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Ann Barnhardt Burns Quran & Makes Me Laugh

This lady makes me laugh. Bacon! I don’t think I agree with everything she says (she is purported to say that the killing of Osama bin Laden was pure stagecraft & that Obama needed to divert media attention away from his forged birth certificate) and the statement that most Muslim men have been raped as boys- by Muslim men- is questionable at best. However- however, this woman has guts. Her anger at current events & the Muslim religion mirror my own. I forgive her for her hasty sputterings.  Much of what she says is bullet proof.  That’s more than many of us can say.  She has courage to do what she has done- no doubt the terrorists will attempt to kill her. How many of us would take that chance?

And I agree with her burning the Quran. Muslims threaten our safety if we dare to do such a thing and yet they murder us like dogs for being Christian- or should I say, for not being Muslim. Look how they killed, Theo van Gogh, the movie maker who dared to show how Muslims treated their women. Muslims are people who love the darkness- they can not be of God. They attempt to hide their beliefs & practices.  Hence, the need to openly oppose- burning the Quran is just the thing.  We can not show fear.

The verses she read describe jihadists to a tee. It is not a book written by God. It is written by Satan. Thank you, Ann Barnhardt, for this information and for your courage. Could you please just do a little more research before posing a theory? I know you are passionate- but you will gain more credibility by cooling down a little. (Just a thought. ;-D).


  1. Remember that Muslim woman support all this crap too. You should mention that sometimes, while lambasting the men. Also, when burning stuff start at the bottom, because heat rises. Duhh…

    • How the heck do you know Muslim women agree with this stuff? If that were so, then Muslim men wouldn’t fear t.v. and the Internet so much. They admit that they think these are satanic because they ‘seduce’ their women & children away from Islam. Try also telling that to Muslim women who get acid thrown in their faces and women who get stoned to death. Repressed Muslim women have no freedom to say what they want. Until they do, we can not really know what they think.

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