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The Federal Reserve For Dummies: Lesson One

And I don’t mean you, either! My father has sent me a book about the Federal Reserve. Funny, he keeps turning out to be right about all this stuff. In any case, I have always been intimidated by the Federal Reserve in that it all seemed too complicated to absorb with a cup of coffee. I knew I would be looking at a week’s research at the minimum. But this cute (and edgy) cartoon video boils it down brilliantly and with much entertainment value. Here are some highlights:

  • Did you know that although the Federal Reserve says, “Federal” in its name, that it is not a governmental agency? Rather, it is a bank owned & operated by private citizens (really, really, really rich ones like the Rothschild Family, the Aldrich Family, the JP Morgan Family, the Rothenberg Family & the Rockerfeller Family (yes, the senator’s family), oil sheiks, chinese businessmen, etc?)  These names are the same names you will see in the News Ownership Cartel (Rothenberg & JP Morgan), banking & wealthy corporations (Aldrich) TODAY, and which are being sinfully enriched by U.S. debt & Green Energy policies.  These names have been around since the Revolution.
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  • Did you know that the founding fathers argued feverishly – Thomas Jefferson especially- about whether to have a central bank because some argued that the bank would encourage debt (their primary money-making tool) to both the country & its citizens as it had in England before our Revolution?  The Fed is the third iteration of an American Central Bank- Congress killed the other two.
  • Did you know that the Federal Reserve can tell the U.S. Mint to print more money- without the need to account to any elected representative?  And they don’t need to tell anyone how much they had printed?
  • Did you know that the Federal Reserve literally buys dollars from the U.S. Mint for only the price of paper, ink & labor (about 4 cents each) ?
  • Did you know that the last president to oppose the Federal Reserve was JFK, whos signed Executive Order 11110, which disbanded the Fed? Did you know that he died six months afterward & that his replacement, Lyndon B. Johnson threw the order out?
  • Did you know that the U.S. Congress literally borrows money (in the trillions) from the Federal Reserve (private bankers) who then charge interest for the loan?
  • Did you know that this is where so much of our taxes go- to pay these private bankers the interest we owe them? And that these private bankers can just print more and more money (or tell the U.S. Mint to do ) so that they can make more and more loans and thus collect more and more interest?
  • Did you know that the Federal Reserve (a Private Corporationis considered tax exempt– and yet, despite all evidence to the contrary (they are free to conduct other business as well), need not provide proof of this status?  It pays zero for the billions it makes per year?
  • Did you know that no elected official, no supreme court judge, no corporation nor no U.S. citizen may know anything about the operations of the Federal Reserve?  Or how much money it has had printed? Or what its actual profits are? Even though the Chairman of the Federal Reserve is appointed by the President (why does a President have the authority to appoint the head of a private bank anyway?) It is all buddy-buddy. A president who gets along with the people at the bank can get more money loaned to them.  A president (like President Andrew Jackson) who doesn’t get along can have a Fed that pulls money from the economy, cause a recession, and blame the President’s policies.   Does this seem a conflict of interest to you? One president opposed the Feds and ended up dead & another ended up with a huge recession. But if you kneel before them, you can get lots of free money (they will just print it for you)- think Obama & quantitative easing I, II & III. That is, if you do their bidding.  Cue the scary music…

Well, enjoy the show.  I hope to be able to return to the subject with more detailed information after I read the book, “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”.


  1. I can’t believe this trash is on the Internet. Kennedy’s executive order DID NOT dispand the fed. not at all. Its purpose was to ease the currency out of a silver backed system. If you lazy bums would do a 5 minute google search you will see all the fallacies in this fear mongering conspiracy theory.

    Shame on you

      • Here you go:

        Every point made in the article by Dr. Flaherty is cited by peer reviewed journal articles. NONE of what is said in your article have any citations, because nothing in this article has any supporting factual evidence except for other conspiracy theory websites.

        With that being said, I praise your enthusiasm for politics and activism, but the article that you wrote is steering people in the wrong direction. The federal reserve may or may not be good for our country and economy, but posting lies on the internet to discredit the bank is wrong and unchristian. Read the real facts about the Fed and then form your own opinions.

        In response to some of the points you make:

        The federal reserve is audited every year by private accounting firms AND Government Accounting Office

        JFK’s executive order was made to ease currency out of silver backing, not into it.

        Yes, the Fed is privately owned, however that is misleading. The owners are comercial banks, and by law, every charter bank must join the Fed. The people making the decisions are the board of governors, who are appointed by the President and approved by the senate. Therefore, the decision makers do not own the bank, and the owners cannot make decisions. Do you see why calling it a privately owned bank is misleading? If not, let me spell it out for you:

        Owners do not have authority over the Fed, and the decision makers (who have no ownership over the Fed) are appointed by the FEDERAL government, hence the name Federal Reserve.

      • Jake, you make me laugh. Only YOU think the government audits the FED every year. I guess Ron Paul’s incessant calls to audit the FED are born out of sheer ignorance. But YOU know about the audit that no one else knows about. Right. And YOUR citations really overwhelm me.

  2. What kills me is that they (Obama + the illuminati) are daring to point the finger at impoverished CORPORATIONS! Let’s take away their jet tax shelter! lol! Look at these homes/ castles (I added them since you visited last). All owned by the Rothschilds. But, Denise, they are a NON PROFIT organization!

    This is just criminal. Criminal.

    Ron Paul & Herman Cain don’t stand a chance. We need to do what the little cartoon guy did- take them by storm!

    • I agree…love when he gets a clue and says “THOSE SUNZABITCHES!!” ….that was how I felt…and if others would wake up and walk away from MSM and understand..they may feel that way too! This is what I was doing the other day…..tearful…saying God! Why do I have to get this and I am no one influential…why couldn’t I be a BIG VOICE? Well, they would probably discredit me anyway as anyone else. Susan, its in the media, the music industry, our government. EVIL abounds but I know for a fact that God is bigger than all of it. I am hoping that collectively, we (the enlightened) and He, the Creator of ALL things will turn this around. You apparently are the smartest so what say you?!

      • I don’t know about being the smartest, but I am thinking that a million (or many millions) man march on Washington D.C. with a list of demands (changes to the Constitution & law that would re-establish free press and eliminate money from elections & public service) would do the trick nicely. It is time to trim the tree of Liberty. It is our constitutional right to do so. I say we implement it now. Most Americans- a whopping 86%- think our government is broken. This crosses party lines. If we can do these things, the parties will revert to the way they should be- true representatives of the People. The trick is figuring out how to get it organized.

  3. Are you starting to get why they ignore R Paul even though the rest of us get it and why we like him. Others are now trying to parrot the “audit the fed” stance that RP has been adamant about.

  4. The book you received is, I hope “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin. I have proposed to donate 12 copies of that book to High School and College students in my community. That book tells all about the Banking Cartel or should I say Cabal — over the centuries. According to that book there have been only 3 or 4 “HONEST” Banks in the history of mankind.

    You might also enjoy this cartoon on Quantitative Easing – if you have not seen it already:

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