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Public Schools Teach Shame To American Children

American Children Are Learning To Be Ashamed of Their Country

Last night, cuddling with my 11, 10 & 7 year old kids, I asked some casual questions about school.  Specifically, history questions.  Some comments of theirs in the past bothered me and I wanted to delve into the matter a bit.  As I said on a previous post, “my antennae were wiggling.”  Needless to say, my antennae were working perfectly, as usual.  The Progressives have completely taken over all public schools.  They are teaching our children to be ashamed of their country.  Listen to this little conversation I had with my kids.  I asked the following questions:

Their responses killed me.  They drew a complete blank for almost all of it.  They had NEVER even heard of the Constitution- or any of the other documents!  They had no clue that Muslims attacked us on 9/11 and that they were fighting a holy war against Christian America.   But they DID say that Washington owned slaves- and so did Jefferson.  About Lincoln, they said he ended slavery.

Seeing a pattern, my suspicions were roused.  I asked:

Who was Martin Luther KingRosa ParksSojourner Truth?

Their eyes lit up- finally!  They could answer my questions!  They were so proud to tell me that all these brave patriots fought against the evil slavery of the United States government.  Further, when I explained that other countries had slaves too as a common practice at that time, they were shocked! They said that they were taught that ONLY America had them.  When I told them that, for the vast majority of the time, we bought slaves who were already slaves- captured and sold by BLACK African tribal leaders- and that Africans commonly raided villages for their own slaves- why, their eyes nearly popped!

African selling their African slave to a European

They hardly believed me when I told them that these same American slaves would have been slaves NO MATTER WHAT, their eyes clouded over with suspicion. In fact, my oldest daughter (11) told me that they had to read a book in school about AMERICAN slave traders raiding the peaceful camp of African villagers and how they forced, singlehandedly, thousands of once free people onto their ships bound for America.

“Consider,” I told them, “the following:”

The Atlantic slave trade peaked in the late 18th century, when the largest number of slaves were captured on raiding expeditions into the interior of West Africa “These expeditions were typically carried out by African kingdoms against weaker African ethnic groups and peoples. These mass slavers included the Oyo empire (Yoruba), Kong Empire, Kingdom of Benin, Kingdom of Fouta Djallon, Kingdom of Fouta Tooro, Kingdom of Koya, Kingdom of Khasso, Kingdom of Kaabu, Fante Confederacy, Ashanti Confederacy, and the kingdom of Dahomey. Europeans rarely entered the interior of Africa, due to fear of disease and moreover fierce African resistance.[51]”

When I told them that America fought its most bloody battle trying to free the African slaves, they said they had never heard of that. And when I told them that the side that won (yes, Abraham Lincoln and the North were Republicans!) was the side that fought for the Africans, they felt like a guilty load was eased off their shoulders.

Republican President Lincoln With Union Soldiers Who Died Freeing Blacks From Slavery

When I told them that America felt so bad about slavery that they have laws in place that allow a black student who struggles with their grades to get into Harvard for FREE while they, themselves would never be able to go, they became a little angry.  When I told them that if I went for a business loan, I wouldn’t get one, but a black woman would in the same business circumstances, they asked, “But Why?”.  When I told them that a black person would get a job before a white person because the business was forced to hire a certain number of blacks, they wrinkled their foreheads.  I told them that inner city schools (more populated by blacks) received MORE money than suburban schools (more populated by whites) and that the kids refused to go to them and when I told them that the same kids refused to take the free scholarships available for school- and YET blamed whites for the black population being ‘poor’, they didn’t know what to say.  I asked them, “What do you do when you lead a horse to sweet, abundant water but they refuse to drink?”  They said they didn’t know.

“People who believe there’s a strong connection between money spent on education and    student achievement have a hard time explaining what’s going on in the tiny 284-student    Sausalito, California, Elementary School District. The district spends more than $12,300    per student each year– nearly three times the state average.(130)    Students go to school in freshly painted buildings, with manicured lawns and new    playground equipment. Class size is a mere 16 students per room, half that of many larger    districts. The district has special instructors for art, drama, science, and computers.    Yet, when it comes to student achievement, none of that seems to matter. Test scores are    the lowest in Marin County; a third of the students are in special education classes;    classrooms are “chaotic”; teachers are “frustrated, distressed and    exhausted” and afraid to “turn their backs” on their classes.(131)”

They were astounded at the falsehoods of their dear teachers.  I was too!

When I told them what the Constitution was and how trailblazing our founding fathers were in establishing a democratic republican system of voting for our leaders, they were amazed.  When I told them that our AMERICAN  example of democracy, as opposed the current monarchies, encouraged all of Europe to adopt similar changes and that had we not succeeded so brilliantly, democracy as we know it might not even exist today, they sat a little taller.

When I told them about how their country rescued the world from the tyranny of Germany in WWI, their mouths dropped.  When I described what Hitler Germany did to Jews in WWII, they were sickened.  “Yes, Children, it was YOUR country that saved all of Europe from destruction not once, but TWO times!” I said.

What America Saved Europe From- NEVER FORGET IT

When I told them that it was US, America!, that liberated the horror camps where Nazi’s gased & literally cooked Jews, they were somber.  But they were proud that WE did that.  When I told them how the Allied cause was faltering until our boys went and died on their soil to destroy Nazi Germany, they straighted their back bones.  When I told them how when American tanks rolled through the liberated streets of France & England the people cheered & threw flowers & kissed our soldiers, they were proud and smiling.

When I told them that the United States then spent billions of dollars, not crushing and occupying Germany & Japan, but REBUILDING them (and ALL of Europe) under the Marshall Plan  with factories, bridges & roads even newer than our own so that they could succeed, they were so happy.   I said, “THAT is the country that you share blood with Children.  Never forget that.  This country has a heart like no other country in human history.  But people are trying very hard- your teachers included- to make you ashamed and willing to give up your country someday.  Don’t let them.”

US Army Corps of Engineers Rebuilding Japan's Runway- Did they rebuild Pearl Harbor?

