Why Atheists Make the Worst Scientists

Sailors Are Stupid, Scientists Are Smart!

I am offended. Not as a Christian, but as a scientist and mathematician. Probability & Statistics are my closest friends. Science is my lens to God. In my own intellectual quest to find God in this world, my emotions play only the role of admirer. They do not rule me, nor does my approach to religion or science. The two, to me, are one. I fear no scientific discovery and welcome Solomon’s encouragement to seek knowledge and wisdom in this human life of mine.  Science merely uncovers the greatest Scientist’s fascinating methods- just as humor reflects the greatest Comedian and poetry, the greatest Poet.  Nothing more.   All human discovery is, to me, a further reason to worship.

That being said, I am offended by the lack of good science and logic in today’s overwhelmingly atheistic science community. In all ways but one, this unique community follows good, basic, sound scientific process & thought to learn more about the universe in which humans live.  They are naturally, and rightfully, a skeptical bunch.  A claim must be proven to be taken seriously. That one exception is their approach to God. This is where Hubris, their true god, stands directly in their way. It stunts their minds and their science. It makes fools of them and their ideas. The only barrier against exposure to mockery is the success of the myth that Science, somehow, is always ‘right’. That scientists are somehow smarter or more logical than any other human. That they, somehow, are immune to human frailties like selfishness, power hunger or arrogance.  And lastly, that science today is somehow ‘much more advanced’ than in the days when scientists claimed the earth was flat or that the sun revolved around the earth.

“Ooooohhhh, radiation is Gooooood!”- Madame Curie

People have been bamboozled to believe that humans have actually changed from the ‘old days’.  That scientists, in particular, have changed.  That the only reason the mainstream scientists dismissed and censored ‘new’ discoveries ‘back then’ was because they were, well, primitive in their ways.  That somehow, science today, is championed by a different, more superior breed of men who only care for  the ‘Truth’.  The Modern Man-pure in his quest for knowledge.

This is patent horse poop.

The nature of man, like the nature of science, has not changed one iota from the ‘primitive’ days of science.  Real human beings pursue knowledge- the minority of which will always be the ones seeking Truth.  The vast majority of men seek only selfish recognition for selfish reasons.  Scientists are nothing more than fallible humans with their equal share of heroes and villains.  They reflect the normal population of mankind.  And as the very term, “hero” must indicate, the virtues of man come only once in a long while in humans.  Who would believe that any “hero” of any culture of any time in human history could be defined as a selfish, power-hungry, self aggrandizing, money lusting fool?  No, heroes, no matter who defines them, always embody the highest of human traits:  honesty, goodness, kindness, selflessness, generosity and love of man & God.  And no matter who defines a hero, we know this person to be ‘special’.  Why?  Because they are so rare.  Because almost no human can really meet their standards.

“Ooops! Radiation is Baaaaad!”- Albert Einstein

So why this blind faith in an entire community of humans?  Why assume that because a majority of them say something, (like the earth is flat), we plebeians must accept their ideas without question?  Further, why assume that all scientists are even intelligent?  Like all fields, there are smart people and there are unintelligent people.  There are smart lawyers and really dumb lawyers.  Again, considering human nature, true intelligence is rare- just as rare as real honesty of intention.  So, why this abnormal trust of scientists, their motives and their intelligence?

Science has also proven itself completely wrong- over & over again.  First, eating liver is great for people.  Now, liver is ‘bad’ for people.  First, using gas was great for people.  Now, using gas is bad for people.  First, calcium pills were great for people.  Now calcium pills are bad for people.  First, drinking wine was bad for people.  Now, it is good for people.  We needed fluorine- now it will turn your teeth grey!    First, mercury was great for helping sick people.  Now, mercury is bad for helping sick people.  Leaches, anyone?  How about a big knife to ‘bleed’ you to death when all you had was a virus?

