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Americans, Let’s Take Back Our Government! Anyone Up for a Million Man March?

Americans, I call on you all today to unite together under a common mission:  let’s take back the federal government.  Doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or Republican or anything in between.  Doesn’t matter where you stand on abortion, the environment or any other political topic.   Polling shows that a whopping 87% of us believe government is broken.  And it is.  It no longer serves the People.  Let’s make it serve us with a march on Washington.  All of us together.  With a clear set of instructions to make it so.  Constitutional Amendments & legal changes need to be made immediately.  As things stand today, we are being manipulated and strung along without any pragmatic way to change the system.  Our vote is not enough anymore.  Why?  Because the Media (from MSNBC to FOX), owned and 100% controlled by six families & groups in a news cartel, tells us which candidates to select from.  A vote for one of two pre-selected candidates can not and does not count as freedom.  It needs to end.

Further, the politicians we elect no longer do our will.  They serve the masters who financed (and who will finance) their campaigns.  It is only human nature to want power and to hold onto it once attained.  As long as the temptation, and even need, for money exists for these politicians, they will never serve us, the People.  They will serve the money.  And their self-interest.  This must change.

As long as politicians can make millions of dollars by passing legislation in what amounts to the worst form of insider trading, they will not respond to the will of the People.  They will respond to their own pocketbooks.  Sure, a few principled individuals can ignore personal enrichment, but not most.  This must change.

The wealthy elite is more interested in consolidating their power & money on a global basis than they are about America and its People.  And they have a firm grip over our elections & politics.  This must change.

We all really do have common values and really do want similar things- but these politicians simply won’t do it.  We stand around scratching our collective heads and think, “Is it really that hard?  Why can’t we compromise with our neighbors, but these guys in Washington D.C. bicker endlessly?  Why can we manage finances in our own lives and these very intelligent people seem unable to do it in Washington D.C.?”

Let us put aside our politics for a moment, Americans.  Let us remove the real obstacles from progress.  Once we remove the true obstacles from progress, our representatives can apply their intellect to actually bring about the laws we want and need to succeed as a nation.

Politicians need to be re-focused on our vote, Americans.  And without freedom of press, the absence of money and the inability to personally profit from law enactment, they will never care what we want.  So long as they can be re-elected no matter what they do.  We, individually,  are so small and powerless against these wealthy giants.  But let me tell you something People: as of today, we still outnumber these bastards.  We can still toss them out- metaphorically and physically, if need be.  We still have legitimate power, as a collective, to re-make our government into what WE want.  And we can do it permanently.

Here’s how:

It is our constitutional right to ‘trim the tree of liberty’.  But I do not believe we need to shed ‘the blood of patriots & tyrants’ to do it.  We march on Washington D.C. en masse.  Millions of us.  All of us.  And we bring our demands for Constitutional and legal changes that will ensure the preservation of our country & our liberties forever.  And will force money out of politics.  Here is a brief outline of the problems that prevent progress and their solutions- the changes the millions of us should demand on the steps of the White House & Congress:

Problem #1:   Too much interest money flows into elections & government in general.

Our politicians are beholden, not to the American citizens, but to the rich, tiny elite who use them to make laws that benefit them at our expense.  No president should be holding fundraiser dinners that sell for $35,800 each.  Can you afford that?  I sure can’t.  But we better get the invitation list from those dinners, because they will actually be our new leaders.  If one candidate agrees to do the bidding of these rich diners, then the other candidate must also agree to other diners to compete.  The cycle is an ugly one that leaves regular Americans in the cold.  And it explains why politicians don’t listen to polls.

