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No More Tests For Public Schools! Obama sends HIS kids to PRIVATE schools…

YOUR kids succeed in public schools? Mine go to a private school! Get it? Get it?

“To help states, districts and schools that are ready to move forward with education reform, our administration will provide flexibility from the law in exchange for a real commitment to undertake change,”  Obama blithely proclaims!

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Thursday that the emphasis (now) will be more on growth (I assume personal) than on test scores.

Real commitment to change? and emphasis on growth?  Is that like “saving jobs?”  No measurements needed America!  Just try hard and that is enough!  No wonder America’s test scores are so embarrassing that we have to jury rig them on the international scene.  Remember that fun commercial showing the Chinese guy lecturing the Chinese students and how he said that the Americans will work for China?  Remember how they all laughed?

Enough said.

States used to dictate public school policy.  That’s about when we used to top those standardized tests.  But then the Fed came in and said they could do it better.  And now, not only can we not bring schools to meet the lowest of these standards, but we are getting rid of the pesky standards altogether.  This is either the most clever conspiracy to dumb down America and create a two class system (rich/educated via private schools, poor/uneducated via public schools), or it is just a plain tragedy that marks the decline of a once great nation.

“The No Child Left Behind law passed in 2001 with widespread bipartisan support and much fanfare. It sought to hold schools more accountable for student performance and get better qualified teachers in classrooms. It also offers school choice and extra tutoring to students attending schools deemed failing.”

“But critics say the law created too much of an emphasis in classrooms on standardized tests, driving the stakes so high that it may have even fostered an environment where school officials in some districts opted to cheat. In particular, the requirement that all students be on grade level in math and reading by 2014 has been hugely unpopular.”

Does anyone else want to laugh and scream at the same time!  These people had thirteen years to get our students up to date and current with tests that are basically standardized across the world.  Those are the tests on which we used to be the best- remember?  Number one?  Numero Uno?  Remember how proud that made us feel?     Is the United States of America the only country in the world that has to take tests?  Is anyone else in the world adopting the, “Let’s try really hard” program?  I’ll bet China has tests.  I’ll bet India does too.  Japan?  Korea?  I’ll bet those kids don’t have any trouble meeting their standardized tests!  Am I the only American who grew up with testing?  You know, those A, B, C, D’s & F’s?  Remember the nervousness if you didn’t study?  Remember needing to tell your folks if you didn’t do very well?  Remember the grounding or even…. dare I say it…. the spanking that came as a result?

Well, let us celebrate that those child abusive and racist days are over!  No student need ever sweat again!  And teachers?  No, you will never be forced to cheat again on your reporting!  Oh, hallelujah!  Because it wasn’t the parents’ fault that they didn’t kick their kids’ butts in school and it wasn’t the kids fault for not attending school and it wasn’t the teachers’ fault for being lousy teachers who resort to CHEATING to keep their jobs!  No!  It was the big bad tests that were wrong!  Also, the performance measures for teachers & schools!

This celebrates the beautiful mediocrity we have already implemented in youth sports- “We are all Winners!  No one is a loser!”  Can you just see our kids on the world stage, embracing the Chinese in a big kumbayah hug?

I want to know this:  where the hell are the Republicans?  What is with the utter and complete silence in Washington D.C.?

A moment to mark in U.S. history:  the day where America no longer needs to succeed in anything.  It only need try really hard.

I smell revolution and it is starting to smell good.


  1. Yes Obama a product of that educationi who says that he can’t wait to campaign in all 57 states and then mis pronounces navy corpsmen as navy CORPSEMAN. Obama who was editor of the Harvard Law Review but never wrote an article in it. It was never done before or since. Can we say affirmative actioni admission?

  2. Short Little Rebel,

    I watched the Florida republican debate last night on Fox News. Ron Paul, Herman Cane and most of the others did very well in response to the questions. Abolishment of Obama Care, the Department of Education, the EPA and strong restrictions on the Federal Reserve were among the promises made by the candidates. In my opinion, the only two jokers were Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. And yet a Fox News post debate panel hosted by a Fox arbitrator and small selected audience essentially excluded all of the candidates except Mitt Romney and Rick Perry (neither of which I can vote for). From the beginning the arbitrator asked the audience questions about two candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. Only at the very end did he even mention that other candidates were alive. It seems to me that the Media has already decided who the front runners will be. Fair and balanced? I don’t think so.

