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Don’t Let Them Divide Us: We Americans Are Sick of It!

There is a myth in America.  It goes:  “Once upon a time, there was an America.  America was filled with a divided people- one side called themselves Republicans and the other side called themselves Democrats.  They hated each other and wanted nothing more than to fight each other.  The leaders of this America understood this true hatred and fought for their side endlessly until America was sunk from paralysis.”

American people, I call on you to rise above the myth being created and sold by our politicians & the media they own.  We all love this nation and we all can agree on some very basic changes we would like to see:

  1. Stop the money flowing into government & elections.  Our politicians serve The People, not the money.
  2. Break up the news cartel- it should not be owned & operated by the same few people who also buy the politicians.
  3. Ensure that our nation is never beholden to any other political entity- be it from overwhelming debt or be it from the United Nations or any other ‘International Order’.

Felonious Munk says it just like we feel it:


  1. I have also seen this video. Forget the profanity and listen to the message. His words sent a message to Washington that most of my friends would like to send. I say thank you Monk and Little Rebel.

  2. Oooh I hear ya! I have been saying this for MONTHS now… ‘they’ are purposely, with intent, dividing We the People!! … and most of the people have absolutely no clue 😦

    • Hi Teach,

      We need to start reaching out to ALL Americans. Once we get rid of the money in politics and break up the news cartel, we are home free. Politicians can do what they (should) do best: resolve issues. They are not hard to resolve. But money will always make political decisions completely illogical to us simple folk.

  3. Actually saw this the other day and then of course we sent it out everwhere. Ok, bad language but the guy is dead on! I actually wrote him and he wrote me a very nice note back. The deception, the pitting us against each other……brilliantly diabolic. God help us stand united.

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