On a dark note, my oldest daughter asked, “But didn’t we drop the only nukes during WWII?”  (see, they told them THAT bit of information), I said, “yes, but let’s talk about that for a minute”.  When I explained how the United States refused to even go to war until the Japanese did the cowardly sneak attack on our ships, soldiers & civilians in Pearl Harbor, they were astounded-   no one had ever taught them that!  When I further went on to explain that the person who developed the bomb was a German Jew who narrowly escaped with his life and that had the Germans never started their insane slaughter of the Jews and that had the Japanese not bombed us completely unprovoked– the lethal combination of Einstein + American will would NEVER have even happened, they were mesmerized.  When I told them that after we beat Hitler and freed Europe, we warned Japan (in a way they never warned us) to stop the war or we would bomb them with something so devastating that they wouldn’t recover and that they refused- even though they KNEW they had lost- they were indignant.  When I went on to tell them that the first bomb only hit a military target in an effort to spare civilian life and that our President Truman warned all Japanese citizens to leave the big industrialized cities before we bombed the second time, they nodded their heads at the fairness.

When I said that they were kamikaze bombing our ships & soldiers for the simple need to take as many Americans as they could before losing, they were confused.  They asked, “But why did we have to drop TWO bombs at the same time??” I told them we didn’t (yet more lovely teachings at school).  We dropped one after they refused to stand down.  They asked, “Didn’t they stop then?”  When I told them, “No, they didn’t stop even though we warned we would drop another one,

Truman’s Radio Address Warning Japan of Coming Hiroshima Bombing. (If this doesn’t work, go here .  Go to 21:18 to hear only the Japanese part.)

“After the Hiroshima bombing, President Truman issued a statement announcing the use of the new weapon, and promising that:

“If they do not now accept our terms, they may expect a rain of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this earth. Behind this air attack will follow sea and land forces in such numbers and power as they have not yet seen and with the fighting skill of which they are already well aware.[56]

The Japanese government still did not react to the Potsdam Declaration. Emperor Hirohito, the government, and the war council were considering four conditions for surrender: the preservation of the kokutai (Imperial institution and national polity), assumption by the Imperial Headquarters of responsibility for disarmament and demobilization, no occupation of the Japanese Home Islands, Korea, or Formosa, and delegation of the punishment of war criminals to the Japanese government.[57]

they were flabbergasted.    And I reminded them once again that Japan struck us first.

My son of 7 years old yelled, “Then they deserved it!”

Ah… out of the mouth of babes.

When I told them about Somalia, where our soldiers died trying to deliver food to starving people and how in Kosovo we fought to help the self same Muslims who hate our guts, they were… speechless.

Americans, you think your kids are getting a proper education.  Ask them these questions and see what they know.  I think you will be surprised that all they know are the ‘crimes’ of our great nation:  WE OWNED SLAVES and WE BOMBED JAPAN WITH NUKES.  Outside of that, good luck getting a coherent answer.  I guess spending an entire month on Black History (and not ONE day on our Founding Fathers & the Constitution) has really paid off, huh?

Patriots, find out what your kids are learning in school.  I have a feeling you will be a shocked as I am.

some images to stir your patriotic heart:

Jubilant French Citizens Cheering Our Boys After America Freed Them

Americans Land & Die in France to Save Them From Germany

Americans Making Friends With French Children Whom They Liberated


Brave Americans Moving into Battle to Liberate All Europe


  1. You are suuuuuuuch a typical, clueless, black-bashing Amerikkkan. So, you are upset because they know SOME black history but not YOUR precious forefathers? You fail to realize that the europeans paid the black tribes to invade the jungles of Africa and get slaves for them because they couldn’t do it (lack of knowledge of geography, lack of manpower, in addition to reasons you mentioned). You go out of your way to try and diminish and absolve any responsibility for Americans involvement in the slave trade. I guess buying people who are “already” slaves from other nations and continuing this practice for hundreds of years is okay…so, I guess buying a girl sold into sex trafficking is okay because the sin falls solely on the pimp’s shoulders for pimping her out in the first place?

    For your 4-1-1, your great emancipator did not intend to free any slaves, I guess you selectively refused to recite good ol’ massa Abe’s inauguration speech to your little ones. He freed the slaves STRICTLY TO PRESERVE THE UNION and ONE means of doing that was to use the old divide (from within) and conquer – the white man’s famous tactic.

    For centuries we’ve been reciting european history and propaganda, but now that your kids are learning something about some 3 negroes (the same three they teach, perennially) who never got their just due for doing great things in your good old US of A, you are upset. I could go on and on about you and your deficiencies as a human being, but I’ve wasted too many characters on you, already!

    Maybe you should home-school your little monsters, so you can keep train-up the next generation Amerikkkan.

    • All I can say, A.J. is “whaaaaaah, whaaahhhh!” Honey, YOU aren’t a slave, are you? What? No? Your parents weren’t slaves, were they? what? No, again? How about your grandparents? No? Not them either? Then what the HELL are you still bitching about? Get on with your life, my brother. Anyone still whining about their distant forefathers being slaves are MILKING the system for all its worth. My mother was Korean and was forced from her home when the communist Korean forces arrested & murdered her father. She starved as she became a refugee- fleeing for her life to South Korea. Without family, she felt forced to marry a white American soldier in order to feed herself and make a good life for herself. My parent’s life was a living hell. We kids got beaten in a way I will bet you a MILLION dollars you would not even imagine. My brothers have both seen jail time (one, permanently) and my sister is an emotional cripple. And do you see me bitching about either the Communist Koreans or the Americans who helped make the very war that made my mother a refugee? And THAT, my friend, was only one generation behind me. I LIVED the resulting hell.

      So guess what, cry baby boy. I just have zero sympathy for you, an American boy who has had every opportunity to get it right in his life. Just like me. Now, I have made something of myself. I don’t hate North Koreans and I don’t Americans. I don’t hate anyone.

      You spend more time hating than you do in making your life better. I can’t stand whiners of ANY kind. Guess who the slaves are today? ASIAN WOMEN. Guess what I am? An ASIAN WOMAN (or partly, anyway). Do I go around blaming other people for my unhappiness or my lack of a job or my lack of money, a big house, etc? Heck, my ‘people’ are STILL enslaved and yet, I AM NOT A VICTIM.

