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Obama Disregards His Generals & Terrorism Kills The Ex President of Afghanistan. Coincidence? I think not.

The death of President Burhanuddin Rabbani ensures the breakdown of peace in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — A suicide attacker with a bomb in his turban posed as a Taliban peace envoy and assassinated a former Afghan president who for the past year headed a government council seeking a political settlement with the insurgents.

Tuesday’s attack, carried out in former President Burhanuddin Rabbani’s Kabul home, dealt a harsh blow to attempts at ending a decade of war. The killing of Rabbani, an ethnic Tajik and one of the wise old men of Afghan politics, will blunt efforts to keep in check the regional and ethnic rivalries that help feed the insurgency.

Yet another indication of Obama’s failure to lead this nation in foreign policy.  A man with zero military experience arrogantly ignores his generals and chaos increases in the region.  Surprising?  I think not.  But what else should we have expected from a complete nobody from Chicago with no other credentials than the fact that he is black and can use a teleprompter will skill?  What else can we expect from a man who attended a church for twenty years that promotes, not Christianity, but the asinine philosophy that black people are somehow different that white people in America?   That the solution to issues relevant to black Americans are somehow different from the issues relevant to all Americans?  That dedicates itself, not to the spiritual health of all people, but to the political power of only black people.  That has a leader that rapturously screams, “God Damn America!” from his pulpit on a regular basis?  That has website that proudly proclaims, not a patriotism toward America, but,  “We are an African people, and remain “true to our native land,” the mother continent, the cradle of civilization“.  With a wife who first said she had never even been proud of America until it elected her husband to be president and then, lately, rolls her eyes and clucks her disapproval at the 9/11 flag folding ceremony?  I would not expect a man who fraternized with America haters like Rev. Wright & admitted terrorist Bill Ayers to take care of America against our foreign enemies.  No.  I would expect that man to work against the country he & his friends so clearly hate.

And that is what our fearless leader has done in Afghanistan.  Ignoring his generals (as usual), Obama told them to withdraw troops radically to only 3,000- which the generals vehemently opposed.  They stated that this number will only increase the danger to the troops themselves.  That perhaps it would be better to just have no troops at all rather than such a weak force.

President Obama has no agenda for Afghanistan.  No objectives.  He has never re-defined our mission there after Osama Bin Laden was killed.  Nor has he ever done so.  Americans have no clue why we should either keep troops there or whether we should get out.  If we get out, then what was accomplished?  How much money did we spend?  And it is left in the exact same condition as before we got there?  If it was just Osama bin Laden, how much money did it take to kill one guy?  Is there no larger gain for the United States?

The same can be said for the war in Libya.  Also for the threats the Obama administration is giving Syria.  Also for the demands for Mubarak, Gaddafi & Saleh to ‘go’ from office.  What did the United States get from these demands & revolutions again?  Assuming we still need oil, don’t we want stability in the Middle East?  I thought we weren’t nation building.  If not, why are we involving ourselves in the civil matters of those countries?  Why would we stir up revolution where we need peace?  Because we want Democracy for the people there?  I thought we tried that in Iraq and it didn’t work so well.

People.  Wake up.  Obama isn’t stupid.  No president is.  We could only hope as much.  When a president does something, he does not act alone.  He is counseled by many, many people.  He takes politics into account- both for his individual gain (like re-election) and for his party’s gain.  Nothing is overlooked.  A decision is made taking everything into consideration.  One can only pray that the president is a man of conscience.  Obama is not.

The trick is to find what was taken into consideration.  One must always ask, “Who directly benefits from this action?” to understand a decision.  Never, never assume it was a mistake.  Or stupid.  It’s not.


  1. His actions are not only for his self-gratification (his re-election, his legacy) but for something much bigger than the Dem party, I think. He’s shifting America away from America and trynig to morph us into something else entirely. And some of the puppet masters have decided to come out and play in public, like Buffet. He’s not afraid anymore.

    • Freedom, I agree wholeheartedly. That is why I think we should march across the country demanding a constitutional amendment that says that The United States will never be answerable to anyone but our own laws. No international body state may ever attain sovereignty. We will always be a sovereign, independent nation. The founding fathers considered this self evident. It is no longer so.

  2. You see where The Mighty Peace Loving One is trying to pressure Pakystan into helping him find some folks in that country? He also is building airstrips for drones. Yup, he is really going to piss off his lefty supporters now.
    FYI. This is John from Uncle Sam’s Boot, now using my new name; The Conservative Hill Billy. But I still have the same social security number and I am eligible to run for president! 🙂

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