“Giant squids are the creations of drunk, ignorant sailers!”- Western White Scientists

In fact, Being Wrong is at the very heart of the proper pursuit of knowledge:  the assumption that we know nothing yet.  And that we wish to know more.  The only good scientist is the extremely humble one.  Not the idiot who actually believes they know anything at all.  To believe you know anything is to snuff out the purpose of the pursuit- to KNOW is to deny the very motivation of science.  It is the squelching of motivation & direction.  Only the truly humble can see the magnificent wonder of all that we have yet to uncover.  It must be at the heart of all Good Science to assume that anything is possible.  At the heart of ill intentioned science, is the will of bad men.  It is there that the ugliness of human nature lies with the claim that only certain things are possible.  Sin resides in that heart- but also the lack of pure reason, logic and proper science.  The scientist who actually believes that human beings, who can not even begin to understand aging, time, space, disease, psychology, genetics, or anything else for that matter- can define what can NOT exist is just plain stupid.  These people make me laugh- and many times, make me scorn.  They are the antithesis of science, these definers of what can not be.  They work in the negative and so are stunted from the beginning.

“Oooooh, look! How fascinating! We scientists found a giant squid that attacks boats in packs! Which of us shall we name it after?”

A good scientist looks about them and sees what they see.  They wonder about it.  They seek answers to it.  They accept the things they find.  Fear does not rule them.  They do not reject actual phenomena, nor do they quickly dismiss it.  They seek and seek and continue to seek.  They use words like, “Thus far, I have found…..” and “Based on what I have found, I propose that this might be the reason….”  and “All evidence seems to point in this direction which I will continue to investigate until further proof says otherwise…” etc, etc.  What a good scientist NEVER says is, “Because I , the Great Western White Scientist, have never personally seen it, and because my cadre of like-minded Western White Scientists haven’t seen it,  it must not EXIST.”  Kind of like the little fish that swims up penises in the Amazon.  The little brown people have known about it for hundreds of years.  They protect themselves with bits of fabric & twine.  But until a Western White Scientist has one swim up his, and have it eye-witnessed by a panel of Western White Scientists, it will remain Non Existent!  And when it is finally acknowledged, it will surely be named after the poor white fellow who, unfortunately for him, ‘discovered it’.

I would ask these rather dumb scientists, “Did people (scientists, even), in Abraham’s day see air molecules?”  Did they even conceive of them?  They must answer, “No.”  Then I will ask, “Does the fact that ancient people couldn’t see the molecules or conceive of them make them non-existent?”   Did the earth only begin to rotate around the sun when Galileo saw that it did?  Of course not.  The people simply didn’t have the knowledge or technology to see these facts.  But they do now.

Science is no different today.  There is an infinite world which we humans, in our primitive state, simply can not conceive of, measure or see in order to ‘prove’ its existence.  And yet, like the air molecules thousands of years ago, they still exist.  To assume otherwise is just plain arrogance and foolishness.

To assume that mankind has somehow gotten a good grip on knowledge is just plain comical.  We can’t even cure the cold.

And these same scientists who claim that they will not believe in something they can not prove, believe in speciation (the very bedrock of Evolution)- though not one species out of the hundreds of thousands that exist or have ever existed has left a fossil trail that would prove them correct.  Instead, they resort to genetic gymnastics to prove the improbable!  (The same guys who can’t cure the cold because they can’t understand the genetics want us to believe they can use genetics to explain the ENTIRE creation of life!  umm hmmm- how about some land in Florida?)  These same scientists who claim speciation, not as a theory, but as a FACT, somehow can throw probability & statistics out of the window when one considers that only the bones of separate species seemed to survive time, pressure, moisture and heat.   Not one trail of bones out of the tens of thousands of specimens of any one species morphing over several millenia (thus making the number of specimens in the millions) into another species survived?  Really?  Were those millions of transitional states/specimens between one species and another somehow cursed with bones that disintegrated while actual, defined species were blessed with superior bones?

Where are those pesky fossils?