      Yes, europeans might have payed blacks to get slaves for them. But the blacks ALREADY were providing those slave services to their BLACK customers. So, why aren’t you down on BLACK people, you hypocrite? I never said it was right for people to re-sell slaves, now did I? But I am saying that BLACK people STARTED black slavery. It was boomin’ business, Friend. And yet, you give BLACK people a big FORGIVE, don’t you? But not the white people, right? Why is that, do you think? Oh, I know. Because it makes you feel better to blame someone other than yourself for your problems. Also, you don’t want to look in the mirror and BLAME yourself- your own PEOPLE for your ancestors’ enslaved state. How very, very convenient. And A.J. At least I have the courage to speak out loud and show my face when I make a point. The same can not be said for you, coward. Now, lastly, I have zero problems about teaching about black heros. I celebrate heros all the time on my page, Friend, and if they are black, well, who cares? a hero is a hero. But to reverse history and NOT tell about the great founding fathers that began this great nation (whose tit you are now sucking) is wrong- THAT is the point of my article. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it, buddy.

    • A. J. I am assuming that you are an American Black. If not, you are free to ignore the ‘sucking of the tit’ part. Also, I am assuming you are black. I did so based on your clear hatred of white people- also, your complete chicken-ness of refusing to put a face on your initials. But the rest still stands. Good luck nursing all that hate. I am sure you will never go far…

  2. Susan, thank you for your page. I just discovered it, and this blog is the first I’ve read. I’m 57, a retired law enforcement officer, and I’ve been living in a quandary about what I can do to try and effect a difference in the way our country appears to me, to be disintegrating. I really like what you’re doing, because at times I feel like giving up, and have considered moving out of the country.
    I just wanted to note however, that the founding fathers were fully aware that slavery could not stand in the US. They knew, also, that it was too divisive a subject, even then to try and abolish it at the same time as they tried to establish a Constitutional government. (maybe the first political compromise in our history?) I have studied history and politics since I learned the difference between liberalism and conservatism. I think part of the problem IS that children get only one viewpoint in school, and don’t learn that there is a difference. Anyways, I’ll be following your posts, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from me in the future…

    • Hello David and Welcome to Short Little Rebel!

      I understand your frustrations completely! I never intended to blog! It happened out my need to SPEAK out against all that I see. I love my country so much. Everything just seemed to be falling down around me. Listening to the news, you would think that Americans had become a bankrupt, morally degraded nation of idiots, whiners & complainers! But as I began to blog and research and learn, I have found HOPE. Hope in Americans. We are still alive & well and we, the vast majority, still LOVE this country, still believe in GOD and still are the most charitable & honorable people on earth. The trouble is the media. Read my ‘Who is Rupert Murdoch and Who Owns the News” to open your eyes to the Progressive agenda and to give you greater hope. In this article, I trace the news ownership to six or seven (depends on how you look at it) private families and/or groups. ALL of it- including FOX. In this day of instant news, these people can frame the message in their favor. Today, their desire is to cause us all to despair and lose hope in one another. We should NEVER give into this despair. Remember 9/11? Who would have thought those flags would fly on every house, in every city, in every state in our nation?? We are still here. Don’t believe the negative images on the news. For every negative image of Americans, there are 10,000 positive ones. They just don’t get air time. Believe it or not, liberalism is ‘old hat’. It has morphed into Progressivism. Progressives wish for MORE than the control of the United States. They wish for the end of the Constitution & the sovereignty of the United States of America in favor of a newer, larger union- ultimately toward a world government- of which they will, of course, be in charge. Again, welcome to the dizzying world of REAL information- the blogosphere.

  3. Susan, I have also had to correct my oldest child’s history lessons. He also was taught that all the slaves were captured by white men and that all slaves came only from Africa – which is not true slaves came from all different places including the Caribbean.

    I would like to add to your article that while slavery was a side item for the Civil War – the war was not fought solely to free slaves. The South decided to leave the Union because they didn’t want to pay an unfair amount in taxes and were tired of the Federal Government interfering with State’s Rights. This link had the best information all together with supporting information..

    Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Jenn,

      Thanks for your comment. As for slavery being a side issue, I used to believe that it was a mere side issue but have come to think otherwise. I think it was both for economic reasons & to abolish slavery. While politicians might have been more influenced by the issues of money, I think the population (and soldiers) were motivated by the abomination of slavery. History can sometimes be difficult to dissect because so many people felt so many different ways- just as we do today. But whatever the proportion of motivation, the North, led by a Republican president, fought & won the freedom for black Americans and sacrificed more American blood than in any other American war. That is something we can be proud of- not ashamed of.

  4. I have spent time in inner city schools of LA and in LA’s jail schools. Yes, your description is 100% correct, but I add that the high school kids don’t know the first thing about capitalism, the stock market, and anything substantial about the Second World War and our role in it.

    You are dangerous! Good job and keep up the good work!

    • Hi Roy! The TRUTH is always dangerous to those who love evil. People have been brow beaten and threatened (by a TINY minority- who own the news) to the point where they are actually are afraid of telling the truth. We are all sick of it. It is time to speak plainly. We are all Americans. The vast majority of us feel the same way about almost everything. The news (owned 100% by Progressives) portrays our nation as divided when it is not. They use non stop coverage of racism, homophobia and ‘hate’ for minority groups to make us all believe that America is a hateful place. They also portray us as being so politically isolated from one another that most of us are actually afraid to bring politics up at a party. But if people were just a little braver and if we had just a little more confidence in the decency of each American, we would be able to speak softly and reasonably and THEN we would find the truth: we are being duped by the oldest scheme in the book: divide & conquer.

  5. Thank goodness you speak to your children. That way they will learn the truth while learning that the USA is a beautiful nation and that millions would die to get to these shores.

    My great niece moved in with me a month ago. For the past two weeks, she has been attending regent classes in the morning and today she took her regents. No doubt she is nervous.

    Somehow we ended up in a conversation about slavery in the United States the other evening and to my surprise, she had no idea that Africans captured and sold the slaves that ended up on American shores. She was shocked at this revelation and I was shocked that she had no idea.

    Clearly, I have my work cut out for me.

