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Cameron and Sarkozy are heros in Libya! Um. Excuse me, but Where is Obama?

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15 September 2011 BBC:

Cameron and Sarkozy were greeted as heroes by jubilant Libyans at a hospital in Tripoli. Thousands of Libyans have turned out to cheer UK Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the eastern city of Benghazi.

“It is great to be in free Libya,” Mr Cameron said. “Col Gaddafi said he would hunt you down like rats, but you showed the courage of lions.”

Shouting to make himself heard above the roar of welcome, Mr Cameron told his audience : “Your friends in Britain and France will stand with you as you build your country and build your democracy for the future.”

Mr Sarkozy plunged into the crowd, reaching across his bodyguards to shake the hands of waiting Libyans, many of them waving French flags. This is the first visit to Libya by Western leaders since ex-leader Col Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown last month.”

Ok, does this only tick me off, or what?  Because I thought the American people footed the bill for that war?  Where the heck is our President?  You know, the tall guy with the nose in the air who refused to ask Congress for permission to use those oh-so-necessary “military assets” to conduct this ‘not-war’?   Mr. Hate America?  You know who I mean.

Mr Lead-from-Behind has become Mr. No-Show.  The Libyans are celebrating FRANCE and BRITIAN because they wanted war, but we paid for it- in more ways than one.  We, the American People are out hundreds of billions of dollars to help ‘free’ Libya (with no identifiable gain to the U.S.A.), risked our Air Force & Naval personnel’s lives and who are NOT receiving any credit for it!

I want to shout & scream.  Wouldn’t a little credit in the lovely Arab Spring go a little way for a country that is their number one most targeted & hated enemy?  Shouldn’t we be lapping up some of that praise?

Obama hates this country.  He spends without any gain.  He hands out American power, influence & money- for free.  Like Jack -n- the-Beanstalk, he has traded our cow for beans.  Only this time, the beans really are just beans.


  1. Short Little Rebel,

    It’s all part of the game plan. We are sheep for the slaughter. We are nothing but peasants in the site of our KING.

  2. Maybe the Commander-in-Chief is afraid to go, concerned for his own personal safety. Maybe he cannot imagine himself mingling as Sarkosy did with “those people”. Maybe there could be dangerous extemists among them, people somehow immune to the wisdom of his words. People who would wish him harm solely because he represents the USA. Nah, that’s so Bush.

  3. Obama’s absence from the “celebration” shows good sense on his part. Going to Libya to gloat and get cheered for his part in an illegal war would be politically foolish in the extreme.

    So is not getting his mug in the news right before the sectarian and tribal violence starts. Let the UK and France deal with the repercussions of the hell that’s about to start.

    • Jonolan, I agree that the war is illegal and appalling. That being said, the deed is done. And it is not good sense that Obama is displaying. It is recklessness. You can’t turn back the hands of time. The government of Libya will change. If America does not put its fingers into that pie, than the billions we invested in that ‘not war’ will be totally wasted- and even worse, they will have been spent to work against the United States. Obama’s recklessness is intentional. His quest is to completely overturn any stability in the region and thus kill our most important source of foreign oil. That, combined with the new environmental laws he is implementing domestically, is part of his plan to force the immature green industry on this county- at staggering costs to the People. While he and his cronies get rich and fat from all the billions of stimulus money to their green companies.

      In addition, our Muslim president is allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to simply take over the Middle East in a hope to unite the entire region in a caliphate against Israel. To say that Obama is exercising good judgment by staying away is simply to congratulate him on ruining America and the world.

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