If man’s head began with the Neanderthal and ‘morphed’ genetically over time to increasingly intelligent forms of man, where are the millions of bones of all those morphing beings?  Where are the bones that show the human brain growing?  The frontal lobe expanding?  Where are the bones that show a little less slope, and then a little less slope and then a little less slope until Homosapien was born?  There should be, literally, millions of fossils!  Speciation can’t just spontaneously happen, can it?  One generation of female neanderthals didn’t just give birth to straight headed people did they?  No! Thousands of generations of neanderthals would have needed infinitesimally small genetic changes over millions of years to accomplish the proposed speciation!  So, where are all the millions of bones from those in-between humans?  Did only those transitional bones between one species of man and other species of man have a different bone composition?  Forget man- is there any trail of bones for even one species that would verify the claims of speciation?  What?  Not one trail of changing bones to back the incredible claim that all life stemmed and morphed in this way- all the way back to some single-celled organism in primordial ooze?  There should be billions of fossils to prove this!    What are the odds (the mathematical probability) that the only bones that survived the same identical forces of nature are bones of clearly demarcated species with no bones to prove their obvious transition from one species to another?  Improbable to the point of impossible!  And yet, these atheist people of knowledge will readily and with great enthusiasm jump right on board, skip the proof and claim it as FACT!

From every study of man- math, logic & science included- it simply is more mathematically probable to believe in Intelligent Design than some kind of ‘orderly’ chaos (never observed in real life) that produced the tight, astounding, self refreshing, self renewing design that stares in our face every moment we live.  Especially in light of the fact that Man, himself, has just created ‘life’ in a test tube.

It took energy & design to make this. Without continued energy & design, things ‘naturally’ fall apart. They don’t spontaneously order themselves again into beautiful, perfect designs, do they? Sooo…. how did the amazing order of creation ‘spontaneously’ make itself?

This incredible jumping to conclusions- as concerns evolution & God- by an overwhelmingly atheist science community speaks more to their own rejection of the bended knee than to good science.  If God used speciation to bring about man, what would I care?  But the math is all wrong.  This is what ails my mind.  That, and they way they attempt to use science to discredit Genesis and hence, God.  Of course, they deny this (as they mock behind their hands) publicly, but then add statements like, “Whales were once bear-like creatures” in my children’s science book without one shred of evidence to back it.  Why attempt to shove bad science on my kids when you are otherwise so skeptical and proper in your pursuit of knowledge?  Why state speciation & evolution as fact and yet deny the complete viability of God-driven creation?  Answer this question and you will find the heart of evil, my friends.

So when ‘scientists’, and I use the terms very loosely, say that to believe in an intelligent God who designed the universe with intention and purpose is to be ‘unscientific’ and ‘uninformed’, I know which kind of scientists they are.   These same arrogant scientists that would make the claim that belief in a God who created everything is illogical are the self-same scientists who have already created ‘synthetic’ life themselves.  It is possible for them to create a lower order life form, but it is impossible for there to be a God who can create a lower order life form.  These same scientists that claim that to believe in angels & demons (invisible creatures among us) is to be ignorant are the self-same scientists who point their billion dollar telescopes into space looking for hyper-intelligent, invisible life forms.  These same scientists who mock those of us who believe something can be invisible and yet exist in real, concrete form are the self-same scientists who have already developed stealth technology as well as the beginnings of an invisibility cloak.

DNA: God’s Radical Technology

These same scientists who claim the impossibility of a God that knows the past, present & future- all at the same time- are the self-same scientists who have now ‘discovered’ that computers can actually predict the future.  These same scientists who dismiss the idea that God can exist in all time periods are the self-same scientists who have just ‘discovered’ that alternate realities can exist at the same time and thus have pointed the way toward time travel.

They are the exact same breed who laughed at  Aristotle when he claimed the earth was round.

These so-called scientists have not yet grasped the fact that biology & life itself is a radical technology of God’s making.  That DNA is the most powerful technology known to man.  That life itself is so powerful a technology that it is impossible for mankind to destroy.  Biology was created by a Life Form greater than us.  Even the nuclear bomb (or all them going at once) could not stop it.  No, some small DNA would escape and begin its ruthless replicating all over again.  These ‘men of knowledge’ can only conceive of steel, concrete and feeble computers as ‘technology’.    Even movie directors have better imaginations than atheist scientists!