    • The schools are 100% taken over by the Progressives. They care nothing about black people or about gays or Muslims or women. They only care about making our children hate their own country so that they will be willing to give it up as adults. The ultimate goal of these progressives is centralized world government with them at the top as bosses. To make this happen, they have to make people feel that having nations & borders is an evil idea. Even the Disney Channel is conducting a non-stop propoganda of “We can Change the World”- they never say what they want to change or what they want to change to. The message is clear: the way things are is evil- we need to change it. Sounds like the Obama promise, huh? You wait and see. By the time these kids are adults, these Progressives will be promising world utopia & peace by eradicating national borders in favor of one big happy world government: no wars, sharing for everyone, and no more poverty! Only people conditioned to hate their own nations will be open to this idea. Of course, they won’t mention who will be the leaders of this great new world. And they won’t mention the tyranny & force that will be needed to keep all the ‘enemy combatants’ and ‘terrorists’ at bay.

  6. There are some bright spots though. My buddy teaches American history at the high school level. He is very, very conservative, and always makes a point to teach students about the differances in political views. He is very effective! I am sure there are others doing the same, sadly, not enough of them though. 😦

  7. Although our children went to public schools, by the time they were all grown and my wife and I adopted six more kids, things had changed drastically. We tried public school with them, but it was a struggle to say the least. My wife and I constantly had to battle the propaganda being taught to our kids, and we spent hours and hours each week teaching them the truth. When their school began teaching islam as an acceptable world culture superior to Christianity, enough was enough. We took them out of school and they began an online school. Not a whole lot better, but at least we were there with them to help teach them the truth, and they were not spending all that time in a classroom away from home, a captive audience for a propaganda spewing teacher. Eventually we did find a good public school in a different school district, and we enrolled the kids there. By and large they have turned out pretty good and they all have a firm grasp on the history of America, the world, as well as the dangers of fundamentalist islam.

    Just wanted to throw my two cents into the ring.

    To the person above who asked if it was black muslims who were taking slaves, the answer is yes. History shows that not only were muslim taking slaves, but it is a practice that is approved by the koran and it still occurs today, and it even still occurs in America where some muslims will “hire” young girls (most are enticed away from their families or they are purchased) to be servents, nannies, etc. These young girls are then abused and raped on a continual basis and are, for all intent and purposes – slaves. Here in America and around the world. Slaves taken by muslims and enslaved by muslims. So it is still happening today.

    I would also like to point out to the liberals and democrats who are blasting you and other patriots, calling us all racists; the ku klux klan – started by democrats and still a largely democrat organization. Segregation – the biggest proponent and most vocal and most famous proponent of segregation was George Wallace – a democrat. The enslavement of blacks on all those southern plantations during the Civil War – mostly democrats. Yes there were republicans who owned slaves, but the democrats tend to forget that the vast majority of slave owners were democrats. And it is democrats such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters and Shirley Jackson Lee and others who continue to promote racism and segregation of the races and a hatred of whites and other non-blacks. Also, how many all white “flash mobs” have you seen attacking non-whites? Answer: none. The point of my rant being, that it has been conservatives who have been struggling to promote an equality of all races and all people, and who have had liberals and democrats doing everything they can to thwart them.

    Keep up the great work Susan!

      • Actually Jesse, the Bible does not advocate slavery. The Bible does speak of slavery, and it records slavery in its historical context, but nowhere does God tell us today to take slaves. Unless you are referring to the historical recollection of slavery and somehow interpret that to mean that it is an advocacy of slavery. If that is so, then the existence of America also advocates slavery since we experienced slavery in our historical past.

      • As a favor to you, Jesse, I will reference the books and verses I believe you are speaking to.

        23 From there Elisha went up to Bethel. As he was walking along the road, some boys came out of the town and jeered at him. “Get out of here, baldy!” they said. “Get out of here, baldy!” 24 He turned around, looked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of the LORD. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the boys. 25 And he went on to Mount Carmel and from there returned to Samaria. 2Kings 2:28.

        The children were actually fellow Jews. So, this was not Divine punishment on those who did not believe the same thing or share the same culture. Elisha was taking over the prophet Elijah’s work. Elijah and Elisha were undergoing persecution in the form of beatings, mocking & threats of death from the Jewish cities who refused to stop worshiping idols, child sacrifice, committing sexual immorality & behaving in ways that God (and most of us) would find disgusting. These children (probably teen agers) were a symptom of a much larger problem. The fact that Elisha called a curse on these children is NOT the same as Muslims vowing to kill all non-Muslims. In the one case, God himself chose to punish the city of Jericho by sending two bears to maul the children (note that death is not mentioned). In the Muslim case, HUMANS have chosen to kill whomever they wish. If you believe in God, then you believe his wisdom is greater than that of men. This qualifies him to discipline as he chooses. Completely different. Now, you can DISAGREE with God’s punishment on this city. But you can’t say that God told humans to kill other humans. Whether or not you are in a position to judge GOD is another discussion.

        5 The LORD saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time. 6 The LORD regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled. 7 So the LORD said, “I will wipe from the face of the earth the human race I have created—and with them the animals, the birds and the creatures that move along the ground—for I regret that I have made them.” 8 But Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD.
        Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God. 10 Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth.
        11 Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of violence. 12 God saw how corrupt the earth had become, for all the people on earth had corrupted their ways. 13 So God said to Noah, “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth. 14 So make yourself an ark of cypress[c] wood; make rooms in it and coat it with pitch inside and out. Genesis 6: 5-8, 11-14

        As for God ‘murdering’ the entire world- again, that is GOD making the decision, not Humans. He bases his decision based on the crimes of humanity, not on the ‘beliefs’ of humanity. Further, God shows that he is merciful. People who do good are saved from his judgment. Rather than destroy a world that so deserved to be destroyed, he relents and allows the ‘good’ to continue on. This is full accordance with our current laws. We punish those that break the laws. We reward (or at the minimum, leave alone) those that obey the laws. Again, you can DISAGREE with God’s judgment, but you can’t say he told HUMANS to do violence. God is acting in his wisdom, not giving the mantel of killing to fallible humans as the Muslim faith does.

        To address your slavery comment. I believe you are referring to Apostle Paul’s letter to the new Colossian church (also referenced in other letters). This letter was to encourage the new church, give instructions on how to run a church and to answer questions that had been sent concerning problems & issues being encountered in the new church. Here is the excerpt I think you are referring to. Afterwards, I will address your point more fully.