Solution #1: A Constitutional Amendment + New Election Legislation

To fix this, we need a new Constitutional amendment to further define the First Amendment:  campaign donations do not count as free speech.    Legislation must then be passed that bans all campaign contributions to all Congressional & presidential elections.  Instead, a new tax (about $4/person, for example) for each election will be applied to all citizens without exception.  This will be the new vote tax.  The final candidates will receive this money and only this money to run simple campaigns.  Any and all T.V. and Cable channels that receive even $1 in federal tax money will be required to air scheduled election debates between candidates- at no cost to anyone.  Candidates will be required to debate in front of the American people at scheduled times.  Media (that receive federal money) will be forced to cover all candidate’s speeches equally and neutrally.  Provable bias will result in the pulling of federal money from that media outlet.  Lobby groups must be banned from active participation in federal politics. Also, Political Action Committees (PACs).  No meetings between elected officials or candidates may take with either of these group’s leadership.  Meetings of this kind will not be considered ‘free speech’ under the First Amendment.  Candidates found to be using any money or influence from these groups will be censored and/or removed from the campaign or office.  The groups will also be penalized with fines and/or prison.  Legislation must be enacted that forbids all government officials from benefiting (while in active service), either by gaining influence or money, from any legislation that they introduce or champion- the President included.  If violations are proven, impeachment proceedings will automatically be initiated.  Finally, our elected officials will be true servants of the people.  And those people who are in government for money will move on quickly.

Problem #2: Too few wealthy elites own ALL American news, movies, magazines & newspaper outlets. 

The desire to influence the media is simply not new in human politics.  Every civilization known to man has attempted to use media outlets as propaganda machines.  The purpose of doing this is to garner the support of the people.  No government can control their population through armies & police alone.  Government officials know basic math:  there are more of us than them.  Also, they can’t really count on the military & police to turn on their own family & friends.  In America, this is especially true.  Every soldier is a voting citizen with a stake in all decisions.  Therefore, the population must be swayed to support the politicians in power.  Do you trust that only the truth will come out of these propaganda machines?  If a candidate won’t agree to do the bidding of these media moguls, do you believe they will offer great coverage of their campaigns?  And if one candidate does agree to their demands, the other candidate must also agree to their demands.  Or they will simply not be covered- death in today’s elections.   Six families and/or groups own all our media.  And they are the tiny, rich elite.  They are also the major campaign contributors.  Their lock hold on our politicians must end.

Solution #2: Smarter, Anti-Monopoly Legislation

New, smart, anti- monopoly legislation must be enacted to break up the current news cartel.  Media must be broken into separate categories and owned by much, much smaller entities- along the lines of the AT&T break up.  We are guaranteed freedom of press in our Constitution.  This will ensure that we get it.  There will be arguments that this is financially impossible.  Answer:  too bad.  Someone will want to still do the news.  Guaranteed.

Problem # 3:  America’s sovereignty & currency is under attack by Globalists.

The wealthy elite (George Soros is one of the most outspoken) want to establish what they call a New World Order (also called Open Societies or New International Order) in which national borders will disappear.  The idea is to combine nations as we know them today into larger ‘unions’.  The European Union was the first step.  This is the perfect illustration how the use of a common currency has led directly to a common government.  While this was forbidden at the initial implementation of the euro, Germany & France are now calling for the increased governmental power of the European Union over the separate states in order to solve the monetary crisis being caused by the financially weaker countries.  The American Union is the next step.  The ‘Amero’ will be proposed to replace the dollar.  China will incorporate Asia and the Muslims are establishing a new, unified caliphate.  The purpose of these new entities is to consolidate the wealthy elite’s power and money.  There is a strong push by the Obama administration to give sovereignty to the United Nations.  In fact, the creation & support for a new International Order is listed 51 times as a major strategic goal for President Obama in his 2010 National Security Strategy document to Congress (30 times to support a new ‘International Order, 19 times to support a stronger  ’International Institution’, 10 times to support a stronger ‘United Nations’ and 2 times to support a stronger ‘International System’).    If America is ever brought under the sovereignty (via legal status or via a change in currency), the Constitution will cease to be the basis for law in America.  The day this happens, no American citizen will ever be safe again.  Other, world politics, will take precedence over our own national interests.  It will effectively end The United States of America.  We will become a mere state in a larger ‘country’.

Solution # 3:  A Constitutional Amendment to Preserve Sovereignty

A Constitutional amendment must be made to state that the United States of America will never be under the sovereignty of any other entity- either in law or in currency.  The dollar will always be our currency and will neither incorporate any other country’s currency nor will it be combined with any other currency in the future.  The Constitution will forever be the basis for American law.  No other legislation from any other body will be legal in the United States now or in the future.  America’s participation in any international programs will always be voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time the American people deem it is necessary to protect our own interests.