How Today’s Technology Will Look Tomorrow

The logic of Christianity is 100% sound.  Because we do not claim to PROVE the existence of God.  We state only our belief in Him.  If man can create life, certainly Someone Else can do it.  If there are other sentient creatures in the universe (their ‘aliens’), then mankind can not possibly put a limit on just how intelligent or advanced those life forms may be.  To search for aliens to is admit the 100% possibility and probability of One so advanced, so knowledgeable, so technologically advanced as to have created the ‘everything’ we know.  If we designed computers to predict the future, certainly Someone Else could have even better technology to predict the future.  Or even contain the ‘technology’ within Himself as a pure capability.   If mankind can eventually travel through different dimensions, then certainly Someone Else can be doing it now.  If we can make things undetectable by stealth technology and invisibility cloaks, then certainly Someone Else can do it.  And there is no reason that Man should be able to define just how advanced a Being may be.  Or what His ‘technology’ or ‘science’ looks like.  These terms are merely words humans use to define our pursuit of knowledge.

Just because we currently picture the terms ‘science’ and ‘technology’ as microscopes & particle accelerators does not mean that technology of the future will look anything like them at all.  No, it could be something quite fantastic- unimaginable in 1000 years!  Today’s labs & equipment will stand in museums someday as barbaric relics of the past.   By logic alone, it is feasible for us and our universe to be the product of Another’s test tube.  It is 100% possible and probable, based even on our limited experience, that what appears to be ‘magic’ by primitive creatures is actual very real ‘science’ of Another.  Any good scientist will admit this to you.  You can trust that scientist’s work.

The lack of logic lies in the evil hearts of bad scientists.  Atheist scientists.  Logic, good science & all real knowledge will forever reside in those unafraid of the Truth.  And those unafraid to bend the knee to It when they find It.


  1. Ciao Susan
    Just want to say that I get what you are trying to do and I do commend you for it but in the light of all the negative and down-right abusive responses that you receive I thought I should share this thought with you;
    I have also in my own way tried to “reason” with these so-called enlightened types but to no avail, they are just not interested in hearing anything but their own voices and ,as you have discovered, when they cannot dispute what has been presented to them they attack with insult and abuse. If we happen to respond in kind then they are quick to grab the “moral high ground” and accuse us of been un-Christian. But, for want of not being too long winded, I would like to leave you with this quote, I think it is appropriate;

    To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary.
    To one without faith, no explanation is possible.
    St. Thomas Aquinas


  2. Hey Susan,

    I really appreciated your prophetic edge. It’s nice to see and I wish more Christians were like that. I think we live in a narcissistic/victim playing society that can’t understand that respect is earned and nobody with a prophetic gift such as yourself will let the Atheist go off easy. Thanks!

    From my experience with Atheists, you can’t always be soft with them for the same reason that you can’t hammer a nail with a piece of bread. Their hearts are hardened and unwilling to see, so a good whack sometimes is the kindest thing you could ever do for them.

    If Atheist’s feel disrespected then they should realize what they are dishing out. It’s barbarically worse.


    • Thanks, Grycer. Each Christian has their call and their gift. Mine is not a soft voice, but rather, a rough one. I am meant to blow an atheist or complacent person out of their comfort zone so that another can come and do the final work of guiding them to Jesus if possible. I have had many Christians criticize me for my passion. But I am sure, quite sure, that being a Christian has nothing to do with a soft or a rough voice. It has to do with obedience to what God called you. God fills my heart with a passion I can not understand. He brought me to this strange place of blogging on politics and His presence within it. He moves me and I just listen. We each have our role, don’t we?

  3. I understand an openness to the concept of god or even a belief in a god and being a scientist, but I cannot understand being a scientist and following a religion. Can you please explain it? This is a serious, humble, question. I’m not trying to offend. It just seems to me that scientific reasoning would render human religions as mere fabrication. I mean, there’s no evidence for the Ark story, just as there is overwhelming evidence against it. So, then, maybe you take a non-literal interpretation of your religion. Why? Why not just believe in a God that is unknowable rather than what some guy said thousands of years ago? Believing that Jesus was the son/avatar of God because he said so with no sound evidence does not seem very scientific. Once again, I’m just trying to understand your logic, as you seem to be a very smart, scientific person. I just can’t comprehend being scientific and religious. (I do understand being scientific and spiritual or even deistic, but not religious.)

