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Archie Bunker Was Right

I always did hate Meathead.  Even as a kid.  He whined, he free-loaded, avoided the draft; he was arrogant and he thought it was all about peace, love and sharing- all the trademarks of the socialist propaganda machine.  Archie was raw, but by God Almighty, he went to work everyday in a job that wore him down.  He risked his life as a soldier in WWII and hated the Age of Aquarius.  He never asked for governmental charity, nor did he ever even think about it.  He was rude to his wife, but he loved her- he would never even think to leave her.  He disagreed with his daughter’s politics, friends, and her choice of husband- but he never kicked her (or them) out.  He spoke in racist terms, but was never did a racist thing.  His actions, and not his words, defined him.  The rants that used to take place between him and Mr. Jefferson were the healthiest discussions on race, politics & culture this country has ever seen.  They were downright sophisticated- if you could stop laughing long enough to think about them.  His show, All in the Family, spoke to the American Family.  It showed both sides of the spectrum, mocked them both and then showed the humanity of both.  The resolutions were often tear jerking and always kind.  I miss that show- as I miss Little House on the Prairie.  I wonder, if I did a little research, would I find the dates of their demise to correspond to the dates when the six elite families & groups purchased all the movie studios?

As a child, I didn’t know why I liked Archie because he was so…….mean!  But as an adult, I realized that Jesus was right about children.  They are still close to God and uncorrupted.  In essence, they have excellent instincts.  When I watched this clip of Archie today, I look back and simply realize that the reason I liked Archie was because he was right.


  1. I just saw a couple episodes recently and, as a grown adult, I realize that I no longer side with Mike. When I was a child, Archie was the mean old b*****d and Mike and Gloria were “evolved human beings”. Gloria was an unemployed 18-year-old and Mike was a no-nothing college kid. Yes, he was an dealistic meathead.

  2. I was going to cancel cable but I must see my Green Bay Packers…also, when you try to cancel they say ok…but the internet will cost the same when you get rid of the bundle. Makes my job as parent hard but I am constantly pointing out what is overt and subtle progressive and/or immoral on TV. You can’t shield your kids completely but you can educate them. I’m so glad there is only one teen left. I love kids but the parent has more and more to go up against in this age. One show of many that just disgusts me is Glee…looks innocent enough but wow, the crap they put in that show.

    • I have never even seen that insipid show. It looked so dumb that I haven’t bothered to check it out. I do keep comcast because they have kid’s channels. Mine are all 12 and under. So I don’t have to contend with these shows yet. But my feeling is to just turn the t.v. off unless it is history, nature, comedy (one that I approve of). I like the ability to select kids movies On Demand too. We make it a point to watch movies on Fridays or Saturdays. At least there is a menu to select from and I can help them pick an appropriate one!

  3. Yes well the liberals control what is on in tv shows. A jewish guy did an expose on it because he was a harvard trained lawyer and they thought that he was one of them and they readily admitted that they practice prejudice routinely agoainst conservatives. They even offered him a screen writing deal until they googled him and realized that he was a conservative and then abruptly removed the offer from the table. The libtards are the most repressive, prejuddiced and bigoted people that I know.
    John Wilder

    • John,

      They truly hate free speech. They know that most people would not support them. To control the news and programming is to instill a sense of futility, isolation and depression. I believe in Americans. We need to get together and kick the progressives/ bankers out of politics.

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