The Sex Life of the Prophet: How Embarrassing!

You know, I have noticed that this article, written in the middle of my wrath about a year ago, has suddenly become very popular since the embassy attacks.  Also, since that stupid movie clip.  Well, I have no intention of feeding hate right now.  I had posted verses from the Koran here that spoke to what I think was sexual immorality by the Prophet.  But a very kind Muslim spoke to me and I am now taking it down.  In peace.  Their actual religion is not what I take offense to.  It is the way in which Islam is being used to create terrible violence in our world.  So, the sexual stuff is gone.  If you are disappointed, I’m sorry.  But that movie clip is NOT why the Muslims are fighting.  They are merely pawns in a much bigger game.


  1. […] I wrote about the incredible sexual appetite of the Prophet Muhammad a couple weeks ago and had some interesting conversations with a practicing Muslim.  It was compelling in that this person refuted my accusations that Islam was sexist in its institution of plural marriage, that it forces premenstrual girls into marriage with much older men and generally treats women as chattel.  In addition, I was stunned by the amount of time dedicated in the Quran to the satisfaction of Muhammad’s sexual appetites for girls & women who were already married- how Allah’s will mirrored Muhammad’s sexual will rather too perfectly.  In addition, I was horrified that the Quran advocates the killing of non-Muslims as ‘moral’.  But the person I spoke with denied all these things- despite the written word before us.  When I criticized practicing Muslims for their tacit approval of terrorism, again, the person said that terrorism against children, women & old people was expressly forbidden by the Quran.  He also denied that Muslims flew the planes on 9/11 or killed the Jewish family, including a baby boy,  in Israel while they slept in their beds & crib.  He claimed conspiracies for it all.  He claimed Zionist newspapers for lying about the identity of the perpetrators. […]

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