    • Adam, when I saw this comment, I knew you were being completely disingenuous- do you think you are the first so-called atheist who has played dumb on my blog? You know who God is and you know he exists. Your innocent act, complete with dragging your little toe around in the sand, never once fooled me. That is why I didn’t answer you- I grow bored of these kinds of comments. Then I received your second comment. I laughed because my instincts are pretty darned good. There is nothing that enrages so-called atheists (I say, ‘so-called’ because there is no such thing as an atheist) than someone who uses science & logic to make their point. Adam, as I have no doubt that you have even less knowledge and education than me (not to mention, intelligence), I can’t take your criticisms of the same very seriously.

      • You do realize you just decided to bypass the question entirely, right? If you dance around the question and try to avoid it, you can’t possibly know the answer. If you have the answer, then please, by all means, enlighten us. Also, what is with your sentence, ” as I have no doubt that you have even less knowledge and education than me (not to mention, intelligence)”. I thought Christians were supposed to be humble?

        By the way, just to make sure you can’t say that I’m asking this to just prove you wrong because I’m an atheist, I’m not. I do believe in the possibility of a god or a creator or even just cosmic influence, the SAME way I believe that everything can be by accident as well. I especially like to crawl back into the latter idea when I see the torture and struggle of people in the world currently. I have seen the struggling and the pain first hand when I visited the poorer countries in Africa other than my current home in South Africa. So while you answer my first question, you might as well tell me why children, who have done nothing to deserve the torture of starvation, are left to die each and every day.

        For someone who claims that atheistic scientists claim to know everything even though they don’t, you do pretty much the same thing. And I don’t mean any disrespect but when people are hypocrites or are closed to what other people say, it really rubs me up the wrong way.

        Awaiting your answers…

      • Hi Marie, I do realize I bypassed the question. I bypassed it because he has no real interest in my answer. Atheists do this all the time and I can’t waste my time answering non-sincere questions. Everyone knows God exists. As do you. To deny this basic truth is to WILLFULLY choose ignorance. People who willfully choose ignorance cannot be reasoned with. They have decided to reject truth and thus, nothing I say can help them. The discussion cannot proceed. So it is pointless. I am not dancing around the question. I answered it in full in my article and all my answers below. The most basic answer is this: everyone KNOWS God exists. This requires no faith at all. His existence is FELT within every human being. Even if you can deny what you know internally, you can’t deny his existence when you truly examine the world & nature around you. You can’t deny it when you look at the utter hopeless of life. And when you see those brief moments of human nobility. Nothing makes sense without God and the meta-narrative that existed throughout time and still does. If a person can’t acknowledge this basic truth, then they are hopeless.

        That being said, I like your actual question. And Jesus is moving me right now to reach out to YOU, personally. He doesn’t always move me that way. So, beware, Marie- the Holy Spirit has YOU in his headlights. Jesus has not forgotten you, wherever you are in this big world. He knows who YOU are and compelled me, a stranger, to talk to you. Isn’t that something? And he has told me, right now, to tell you that HE LOVES YOU. And wants you to know what true joy is. He is asking that you listen to what I am about to say and to THINK about it. That is why I am answering you as fully as I can.

        I sense that you are on the brink. But you are deeply hurt by life and that it has made you bitter and sad and confused about all the misery you see around you. The suffering of children being the worst. Allow me to address that now. Allow me to tell you what I believe about God and the plan he has for humanity:

        See, I don’t believe that God was finished with us when he created Adam & Eve. I believe that he was only HALF finished. If you read the Bible (which you really MUST- as an ADULT- it is so wonderful), you see that God created us in his image. Have you ever stopped to consider what that means? I don’t think he made our bodies like his, I believe he made our souls & our character like his. I believe he was making a new species of creatures, children as it were, for himself. But people like he had never created before. We are imbued with characteristics that he, personally, has. And what do humans want more than anything? Think about that. The answer is this: We want to be LOVED. Not for what we pretend to be, but for who we really are. We want to be fully KNOWN and still Adored. If that is what WE want and we are created in his image, then that is what HE wants. And how can we know if we are loved? Would you know you were truly loved if there was only one man and one woman in the world? No. It would be a relationship of need. But if the man had a CHOICE between you and another woman, then if the man chooses YOU, then you know he loves YOU, prefers YOU, right?