  1. You say, Ms. Shannon, that ALL Americans have the same values and that is absurdly false. You say that ALL Americans need to get behind your plan and that is less-likely than being hit by lightning five times . . . in one day . . . while in a rubber room.

    You want to obliterate the liberty of each and every American wishing to contribute money to a political campaign or editorialize or journalize. Given the Founders’ recognition and declaration of an unalienable right to liberty (from the Creator), I opined that you –as do progressives — see yourself smarter than God.

    You, in my opinion, see a problem, but not it’s cause. Thus, you attack the wrong enemy.

    • Thedrpete, sorry. We will have to disagree on this one. You clearly wish to believe that campaign donations are a good thing. That they qualify as ‘free speech’ as spelled out under the constitution. I disagree. I think it is a might stretch and overreach by the Supreme Court. Feel free to continue believing in it. Further, when did I say I thought people should stop editorializing or journalizing? Give me a break! I think you are absurd with your accusations at this point. They are unfounded and yet you keep stating them. I think you must be an incredible partisan who thinks everyone should join the Tea Party or they are a progressive. I abhor progressives and everything they stand for. It’s not good enough for you that I support them. Yes, I do believe most Americans want money out of politics. You want money to stay. There are fewer of you than me- that much I can gaurantee you.

      Liberty is what Americans term it to be. The founding fathers were not perfect. They didn’t count on everything the future had in mind. That is why they gave us the right to overthrow our government when we, the People, did not think they were following our will anymore. You are constitutionally wrong concerning who gets to make the law. We, the people, make the law by electing officials to office. The law does not control us- we agree to be under the laws we make as a country. But if the government goes wrong, we have a constitutional right to change it. With war if need be. With blood if need be. You have your opinion, but you are incorrect to believe that we must obey all the laws our government makes without the ability to rise up against a broken system.

      They did, however, know enough to kill the Central Bank and keep it’s filthy fingers out of politics. How could they know the Bank would rise again and control everything 200 years from then? They never defined free speech to mean campaign donations, I can assure you of that. They didn’t run campaigns like they do today. They would turn in their graves if they saw the state of presidential elections today. I promise you. Hell, it would be them calling for the revolution! It is the Supreme Court that determined that freedom of press equals campaign donations, not the founding fathers. Hence, the need to amend the constitution on this matter so that the Supreme Court can not translate its meaning this way again.

      If you don’t agree, fine. But calling me a progressive will get you banned from this site for good. Also, insulting my relationship with God- which you know nothing about Mister. You seem to want to just argue. I can’t abide that.

  2. As I think about your call to action, Ms. Shannon, and read the comments in support, I continue to be struck by (a) your call to have the federal government serve the People’s will rather than the money fat cats, (b) your call to add laws and regulations to fix what’s wrong, (c) your dismissal of the Tea Parties rather than your joining in them, (d) your not calling for undoing rather than doing, and (e) your call for the rule of people rather than the rule of law with the U.S. Constitution the supreme law of the land.

    While I applaud your willingness to lead and your commitment to “trim the tree”, I think in the above ways your zeal is misdirected and that, even if successful (and you and I agree that it’s probably too late), the trimmed tree may be no better, if not worse, than now.