        18 Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.
        19 Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them.
        20 Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.
        21 Fathers,[c] do not embitter your children, or they will become discouraged.
        22 Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to curry their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord. 23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, 24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. 25 Anyone who does wrong will be repaid for their wrongs, and there is no favoritism.
        1 Masters, provide your slaves with what is right and fair, because you know that you also have a Master in heaven.
        2 Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. 3 And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. 4 Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should. 5 Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. 6 Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. Colossians 3-4

        Let me help you to put this into context. At this time, right after Jesus’ death, resurrection & ascension into heaven, new Christians didn’t have ‘churches’ or bibles. All they had was eye witness accounts, miracles & the teaching of the disciples. Apostle Paul was the one who was sent to share the good news with the Gentiles (these are non-Jews). Before this point in human history, only the Jews had received any communication directly from God and instructions for how people should live in order to please God’s sense of morality (the 10 commandments). Jesus ordered his disciples to share everlasting life with EVERYONE- radical for its time! Many Jews struggled with this idea! Gentiles EQUAL to Jews??? Impossible! Hence, Paul’s letters.

        The Colossian church was in Turkey. There were Turkish Jews and Turkish Gentiles. Each with completely different customs. The Gentile women did not wear head coverings, for example, where the Jewish women did. Gentiles had pagan worship where they ate meat that had been dedicated to pagan Gods. Turkish Jews did not. Women in BOTH cultures completely lacked any legal freedom and were owned by their husbands. Slavery not only existed, but was COMMONPLACE in both cultures.

        Christianity, with its claims of complete EQUALITY of each of us, regardless of gender, regardless of station (slave, servant, master), regardless of wealth, regardless of political power- was RADICAL in those days. THAT is why the Jewish & Roman leadership feared it so. It claimed that NO ONE was above another- not the Pharisees and not the Roman Emperor (who demanded actual worship as a god). So, many people asked, “So why should I continue to be a servant, a slave, a woman bound to [my] husband?” People instantly wanted to throw off the shackles of human constraint and be ‘free’ in Christ. Remember, many of the new church members were both the master AND their slaves! Women & slaves wanted social REVOLUTION! This would have rocked society at the time.

        The new churches were in an uproar of uncertainty. Jewish men & women were shocked by the lack of head coverings of the Turkish and Greek women (which was only done by ‘prostitutes’ in their eyes). Women wanted to divorce non-Christian husbands. Women also wished to ‘disobey’ their husbands. Jewish women wanted to speak publically in church (not allowed in their old synagogs!). They also were amazed at their new-found freedom of worshiping next to their husbands (they were physically separated in the Jewish synagogs). It was heady stuff for the women of that day! Husbands wanted to divorce non-Christian wives. Slaves wanted to disobey & run away from their masters. No one knew what to do with all this! This group of people had never come together before AND the amazing EQUALITY of Christianity completely overthrew the legal unfairness that currently existed in culture at that point.

        Apostle Paul’s ENTIRE letter was to advocate PEACE and UNITY in the new churches. His point was for people to do the more conservative thing. If someone objects to eating pagan meat, then don’t eat it! If someone thinks you are a prostitute for not covering your hair & then cover your head! Who cares???- this was his point. It is not worth it to destroy the church over such things. He even said he would become a vegetarian if that made the church more peaceful. Did this mean that he advocated a vegan lifestyle?? No! Earthly sacrifice is nothing to Paul compared to the ultimate rewards of Heaven. In fact, in Paul’s eyes, everything is pretty much irrelevant compared to Jesus, God & Heaven.

        As for slavery & the submission of women, he said that each of us should stay just where we are. That we can serve the Lord no matter what our station, gender, wealth, etc. He didn’t want a radical social upheaval (as a direct result of Christianity) that would distract from the true purpose of the Church- which was the spreading of the good news. Concerning slavery, he actually said in a letter to the new Corinthian church:

        21 Were you a slave when you were called [to Jesus]? Don’t let it trouble you—although if you can gain your freedom, do so. 22 For the one who was a slave when called to faith in the Lord is the Lord’s freed person; similarly, the one who was free when called is Christ’s slave. 23 You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of human beings. 24 Brothers and sisters, each person, as responsible to God, should remain in the situation they were in when God called them. -1 Corinthians 7:21-24

        This shows that Paul had no interest in promoting slavery, but rather, UNITY in the church- by any means. His point was that slavery was irrelevant to God’s purpose in our lives. He called us all to the highest excellence in all we do- that in acting with total excellence, we are witnesses to the glory of God. We will win people to Christ through our excellent work & life example. By obeying the laws at the time, we would win favor and credibility in the eyes of men. Christianity is not about worldly revolution- especially violent revolution. It is about spiritual revolution.

        So, you can see that Christianity & God are COMPLETELY about peace on earth.

  8. Little Rebel,

    The history you referenced is correct. Black slaves were sold to white slave traders by black slave owners. Many of we honkies died during the civil war in the belief that no man should be a slave. Slavery was repulsive to us. Throughout history people of all colors have served as slaves – as an example: slavery in the Roman Empire. This ugly, distasteful practice can never be justified, but for black folk to single themselves out as the only target of slavery is ridiculous.

    As a young boy I accidentally saw horrible pictures of the mass murders ordered in Germany. It hurt me to see the picture you have shown above. The ones I saw had been hidden by my parents in a little green metal box where they kept their important papers. I was horrified when I saw them. After the Jews were murdered in the special gas chambers, their naked starving bodies were thrown haphazardly into train cattle cars. The pictures I saw showed their limbs hanging out the sides of the cattle cars. And then the pictures of the mass graves, similar to the one above and the death camps – I just can’t forget them.

    What is most shocking to me is that some progressives are even denying that it even happened. Well I know it did – pictures like I saw couldn’t be made up – the technology wasn’t there to do it. I’ve always believed that we should learn from history; not cover it up!

  9. When I went throught the teaching program here at CSU Stanislaus, I had a prof who believed that a better reflection of Americas’ early years, were best told by “minority” writers. What bothered me most was the blatant biased directed at white historical writers/figures. I had some pretty good discussions with him. I always told him that the bottom line is our history as a nation is what it is; The good and the bad. And there is much more good than bad.