        Another question. If a man is filthy rich- I mean, a billionaire, and he is looking for love, would you recommend for him to flaunt his wealth in the search, or hide it? You would probably tell him to hide it, right? Because if a woman sees all that wealth, how does he know if she loves HIM or his money, right? But if she loves him as a poor man, how much happier will she be when she discovers he is rich beyond measure? THAT is why God doesn’t make the choice so easy for us…

        God made us, but then he gave us a choice. Him or Satan. On the one hand, he stands a little apart and hides his wealth & glory. He promises much, but holds back. He could wow us with all he could do for us, but he knows that would be pure bribery. He gives us many signs of his love- from the beautiful world he made to the love we have for our children. He gave us Jesus to confirm his promise of a new life that will be free from sin & Satan & pain- but it is only after we ‘die’ in this world. Wow! What a crazy choice! On the other hand, he created Satan, the great liar. Satan has no goal to have children or to keep us in any way. His goal is pure hatred and a wish to DESTROY what God wants. Us. So, he appeals to the lowest common denominator of the human condition: fear, lust, greed, power over others, etc. He actually can and will deliver on the goods- RIGHT HERE ON EARTH. If you sell your soul to him, he will deliver money, wealth & power. And you don’t have to wait for it. He plays on our fears of death to tempt us with things while we are ‘truly’ alive. But he is a liar. All of his ‘gifts’ result in human misery and pain. While the man who followed his lusts might become the head of a violent militia and kill children, while HE might think he is on top of the world, the kids had to suffer, right? AND his soul is surely damned too. His heart and his soul never do feel satisfied the way he thought it would once he got the power & wealth he so craved. In essence, HE is more miserable after the gifts of Satan than before them…

        And the cycle of human misery continues. Satan is very, very clever indeed. See, because THEN Satan uses the suffering of those same children to destroy the faith & hope in YOU. To make you want to crawl into that hole of disbelief you talked about. Because HE plants the idea in your head that GOD created or allowed those kids to suffer when it was HIS temptation of those militia leaders to do what they do. He causes you to hate GOD rather than hate him. And believe me, Marie, he is happy you are doubting what you ALREADY KNOW. That God does exist and that Jesus came to save us from this evil world.

        For tempting ONE man into the sin of lust for power, he sure got a big bang for his buck, didn’t he? He got the soul of the militia leader, he got the misery of the children & their family, and he got hundreds of people to get angry at God. THAT is how clever Satan is.

        God made a world of choice. And he unleashed Satan in the world to provide that choice. But we are not done developing, Marie. We NEED and will make a choice. A non-choice is a choice. For Satan. You can be angry that God made a world with Satan in it or that God made a world where you need to make a choice. But God has plans that supersede this earth or any one person’s life. He has a plan for HUMANITY. Something that will last far beyond the strictures of Time, since he created that too. EVERYTHING he has made & done is toward that end. He said, “My thinking is not your thinking…” We think in terms of our own short life and the meaning therein. God thinks outside of time- he has planned for the eons of time…

        My children can’t understand when I say, ‘no’ to them sometimes. They don’t understand why they must be disciplined sometimes. They don’t get that I am preparing them for their own future and that everything I do is for THEM. For them to have a great life. If I, a mere human, can love my kids enough to say, ‘no’ and to discipline them- even though I run the risk of them hating me- how much more will God do this for us- for OUR own good?