    • thedrpete, I am not against the Tea Party. I will vote for them. I AM with them. I like their candidates. But they can’t get done what needs to get done. The repeals you want cannot be done under today’s political environment. Even the founding fathers knew this day would come. I don’t want to add MORE laws, but fix the ones we have: anti-monopoly laws that can address cartels, for example (specifically the news). And to further define the freedom of speech amendment to not include campaign donations. Campaign donations must be forbidden except through the payment of the people via a voting tax. A new constitutional law that specifically states that our country will never be beholden to any other laws except our own. The founding fathers never threw that one in because they considered it as a matter of common sense. But it needs to be specific now as politicians are attempting to consolidate countries into larger unions. I would LOVE to undo laws. But simply calling to do so will not get the job done. We have all been calling on that for years and years. Even you have been calling for this and have lost hope in ever achieving your goal. The fact of the matter is plain: Money is too entrenched and the news is owned by a cartel who supports the interest of the moneyed. There is no way out of this until we specifically take their power away. Remove the money and free the press and then let Congress get back to doing our business. Both Democrats & Republicans alike. It is not a big legal change. But the results will be revolutionary. ALL Americans need to be behind this. We need to put our smaller political issues aside and get the money out. Only then will our politicians act like normal, reasonable people and get things done. Real compromise that needs to happen. Only then could they repeal laws that do not serve America- but only the monied elite. Once the money is out of the way, we can feel confident that our vote is enough to frighten politicians into doing our will.

      In all honesty, the people who have the money that run politics are so powerful that anyone, myself included, who opposes them in this way is probably putting their life in danger. But you are right. This congress does not answer to the law– they ultimately answer to us. The People. WE have the power to define the law in this land. Not the Supreme Court. They only interpret situatons to see if the law was followed. If our country answered to law first, they would never have had the moral basis for breaking with the current laws of England, would they? If I was saying to overturn the Constitution or was proposing a radical idea here, I could see your point. But unless the People speak our will, nothing will happen.

      • Your reply echos the article that jackcurtis annotated below. That is, as it pertains to the money and the where the REAL political power lies and it doesn’t have much to do with a particular party. Just finished reading it. My faith still in God with a plan and an old school American people who I like to think have a more valiant heart than most. People like freedom and no one really WANTS to relinquish it without a fight to the death. I think it will have to get disastrous like the USA has never experienced before to the point EVERYONE is affected before that will happen however.

      • I think we can accomplish a lot, Denise, with a civil revolution. A civil insistance on some changes. Maybe not. Because the money won’t leave easily. But it will be them that fires first. I can tell you that.

      • If there is an unalienable right to liberty from the Creator, then you, Ms. Shannon, — very much like progressives do — you are claiming to be smarter than God. If there is liberty, then there is free speech and free press, and, indeed, you may put your money where your mouth is. The way to get the big money out of politics and government is to UNDO what is unconstitutional and return to the rule of law. With that the federal government will be involved in little and <20% of its current size and scope and budget.

        If there had been today's federal government 100 years ago, Willie Sutton wouldn't have robbed banks.

      • thedrpete,

        I truly think you are either misunderstanding me or you are simply irritated that I don’t think the Tea Party is the answer. Either way, I have no idea what you are referencing in your comments. How I am claiming to be smarter than God is truly beyond me and I take offense, sir. If you think the rule of law is what free men should follow then you are incorrect. If the law is wrong or unethical, a free man must NOT obey it. War crime legislation would not support your philosophy. Law made by man is not always correct. Even you say so. Even you want to change those laws. Is that not, by definition, ‘adding laws’ in the exact manner of which you claim I want?

        You argue that these laws can be unmade by Tea Party activists. I say that they do not have enough power to do it. No one party can do it. It has to be a move that is beyond party. Beyond politics. It must be for the good of America- and made so by the will of All Americans.

        Now, you are free to work within the political system and I would not stand in the way of it. That, too, should continue. But why you have a problem with my idea is something I am unclear about. You seem to just say that this train of defeat is coming and that all is hopeless. I don’t buy that. Sorry. It is not hopeless. Not while freedom burns inside American hearts. I will not give up and say it is too late. I have never said it was too late. I will never say it is too late.

        Can you say the same?

        I think we are on the same side, thedrpete. I visited your site and hold most of your opinions. I think you need to put your irritation aside and take a step back. If a person doesn’t think the Tea Party can do what is necessary, that doesn’t make them your enemy.

      • Our Tea Parties have to be focused on (1) replacing Republican incumbents who aren’t passing the test even more and better than in 2010; (2) recruiting lawyers, courts, and judges to be ready to respond to vote and voter fraud in 435 congressional districts; (3) recruiting volunteer poll-and-poll-area watchers who establish police contacts to counteract voter intimidation; (4) recruiting volunteer nursing-home, etc. watchers to counteract ACORN and SEIU thugs taking advantage of the helpless with vote-by-mail fraud; and (5) recruiting auditors to catch and counteract illegal campaign contributions.

