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Iran Releases Hikers- But Have The Hikers Learned Anything? I Think Not.

We are against Imperialism! We are Peace Activists! Iran should have loved us….
“I love the Middle East, you know, I would tell them about the fact that I support Palestinian rights…that I lived in Damascus, that I was teaching Iraqi refugees.. and that all of us are anti-Imperialists, peace activists- the kind of people you would think Iran would applaud, not punish..”
“I’m interested in Iran!  It’s a fascinating  country with just an incredible history… I just don’t understand how something like this could have happened…”- Sarah Shourd, released Iranian prisoner

The following interview clearly shows that Sarah Shourd, the first freed hiker, still holds true to the progressive liberal mentality even after having been jailed for 410 days in an Iranian prison.  Her ignorance is completely willful- just are all progressives.  They wish the world would just conform to their fantasies where all Muslims are ‘good’ and ‘nice’ and where America is the big, bad ‘imperialist’ country.  It amazes me.  Some highlights from the video below:

1)  Shourd was in Iraq , working with refugees (helping Muslims come to America to get (I’m sure, a ‘free’) education), when her capture took place.  When asked why an obviously intelligent woman who understood the region would hike so close to the border, she states that she was in ‘safe’ location within Iraq and thought the Iranian border was miles away.  My belief is that her faith in Muslim politics and the goodness of Iranian leadership are what led her to feel so complacent about her proximity to the border.   This faith remains intact today.

2)  Shourd can not understand why Mr. Ahmadinejad‘s (note how her face actually lights up while she talks about Ahmadinejad) promise to  ‘pass along his recommendation to the Judiciary for ‘leniency’ and ‘expediency’ for her friends’ didn’t seem to work.  She.  Just.  Couldn’t.  Understand it!  But she was most assured that he did try and he did pass it along.

3)  Shourd says that the reason she never spoke about her friend’s head being bashed against a prison wall until it was bloody was because she was a peace activist and didn’t want this activity to ‘add animosity’ between Iran/ U.S. relations.   In other words, she was covering for the Iranian bastards who did this to her friends!   She believes that 30 years of ‘not communicating’ between countries is what allowed her captivity to take place.  (believe me, she blames the U.S. for this lack of communication even though it was the Iranians who stormed our Embassy, which led to us pulling out.)

4)  Shourd thinks it was all just a ‘big misunderstanding’ and that she couldn’t see why this had become a political thing.  She states, “We are all three of us Peace Activists! We want to understand the world better, and that’s why we went to the Middle East and fell in love with the region.  And, so, our story shouldn’t in any way, be mixed up in politics now- it’s just about two innocent people in prison..”

5)  Shourd would like to thank Oman and its Sultan for her rescue- not the United States or Switzerland.  In fact, she has been critical of America for not doing enough.  But, she says of the Sultan’s grand rescue (as if he did it all by himself), “It was an incredible experience to be released to such a beautiful and peaceful country!”   Thank the Muslims (because they are so spiritual and nice), but not the Westerners.

Read this:  “I, and my friends, are traitors to our country.  We hate it and everything it stands for!  We LOVE Muslims and Arabs more than we love our own culture!  How could they treat us like that?  Gosh.  It must be that some kind of misunderstanding took place.  Because our Muslim friends would never do that on purpose.  They, unlike the American Imperialists, are so kind and moral!  None of this was their fault.  I don’t know whose fault it was, but…. I suspect…..”  Sure.  I’ll finish her sentence.  “…..America must be to blame!  Must be our imperialism and horrible suppression of kind Iranian folks that caused these people to hate Americans sooo much that they just couldn’t see that we were on their side!  Yeah.  That must be it!”

Sarah Shourd, I truly hope you really are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome and that it has caused you to sympathise with your captures (like Patty Hearst).  I hope you get over this.  Because you are deeply deceiving yourself.  Perhaps you  are still terrified of your captures and fear to speak against them.  But your friends are free now.  You are free now.  You live in the most wonderful country in the world.  Freedom.  I hope you really understand what you have here, in this nation.  You need to calm down, say nothing more and think on this.  You need to be honest and see what IS, not what you clearly WISH were so.  Traitors are not accepted anywhere.  They are simply used by the other side.  You are doing a brilliant job for Ahmadinejad thus far.  He owes you many thanks.