        Marie, I beg you to step back and have enough hope & faith to read your Bible. First, read the book of John in the New Testament. http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John+1&version=NIV Even if you think you know who Jesus is, read this for information’s sake at the very least. So you know what you are talking about. But I hope you read it looking for answers. Because this particular book is the most beautiful one describing Jesus’ life and mission on earth. Then read the book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament. The book of Ecclesiastes is written by King Solomon. ( http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ecclesiastes+1&version=NIV) He, literally, is the wisest man God has ever created. He is the one who wrote, “Meaningless, meaningless! All of life is meaningless!” And he is right. And YOU are right. Life IS meaningless. You will understand Solomon completely as you read the most scathing book ever written on the misery of life. You will know that you are NOT the first person to feel the suffering of children and the pointlessness of life!

        The ONLY thing he could do (and he wrote the book shortly before his death) was to just advocate trust & obedience to the Lord. Why? Because he didn’t even know about Jesus. He didn’t have the gift that WE have. We KNOW the story now. We can see that God caused the world to live in this hopeless condition for thousands of years so that when he brought Jesus and his incredibly surprising words of redemption and purpose, the world would be hungry for it. And it was. And you are.

        The world without Jesus IS meaningless. Has your rejection of God brought you happiness or joy? no. But Jesus TRANSFORMED my life and so many other people’s life. THAT is the real proof of God’s existence- the LIVES of the people he has utterly remade. Please read about how I came to serve Christ and how my dark, horribly depressed life became one of mission and passion & joy. Here is the link: https://shortlittlerebel.wordpress.com/2011/09/09/one-christians-journey/ . Today, I am going to church, Marie. And I plan on praying fervently for YOU. God knows exactly who you are although I don’t. I am going to pray that God gives you the strength to resist Satan long enough to read the book of John. And the book of Ecclesiastes. And that when you read it, your heart and mind will be opened to receive Jesus as your personal savior. I am so happy you came to my site, Marie. I know you have left more comments after this one- I haven’t seen them yet. But let this long, long answer suffice for all your comments, ok? Blessings on you. Your sister in Christ, Susan

  4. ATHEISTS HAVE BEEN FLOCKING THE FIELDS OF ORIGINS ever since Darwin and the whole discipline is filled with pathological BIAS to the point where its not even honest science anymore…its a philosophical worldview. They are the OJ Simpson jury.

    They distort history, never recognizing it was Christians who started science because they knew that God created the universe to make sense so we could use our world –especially when populations are now so high.
    The use probability when it suits them–“Drakes equation”, the certainly a mass extinction asteroid IS coming–they say its a fact.

    Yet when you point out the most improbable thing in existence–the inflation of space in which an explosion just happens to clump together, making human consciousness they say thats just fine.
    Their bias caused them delay truth of a beginning because they knew where that led. Now that fine tuning has demolished them(they fought against that for 30 years as well) they claim the most absurd irrational theory ever–Multiverse.

    If they thought for 2 seconds, as many agnostic scientists have, that this produces worlds where every bullet used in a gun to commit suicide would branch off into a world where it was dud–we would have an “Unkillable suicidal human race”.
    yet we just happen to live in a world that is logical? Why dont we live in a world where a coin toss has landed on heads a billion times in a row from the branching off of probabilities?

    Its simply devoid of all reason and it only solves the puzzle of how these people are fighting for their lives–because if they even give Reason a foothold..they will be doomed.
    Explaining the mechanisms of the universe will never answer where its laws and design came from. Where not looking for the origin of money under our pillow when we put our tooth there yet atheists display this infantile argumentation not worthy of a drug addict daily.

    We are looking for the foundation of the precisely tuned Universe–the Eternal first cause and science has been kickin the can down the street on that question and shoveling poop all around it yet is so myopic it cant even begin to see they haven’t even directed the question in any way shape or form.

  5. Excrptional piece!
    I like A. Mayer’s comment re the Big Bang: “The singularity at T=0 cannot be explained.”

    We naturally get political science from atheistic moral relativists; more so since government became the majority paymaster…

    • thanks, Jack. This article periodically makes the atheists’ round of publications (as it is currently doing now). They come in droves and just call me names. They do the usual things atheists do. But the one thing they will never do is address the points in this article. I let them have one comment, but if they can’t address the article after one inane comment, they get banned. It just roasts their little tushies!

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