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What Chinese “goodwill” and “sportsmanship” looks like – video

What Chinese “goodwill” and “sportsmanship” looks like – video

A great post by Dave the Sage at the Constitution Club. Learn more about Dave . Watch these videos to see the ‘nice’ Chinese people from whom Biden is currently begging for yet more loans.

As Biden climbed into bed to snuggle with the leaders of the Red Chinese and beg them to buy more of our debt and to send us more of their cheap crap to stock our shelves, the Georgetown basketball team thought it would also like to show some goodwill by playing a bit of b-ball with the Chinese military basketball team. As you will see, the horrendous officiating and one too many thrown elbows resulted in a rather un-diplomatic conclusion. The court conflict seems to have been about as indecisive as the Korean conflict, but the bloodshed appears to have been a tad less.

The story (note: the first video won’t work until you click the “YouTube” icon on the bottom right hand corner):

The brawl:

The crowd throwing trash and full water bottles at the US players was an especially moving moment of international goodwill for me. They should have just played a game of HORSE.


    • Hi Rat,

      I’m still here. I took a little break from blogging. I have had some profound personal changes that have made me rethink/ ponder life & general- my blog direction in specific. I am still pondering. I will tell you more later- perhaps via email…

  1. Looks like the Chinese can’t handle a little friendly competition! Why am I not surprised. Afterall, they do look down on us.

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