  1. Is this a reflection of our education system here in the United States? It seems anymore that our schools suck the common sense right out of their students. Funny though, Obama sounds a good deal like these young people but is sadly our President.

    • Samiam, I DO believe it is a reflection of our education system. Did you read my article, “Public Education Teaches Shame to Kids?” They only teach the ‘mistakes’ or ‘crimes’ of The United States of America. And this is the result. In addition, they teach socialism. And these pamper kids who have never really worked for anything think they can just throw their country under the bus and that their freedoms will never cease to be. Underlying this false humility is a deep hubris. They actually feel superior, feel guilty and so want to ‘help’ all the little brown people of the world. By the way, did you know that all poor, dirty ‘colored’ people around the world are soooo…. ‘beautiful’? We have a crop of arrogant, snotty, entitled kids on our hands that love showing off how ‘good’ they are because they love all the ‘little’ people of the world. There must be a name for this syndrome…

  2. I tend to identify myself as a liberal, but I wish other liberals weren’t so darned EMBARRASSING! People that clueless can only grow up in the most sheltered of environments. Then they think that they have rights no matter where they travel. I have never understood this. Sure Jefferson said they were inalienable in the D of I, but that doesn’t make it a fact. Rights are a social contract; they exist by agreement, and when you go somewhere that’s not party to the agreement, you don’t have them. It’s not that your rights have been violated (which is what people say in that situation), but that you actually DO NOT have them. I don’t think this gal understands that at all.

    One difference I see between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives tend to see more danger to our structure of rights coming from the outside (foreign governments), and liberals tend to see the danger more coming from the inside (erosion of civil liberties from within). Except of course when they switch positions, or worry about both interior and exterior threats. I’m speaking of general tendencies, and this is only from my own rather biased sampling of opinion, so the truth nationwide could be very different. Just my 2 cents.

    Personally, I’m more interested in common sense than in staking out a spot on the political spectrum. I have to say, though, that common sense is pretty thin on the ground, especially out at the ends of the spectrum.

    • Stuart, I couldn’t agree more about common sense. I consider myself to be an independent. I am more concerned with the loss of civil liberties within our borders than without. But I can hardly call myself a liberal. I think I am a conservative. But what I am NOT is an ideologue. I understand that this nation is full of many opinions and desires. A healthy tension needs to be there. But I also believe that government is broken beyond repair within current constitutional & political parameters. In essence, it can’t be fixed from within. Too much money is too entrenched. The media is 100% owned by the same money that directs Washington D.C. and so no politician that wishes to change the corrupt situation can ever rise to power. We don’t hear about any politicians that the money doesn’t want us to hear about. I am convinced that all Americans, regardless of political party, need to march and demand a change to the constitution & anti-monopoly laws that will get these bankers out of our government. Only then can republicans and democrats sit down and do our will.

  3. Sara appears to be misguided and confused. She seems to believe what she is saying. Her condition is the typical result of applied Psychological Warfare.

  4. I remember when I was a kid, anytime the nightly news would report something bad that happened to an American, in a foreign country, that the American government would step in and handle it. Man, was I a dumb kid! I grew out of that belief.
    You are right, many liberals are good people, but they make decisions based on emotions, and not reality. This is what Evil loves! And people like Sarah don’t realize that there are truly evil forces at work in the world.
    I know that Evil is here, and He is working 24/7,and using people that do not realize that they are being used. The good news is, God has already told us how this all will end. Good wins!

    • Yeah, Hillbilly. God and good will win. But we must be courageous and strong. We should never, ever give up the good fight- not because we will win (the Bible says that the Assyrian will overwhelmn them at first), but because we must if we are to be decent human beings. But ultimately, we will win.

    • This woman is just so stubborn in her desire to be ignorant. I believe that these kinds of Americans actually suffer from overconfidence in America. They think they can criticize ad naseam and nothing can ever happen to their liberties. They can vote any way they want (regardless of factual information) and that the Constitution is inviolate. They think that they can leave America to help other countries against America and America will always be there for them. Because they sense their own arrogance, they feel bad about it and feel the overarching need to put America down. It proves that they are ‘good people’ as Sarah states in her interview.

      People like Sarah here are not evil. But they are being used. Sarah is just an ignorant version of a modern day hippie. Love & Peace, man!

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