    • John, you are right about that. We have made mistakes as a nation- but no worse than Britain, Portugal, Spain & France during the slavery years. In fact, America was one of the last countries to enter into the slave trade. Mark hates the truth that the slaves we bought were already slaves- enslaved by Black men. In Africa (even today), being black means zero. The tribe is everything. Skin color is not a unifying force. Slavery (and slave trading) was absolutely pervasive and common practice in Africa at the time. Where America went wrong is that we were one of the last to abolish it. But we did so in massive amounts of WHITE blood. No other country did that. The people who hated slavery WON and forced this belief on the losers. Our country vindicated itself on that day.

      The need to perpetuate the pity party for Blacks has nothing to do with caring about the black man in America (btw- blacks enjoy the highest standard of living in AMERICA than in any other country in the world), and has everything to do with creating division and thus destroying a common sense of patriotism.

      I would go so far as to ask black Americans if they would have preferred to be left in Africa as slaves. Would they have preferred to have been brought forcibly to any other nation on earth. And I know they would answer, ‘no’. While unfortunate in many ways, their unique immigrant experience brought them to a future their African (and other countries) counterparts could not even dream of today. Africa is a bloody, corrupt mess.

      Lastly, you know who are the biggest victims of the slave trade? Women and young girls! And do you hear women bitching non-stop about it? Women are still enslaved in America and around the world. They are drugged and forced to submit to rape on a constant basis. At least black slaves had a home & food provided to them. When they weren’t working, they had some level of autonomy. Not every slave owner was cruel. But with women- it is an abomination. They have no life- only death at the end of a short existence.

      How about the Chinese slaves used to build the railroads? How about the Irish whose children literally starved to death during their grim immigration experience? They were not technically slaves- but they were literal slaves. Hey, at least black slaves had FOOD.

      Every immigrant experience was rough. But it led to each & every one of us to be present here and now. We should be proud that our ancestors managed to survive the birthing of this nation. We should hold on to one another now and be grateful that God saw fit to bring this new condition of freedom upon the descendents of slaves. We all need to put it far behind us and look forward toward a bright new day where we are all Americans together.

      The shame & victimhood being taught in schools has only one objective: to destroy our nation. I won’t allow it. None of us will.

      • If I am not mistaken, it was black Muslims that were rounding free people and selling them into slavery. Liberals, and the democratic party need victimization to keep their racist/bigoted party alive. Look at people like Herman Cain, Allen West, Judge Thomas, and Michael Steele. They are called every ugly name possible because they are republican, and or conservative, and they do not further the liberal cause! My favorite guy is Allen Keyes. I have voted several times for him in the presidential elections.

      • Atlanta number one for that sex trade! Its my understanding that they are shipped over in crates! I sent an email to a big church in California that addresses these issues and goes all over talking to churches. I told her….give me something, SOMETHING to do. Still awaiting reply. You ridiculous liberals ought to pull your heads out of your civil war era as*es and start helping out with a modern day atrocity.

      • I would go so far as to ask black Americans if they would have preferred to be left in Africa as slaves. Would they have preferred to have been brought forcibly to any other nation on earth.

        Answer: NO. NO. NO.

        I tell my Black brothers and sisters to get over it and move on. I refuse to go through life as a victim. I refuse to allow my children and grandchildren to go through life as a victim and as a nation, the only way for us to truly succeed is for all of us to GET OVER IT.

        To be honest, I am thankful to the Heavenly Father that I am not in Africa. Do you see what they’re doing to each other over there and how people are living?

        NO THANK YOU! I am fine in the good old U S of A!

      • Yeah, you say it, sister! My mother came from a very poor Korea and my father came from the poorest & most miserable of Irish. My great grandfather came here. My mother’s father was murdered by the communists and was sent running by her step mom. She almost starved to death on the refugee route to South Korea. Her life was pretty miserable. She married my dad basically to get the hell out of dodge. She was discriminated against when she came here- she thought it would be this big freedom dream, but she ended up poor, lonely and miserable in her marriage. My dad grew up in a poor family with so many kids! They were actually hungry all the time- something today’s poor know nothing about. Both my parents told me to work hard and go to school and make my life better. They both believed in the promise of America. Not once in either of their lives did they even imagine taking help from the government- nor did they even mention it to us. I never even knew it was there! There was a time in my life that I literally lived in a closet because it was so cheap and I went to college holding down three jobs.

        But my generation was the first to go to college & graduate. THAT is the story of America- it is an open promise and I love this country. Who cares if people were mean to my parents when they were young? It happened to EVERYONE. Today is today. I would still rather be here than in Korea or Ireland. That’s all I can say.

      • Yes, I’m listed as S.S. Custom Jewelry. I also have a Susan Shannon site, but as much as I try to shut it down, it shows up over & over again. *sigh* those FB people! Just friend me, ok?

  10. Good for you, for educating your children. That’s what parents are for!

    Apparently, up until now, you thought you could sit at home, make grilled cheese and your kids would come home delightfully smarter from their wonderfully enriching day at elementary school.

    Hopefully you won’t give into your almost certainly fictional account of your daughter’s pleading to be home schooled. You see, the School is far from just a place where children go to learn things like writing and ‘rithmetic and the shame that the US has committed towards others. As John Dewey (probably one of the two greatest philosophers of education in history along with Rousseau) would say, the experience of education is just as important as the knowledge that comes with it. School provides a community, a social growth, that cannot be had with home schooling as the home-schooled child may learn their multiplication tables but will not learn how to navigate the sometimes highly charged political landscape that is toddler, child and teenage interaction.

    One last point. While I don’t necessarily disagree with a lot of the issues you bring up about the situation that has arisen with regards to black culture these days, explaining to your children that “we bought slaves who were already slaves” or “that these same American slaves would have been slaves NO MATTER WHAT” is disgusting.

    Do you mean to tell them that since they were going to be slaves anyway, it was OK for slavetraders to continue that practice on these shores where families were sold in squares, often separated on the trading block, husband from wife, parents from children, and black men and women were breeded for strength like common dogs.

    Please, if you’re going to correct the liberal bias that you see in your schools, do so. But try not to swing all the way to other extreme – you are doing them a disservice. Were it only your version of history to be what my children were learning, I might think of home-schooling myself.

