives live on the so called left and on the so called right. This abomination of a photo produced by them fits their mentality perfectly! They are this way in soul and spirit. There is no end to the darkness within them.

    • Oh, really? NOW actually said something? Really? Well, knock me over with a feather. I can only think that if they didn’t say something about this one, every woman would begin to see them for what they are: militant lesbians who hate any woman that doesn’t support their victim mentality. Oh, and also, any woman who shaves her legs, mustache and uses cosmetics in any attempt to be attractive to the opposite sex. NOW is nothing more than a lot of bitter women who wish they had been a little more attractive so that attractive men would notice that they were even alive. That is why they HATE beautiful women and especially, happily married beautiful women with children. To them, I am the ‘biggest brain drain’ of America- an educated, career woman who dared *gasp* to CHOOSE to stay home with my kids and *gasp* love my husband enough to want to please him. Blunt, I know. But those ‘ladies’ stopped representing me 25 years ago..

      Any support they give to Bachmann now is only serving their own survival and relevance.

      • NOW defended Bachman against Newsweek’s cover photo of her. I don’t know if they’ve spoken out against this photo fiasco. But everything they do is politically motivated. I’m not sure a defense by NOW would be welcome, or needed for that matter, by Bachman or by any true American patriot.

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