        This as always, Ms. Shannon, presumes that there still is an America in November of 2012. I hear the train a comin’, comin’ down the track . . .

  3. A wonderful idea Shorty! Can I bring my wheelchair? We can have a Million Man March and Roll.

    in all seriousness, I do think this is a wonderful idea, but getting that many people organized in one spot may prove difficult at best, especially when one considers the cost alone in folks traveling to Washington, DC. Many simply do not have that in their budget. I would propose fifty marches, one in each capitol. And not to press our grievances against our individual governors, but on our congressmen, senators, and representatives. Let them know that unless they do something and do something now, then impeachment proceedings will begin. Petitions will be circulated demanding the impeachment of those who refuse to serve the people who elected them. Lobbyists and money men need to understand that unless they begin to lobby for the reforms the people want, they and those who support them will no longer receive the support of the consumer. I think there are enough people who will support this to make a dent in pocketbooks of the money men and lobbyists to such a significant degree that they will have no choice but to take notice and act. How they will act is another issue, however, and they may chose to fight back by lobbying to enact legislation designed to silence the voice of the people. Obama is already doing that, and has been for some time. This is evidenced by his DHS secretary, Janet Napolitano, who is somehow convinced that it is not the islamic terrorists who are a threat to America, but rather Americans who believe in the Constitution and who demand change.

    It will, therefore, be an uphill battle, and it will not be an easy battle. But then again, freedom never comes easy, and it always comes with a cost.

    • Oh, he would be soooo great! Where does he stand politically? One thing is a good sign for sure: the fact that I don’t know where he stands! Most celeb idiots who speak out are like Matt Damon- a one time favorite of mine!

      • Matt Damon..good grief, what was he thinking. Clint Eastwood was always big republican but started sliding towards libertarian as they strayed off course. I consider myself the same. If you really look at Ron Paul and check out Rands videos on my fb (his last one tickled me as he was mocking Obama) much of the republican congress is getting on board with them because of the intelligence of all the issues they have brought to the table. Clint would be good…how do we get a hold of him? There must be a way.

  4. Have you ever read the book “Americas Providential History”? It’s the kind of book that lights a fire under you and beautifully and simply navigates the path of our nation and its Christian heritage. Mega churches don’t talk about this stuff (which is just one more reason I am growing leery of them), Schools have all but taken American History out and you can’t count on any patriotic messages via media unless its to use 9/11 for war propaganda. I was watching a guy walk down the beach on you tube recently and ask people why they were celebrating 4th of July. Most had no clue. An ignorant and passive nation will do itself in, not because the powers are so great and they have the most money to steer elections BUT because of its apathy in the involvement in the political processes and public education as well as turning away from a God who is all but ignored for work, entertainment, the love of money and other self serving interests. Not to say everyone is guilty but most of us are. As it stands now I believe only 50% of registered voters go to polls while maybe 5% participate at the precinct level. Christians are responsible and we have dropped the ball. God created all of this and He could crush each and every one of us with minimal effort. Yet, I do not think we were created for such passivity. It irks me terribly when my Christian friends say things like “Well, God is in control and He’s going to take care of us and blah blah blah.” To the contrary, in the bible and all throughout history you can see that people suffered terrible consequences directly related to apathy, immorality and the irrational expectation that you do not have to protect the privileges that were gifted to you. We need reformation AND revolution. God is bigger than all of the creepy evil people seemingly running the show right now. Ok, maybe this is unfolding of revelation and we’re at that point….but what if its not? What if we gave up our freedom for 100 years of socialism because we didn’t act?! I don’t think America is the great people we once were. I think there are a lot of spoiled people who are ungrateful and a whole bunch of leeches that suck the benefits out of our hard work and I’m really PISSED off about that. However, I do think there are enough “old school” Americans who see what is happening. God + 1 is more than enough. Many in this country don’t deserve the freedom as they don’t sacrifice or participate or even clock in to a job but I want to fight this madness and we have got to figure out a way to rally all of these people. Per Edmund Burke, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” NOW TO FIGURE OUT THE MARCH AND HOW TO ORGANIZE………

  5. I have opined elsewhere for about two years that I think that America is toast, that the train is headed for the cliff and cannot be stopped. My time and efforts since have been dedicated just in case I’m wrong.