    • You know, Mark, your sarcasm and ugliness in your answer define you perfectly. I guess you think hanging around gangs, drugs and mass shootings qualify as ‘learn(ing) how to navigate the sometimes highly charged political landscape that is toddler, child and teenage interaction.”

      Many people home school their children brilliantly- and guess what? All statistics show that children who are home schooled kick some serious ass in college! And guess what else? They have plenty of healthy opportunities to interact continuously with children in similar age groups. Please read Teach’s comment below.

      I’m not sure why you need to call me a liar concerning my daughter’s request for me to homeschool her. It is entirely true- and she has begged me MANY times before this. And please don’t think she is a wall flower either. She is a fabulous swimmer on a world class team, she is tall, blond and beautiful. She is also one of the most popular girls at school. But from day one, I have taught my children to adhere to the TRUTH. What I stated, though it bothers you to no end, is the absolute God given truth. When she sees the complete lies of her school, she feels completely indignant. Like me, she is curious about the world and everything in it. Basically, she feels shafted.

      As for the ‘disgusting’ fact that white men bought slaves from Black Africans, sorry, I didn’t make history up you know. It is just the truth. I agree that this was ‘disgusting’. But why I am ‘disgusting’ for telling them the truth is beyond me. I guess you need to re-tell history to favor your own political agenda? Please see the LINKS that fully document the TRUTH of my statements.

      “Do you mean to tell them that since they were going to be slaves anyway, it was OK for slavetraders to continue that practice on these shores where families were sold in squares, often separated on the trading block, husband from wife, parents from children, and black men and women were breeded for strength like common dogs.” -you

      Um. no. But I needed to explain to my kids that unlike the lies they are told at school, Americans didn’t run to Africa stealing free people from their peaceful existences. Further, I needed to dispel the myth that America is rotten to the core. Were you even listening to my article? Clearly, you LIKE the lies being taught in school and you SUPPORT the educational system teaching children to be ASHAMED of their country. We will just have to part ways on that one, buddy.

      You clearly need to teach whatever you hope fits into your world view. Me? I prefer to teach the TRUTH. Sorry if that offends you, Mark. But seriously, grow up.
      p.s. somehow, based on your ignorant and knee jerk reaction, I highly doubt you would EVER home school… just saying..

      • Susan,
        It most definitely has changed…that is, the public school curriculum as it pertains to American History. Not only from our own experience in school but the fact that we had our sons 10 years apart it has become obvious in the 23 year old’s knowledge and perception of our heritage compared to the 13 year old which I have to consistently clarify on the home front as you do.
        I can’t even work up the energy to comment to Mark because I am utterly exhausted arguing with people like him for the day and I’m choosing my battles until I’m in the mood again. Usually after a long run or kick box session when I can purge toxic extreme liberalism from my system.
        You’re doing a great job on your blogs. BTW….Stars and Stripes published the pension issue a day and a half after I sent your blog. It’s in today. I bet Mark never served in military…I’m just guessing.

      • Denise, I felt the same way when I saw Mark’s comment. The whole purpose of labeling American blacks as the only victims of slavery is the progressive goal of destroying the Constitutional basis that all men were created equal. Ironic, huh? Because it was on that basis that the North, championed by a REPUBLICAN president (Abraham Lincoln), shed more American blood than in any other war in our history- to save the black man from the horrors of slavery! Now, progressives want to turn the table and use the black man as the reason to destroy Constitutional equality by creating unique victim groups (feminists, Blacks, Mexicans, Gays, etc) who constantly cry ‘foul’ and demand special recognition under the law! Oh, they are devious ones, they are!

        Comcast surprised the pants off me by changing their On Demand format into RACIAL groups of movies- Black Cinema, Asian Cinema! What?? And here I foolishly thought they were just movies for everyone. It is disgusting.

        This points to another progressive goal: to destroy the melting pot idea and thus the sense of common patriotism. To make special groups of Americans so that they can then pit one against the other. It lends itself nicely to the creation of Muslim Americans and the requirement to respect their laws & culture (introducing…. Sharia Law!).

        As it says in Isaiah: “There is nothing new under the sun”. This is called DIVIDE & CONQUER.

    • “School provides a community, a social growth, that cannot be had with home schooling as the home-schooled child may learn their multiplication tables but will not learn how to navigate the sometimes highly charged political landscape that is toddler, child and teenage interaction.”

      Bullcrap Dude. Below are a FEW of the community / social growth activities my kids were raised doing:

      1. Belonging to a home school Group … weekly interaction with people of all ages
      2. Outside extra curricular activities (peer based) … such as Tae Kwon Do
      3. Outside extra curricular activities … such as Meals On Wheels
      4. Church activities … multiple ones
      5. Outside Classes … a Co-Op between parents, which taught special studies, foreign language, art, music, etc…
      6. Field trips … whenever we felt like it, wherever we wanted, and ALWAYS included being in a public / community / social setting! duh

      There are more, I am sure. Your comment is one of the biggest misconceptions of homeschooling… truth is, the OPPOSITE is true. OH and by the way… homeschoolers don’t breed BULLIES like the public school system.

      • Divide and conquer is right! I used the same term on FB earlier this morning…it’s so obvious, it baffles me that not everyone getting it because the only way to destroy the church is from within the church. At least that is what that has always meant to me. Well…we’ll see what they say because I got to tell you …I really really really like Herman Cain. What will they say then? I think a large majority of older (30+) African Americans like him and his ideas. Its not about race, its about the character of a man. The liberals manipulate to push their Godless agenda and they many don’t even know the evil of men like George Soros driving many political decisions because they don’t seek the truth. Of course they want to destroy the melting pot and the Muslims are tucked in all over the place and could care less about our country. That is one thing but for our own citizens to be so oblivious to this is baffling. Herman Cain bravely asserts he doesn’t trust them either. GASP!! Did we offend someone?! Who gives a rip! I’m not laying my values down for anyone, any Sharia Supporter and I will fight fight fight and not go quietly. I would rather be dead then live in a Godless, shameful, Islamic mentality hell hole. God has a plan for everyone and while slavery was not a good thing…..their uphill climb and victory over any remote oppression was just their period of suffering like all Christians experience and they now are the most educated, wealthy of black people in the world. Why? Because they came to the LAND OF OPPORTUNITY! …and while they suffered then, they are reaping now. I have lived on so many Army posts and I look at the endless rows of white headstones…..many many many many white people suffered and died also so WE ALL could reap. That weak “racism” card is near meaningless now and you know what…? its a whole lot of white people playing it. I’m so sick of these arrogant humans thinking somehow their intelligence is greater than God’s. No man can comprehend just how high God’s ways are.

