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Department of Labor Forces Unions on Everyone- Public Response Ends Wed. Hurry!

Sep 20 Posted by | Edit

This morning I beg the indulgence of my fellow ConClubbers as I am compelled to pass on this post from Red State “Take Action: America’s Job Creators Are About to Be Sucker Punched & You Have Until Wednesday to Comment” from poster LaborUnionReport.  According to LaborUnionReport, the pending legislation will put into law the push to unionize everyone, everywhere and lay open all receipts to federal oversight and scrutiny.

In the world of business, this is an incredible overreach of authority.  Private businesses are just that – PRIVATE.  If a business does not publicly sell shares or otherwise extend ownership outside of a closed group of people, there is no fathomable reason to open their books.  None.  LaborUnionReport outlines the legislation in the post and as someone who works with not simply small business, but entrepreneurs, this is going to torpedo any sort of momentum the country is gaining in this area.  The extra work involved will make already stretched men and women plain and simply give up.  The vast majority of our big businesses in the United States were founded during economic downturns and this one is producing a crop from which the next group will rise.  But, not if legislation like what LaborUnionReport presents is passed.

Please, for the sake of the entire country and the people who put themselves on the line everyday starting and maintaining businesses, read through the post referenced above and take the time to comment at regarding this truly unconstitutional power grab.


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