    • Hi Whitey,

      I totally agree. But they did speak to Cain in that after interview. They also spoke to Ron Paul. The audience clearly loves Cain. Paul does have great points and I think he is right on the money about getting rid of the Federal Reserve. He has gotten pretty wise in his old age, I’d say. He has a lot to offer. I’m just not sure he can match Obama in the polls. His presence is really an issue. He looks old and tired and small. In a t.v. loving world, this could equal disaster. I hate to say it, but a Gingrich/ Cain ticket might be a good one. They seem to like each other (they picked each other as vicepresidents) and they bring different skill sets to the party. We will see. I agree that the news is trying to pick the candidates for us, however.

      • I still believe that if Mitt or Perry get the nomination, that it proves the presidential elections are rigged. The only difference between the tw0 RHINOS and any democrat, is the speed that they will lead us to the super nanny state. Go Cain, Go Paul Go Conservative!

      • Hill Billy,

        I totally agree. I believe the elections are ‘rigged’ via the use of the media. They select who they want from both parties and then either deny or give coverage accordingly. Perry & Romney are clearly their choices for the republican ticket. Sometimes they give tons of coverage to someone for the sole purpose of mocking them and their campaign to death. If they can’t mock or fluster a candidate they don’t like, they simply deny coverage. This is the case with Paul, Newt and Cain. You would think these guys weren’t even bothering to campaign anymore!

  3. I work for a small school district and know for a fact that the No Child Left Behind law is nothing more than a way for the federal government to control the public school system. Add in the public unions for certificated and classified employees, and public education becomes nothing more than a tool that sucks up the tax dollars.
    We need to do away with the Department of Education, and put the control of public schools into the hands of the cities, and counties.

    • Hi Hill Billy,

      I agree about getting rid of the Dept. of Education- the law would go with it. But what I would not do is get rid of standards! First, the Fed took over the Dept. of Education and then they dropped standards & took the focus off grades in favor of soft goals with no means to measure progress. That is the part I have a problem with. The concept that grades, tests & performance don’t belong in education. But throw away the D of E!

      • I agree. Standards are a must. Let’s get them developed from from the local level and let the states monitor the schools. I have teacher buddies that, if given a textbook, chalkboard, and fresh faced students, will motivate and teach those kids more than enough to meet any standards!
        BTW, these teachers hate their union’s leadership, and are hard core conservatives. There is still hope!

      • Yes- it would also solve the problem that some teachers face when they get too many kids that don’t speak english. How can these kids get good test scores? THAT local community would create a much better way to measure teacher performance than anyone else. Example: take the test scores of non-english speakers and put them in a separate category than for english speakers. Only the test scores for the english speakers need meet the minimal state standards. The non-english speakers could have two years to learn english before their test scores get included in the main bulk. The non-english speaker test score could be measure by progress- how much measured success they make per quarter, half or full year. This way, everything would be fair.

        Something like that.

  4. Yet another reason I love Ron Paul Susan…..

    On November 14, 2008 Ron Paul said in a New York Times interview:

    “First, the Constitution does not authorize the Department of Education, and the founders never envisioned the federal government dictating those education policies.

    Second, it is a huge bureaucracy that squanders our money. We send billions of dollars to Washington and get back less than we sent. The money would be much better off left in states and local communities rather than being squandered in Washington.

    Finally, I think that the smallest level of government possible best performs education. Teachers, parents, and local community leaders should be making decisions about exactly how our children should be taught, not Washington bureaucrats.

    The Department of Education has given us No Child Left Behind, massive unfunded mandates, indoctrination, and in some cases, forced medication of our children with psychotropic drugs. We should get rid of all of that and get those choices back in the hands of the people.”

    You’re right on the dumbing down, you’re right on the homework, tests etc. It kills me that the kids can take a test 3 or 4 times until they get the grade. First time Matt started telling me this stuff I was like “What the hell is going on in these schools?!”

    Ron Paul makes more sense than all of them and they are starting to listen and Repubs are too. You have to dig for his info and go to his websites. MSM has been masterful sweeping him under the rug and people are sounding off about it. Most not all, like RP and Cain. The two most sensible of the bunch.

    Don’t forget about the buses. Remember when kids got decent sleep and there were buses at reasonable hours for all students. Now either the districts do not have buses or the buses come pick the 5th graders up at 0630 and drop them off at 1600 and you wonder why their dragging their butts. They also nickel and dime you for every little thing at school…it used to be part of the education. I agree with RP….bye bye Dept of Ed, give it to the states and the parents.

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