      • Wow. Denise- you are one FIREBRAND! I am so glad we are on the same team! When you have God behind you, you have confidence galore- because you know you are fighting for what is right. People who support evil know they are doing that too. That is why they slulk about in the dark. They always lack rational arguments and thus move straight into name calling. You don’t know how many ‘anonymous’ people just call me every name in the book. At least Mark put his name on his snide comment. To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t really understand where in the world he was coming from!

    • Mark,
      So you think yourself so well educated? It is “bred”,. NOT BREEDED. You are either black yourself or a bleeding heart, white-guilt to the core, liberal. How’s the hope and change workin’ for ya? One last thing, If you ARE white, I DARE you to walk through a black neighborhood tonight, you will learn the real truth.

      • Hopefully militant in good way. My pastor had to remind me I am not in control and not my sole burden to bear. I know that because everyone else on here but I’m simply dumbfounded as to where we’re at. I was raised with all boys and a Dad…I’m lucky I came out half way girly and not utter feminist….because you had 2 choices….fight or get beat up and have your dolls fed to the dog. I am prior service andi love love love our miltary and country and want my boys to be safe and be able to enjoy their families. I’m disgusted. I think most of America is. Can they really get away with the injustice or will God help us prevail for the greater good? Like you said with guns….you really wanted them when they said they were taking them away….I want our freedom, normalcy. Maybe its gone but my heart still won’t let me go quietly. I want to be a girly version of Mel Gibson in braveheart and I wish all Americans felt like that. Like Herman Cain says…the giant has awakened. (Remember Japenese commander after they bombed Pearl harbor?). Just wonder if we have the heart as a country any more?

      • I definitely meant in a good way- and not militant at all! I consider myself to be a firebrand as well. I like passion in people. Jesus said to spit out the luke warm water. I am in total agreement!

      • Denise, we still have the heart. Remember 9/12 and all the flags? Americans are just laid back and very humble. But the progressives are using this laid back, humble personality to get away with murder. They are traitorous with our children in school and are hoping like crazy that we just trust them enough that we won’t look twice. Heck, I thought I was on top of my kid’s education. Math, reading & science. I have already countered the completely unscientific approach to evolution that is being shoved down their throats. But in the history arena, I was obviously too relaxed. My shock to discover the incredible bias and guilt being taught to our kids was profound, to say the least.

        We need to simply inform parents of what is being taught. I believe enough in the regular, normal American that I trust they will stand up when they find out the tyranny around them. Americans just have so much trust in their government. Which is wonderful- but not when it is being abused.

      • Don’t mean to offend but I live on the outskirts in NYC of an urban area. We have everyone here but there are plenty of us and everyone is welcome here but if I were Mark, I would steer clear of Brownsville and Bushwick. They will take a load off.

  11. I applaud you on being an involved parent 🙂 I do however, disagree with you on this:

    “Lastly, my oldest child begged me to home school her. She wanted the facts, she said. I told her, “No. Here is what Jesus told us in Mark 5:15:

    “No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house.” -JESUS

    If you don’t learn how to stand up for what is right today, how will you do it tomorrow, when all your friends have become adults and have never been taught a single good thing about their country?””

    I do not disagree with our Lords Words, of course, but, as a lifelong home school-er, let me share with you. First, let me say, that we are each called to different things. It was God who called my husband and I to teach our children at home. Through prayer, faith and His Will, we were able to lead our kids to knowledge in Gods Truth and high academics, etc… (Deuteronomy 6:5-7 and Proverbs 22:6). Our kids not only rocked the socks off of their peers in the brains department, but they were comfortable with all ages, from 0 to 100. They were so intelligent, that they could carry on detailed and knowledgeable conversations with adults, yet they were so tender and loving that they were able to care for those younger than them as if they were much older, and they were even shining examples to their peers, not only when it came to academics, but the Holy Spirit shone through them and they ended up being vessels for Gods Will to be done and others came to Christ through them. OK, I’m done ‘bragging’ on my kiddos, point is, homeschooling is not shoving a kid in a closet. It is preparing them for the ugly reality of the world (we are to live in the world, not be of it), it is giving them the necessary tools to let their light so shine! AMEN. Anyway, just wanted to share what a blessing, a huge and perfect blessing, that homeschooling was for our family. Like I said, we are not all called for the same, so I am not chastising your choice…

    • Oh, Teach, I am sooo sorry! I did not mean that you were wrong to homeschool your kids!!!! I think it is wonderful that you did so. God does move us in different ways- I was speaking only for myself, my motives, my kids and my situation. I had no idea that my words would be taken that way because I have nothing but the highest regard for all homeschooling. I admire you and think you should brag your heart out. Your undertaking was a grand one! I humbly apologize, my friend! Who knows, I may very well change my mind- if so, I will be sure to contact you for what I am sure will be incredible advice!

      • Oh no, NP girl 🙂 I just wanted to share. My boys are adults now, and out in the real world, but they are strong young men, grounded in God, morals, values, etc… of course, they are not perfect and believe me, have made their share of mistakes! LOL But one of the things I love about them, is how strong they are and true to themselves… they don’t let ‘the world’ thrash them around, they stand firm! Hey, you *said* I could brag! heehee God bless you sister. 😀

    • Hi Teach,

      I took that statement off the article. It was superfluous anyway. I only added it as an afterthought. As it might be misinterpreted by other hard working homeschoolers, I just removed it! Thanks for bringing that to my attention!


    • I have witnessed the same results in children home schooled. They don’t have to deal with the filth that is the popular culture and the peer pressure to do the wrong things based on the propaganda taught on the popular TV programs. The corrupt media is working to destroy our families through immorality and the denial of God (pbuh) and Jesus Christ, praise be his name.

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