    At this point, unless the Tea Parties are even more successful than in 2010 at recruiting great candidates and getting them elected, and then keeping on their backs . . . and much more, millions more than mere I will conclude as did I.

    • I am with you about that train. To me, it is impossible to stop. The conclusions are already written. The tea party will not win. They can’t. The Black vote (97%) and the Mexican vote (67%) alone will win it for Obama. Elections are won on less than 5% margins. With the combined black & Mexican vote (over 20%), you can bet that Obama will reel it in again. Regardless of what the rest of America wants.

      That is why it must come down to a popular uprising. I think we are on the same team, thedrpete.

  6. This is my first visit to this site. So this is the first essay here that I have read. I may be missing some context.

    I disagree, Ms. Shannon, with your approach. I think you are approaching from the wrong side of the problem. I agree completely that there is too much money in play in Washington . . . by, say, 500-fold.

    The reason we have lobbyists; the reason that private-sector rich/wealthy plunderers cavort with legislators, regulators, prexys, et al, is akin to what Willie Sutton replied to the questioner’s asking “So, Mr. Sutton, why do you rob banks?” He said, “Because that’s where the money is.”

    Suckers focus on creating customer satisfaction and exceeding customers’ expectations. That’s because there’s so much more to achieve by quid-pro-quo collusion with big government. Why is that?

    More than 80% of what our federal government today is, does, and spends is unconstitutional. We don’t need to ourselves infringe on individual life, individual liberty, individual property to fix this. We need to UNDO everything that’s unconstitutional.

    I can detail a plan to accomplish that, and have done so elsewhere. When 70% of federal departments and all that they do and spend are eliminated; when 90% of federal regulatory agencies are eliminated, when Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, and more are sunsetted, you will see big business stop colluding in plunder and return to their marketplaces. You will see K Street full of vacancy signs. You will see legislators be citizen legislators again, not career politicians.

    Willie Suttons will leave Washington. Why? ‘Cause that’s not where the money is.

    • Thedrpete,

      Then we will have to disagree. What you are missing is the part where we can not vote the right person into office to acheive the things you talk about. If we could actually get someone to the ballot box who could accomplish those things, then your way is the way to go. However, with the ownership of the news (please follow my links) by the wealthy elite who wish to continue the unconstitutional actions you speak of, an honest broker can’t get air time. Look at Cain. The media is pre-selecting our candidates for us. Both serve the same masters. Our elected officials CAN’T vote the policies out- they will lose the next election without the media and the money. It is a vicious cycle that our vote can not get rid of.

      If we are to change Washington, we have to remove the actions from Congress- back to the People. We have seen that certain things have been left out of the Constitution. Freedom of speech has been too loosely translated by the same people who own the media- that campaign contributions from large groups count as free speech. Sorry. This interpretation dooms American citizens to be nothing more than mere tax slaves while the wealthy can have full access & control of the Congress. Until this is fixed, nothing will get fixed. We need to march.

    • What needs to happen is that a major celebrity needs to take up the cause- someone whom we can trust to be truly altruistic. That is the only way. That, or the People have to truly want it. If that truly is the case, then people will start spreading the word via a grass roots movement. This article and articles like it will be reposted & passed around. People will start demanding these changes spontaneously. But Denise, the DESIRE must be there. It is not enough to be simply discontented. From experience, I have found it very difficult to take people out of one phase (complaining) to the next stage (action). A good leader can do it. But on a national level, it has to be someone that people know and can identify with. Or, as I said, the desire of the population has to be so strong that a small spark will ignite a firestorm.

      I wrote this article to test the waters and see what will happen. To see the response. People need to talk. People need to put aside the small potatoes and get to the main dish. The question is: are Americans the same great people we once were? Personally, I think so.

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