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Can Snakes Lie? Or Do They Just Smile Real Big?


Slippery.  Slimy.  Speaks with a forked tongue.  You’ve heard all the metaphors. Obama’s speech last night embodies the best (worst) of  all these elements.  Obama can never just speak plainly.  Or say it like it is.  I yearn for the good ol’ days when people could expect to hear ‘the truth, nothing but the truth, Ma’am.’  Remember that concept?  Not surprisingly, we find our Baby-In-Charge lying out both sides his mouth.  The following are just the highlights:

Obama begins his speech with a not so subtle barb that implied that Republicans have neither clarified their objections to his new spending spree, nor have given other alternatives.  This is a bald face lie.  John Boehner sent a memo to Obama expressly outlining the provisions which Republicans would support and which ones they wouldn’t.  Republicans have also proposed a drastic cut of governmental regulations on businesses, which would free up both time and money to begin their projects, hire employees and thus, cut the unemployment rate radically.

OBAMA: “Every idea that we’ve put forward are ones that traditionally have been supported by Democrats and Republicans alike.”

Another lie.  Mr. Innuendo slips around the truth by referring to the proposed results of his new spending spree.  Who doesn’t support hundreds of thousands of new jobs?  Slimy.  Republicans traditionally oppose the tax hikes, public spending projects, and gifts to teachers’ unions- all of which are in Obama’s new jobs bill.  The ‘bi-partisan’ support he refers to in the past amount to two republicans who helped pass a measly $10 billion bill to prevent teacher layoffs.  The only time Republicans gave significant support to Obama was when he proposed tax cuts.

OBAMA:  “The answer we’re getting right now is: Well, we’re going to roll back all these Obama regulations… Does anybody really think that that is going to create jobs right now and meet the challenges of a global economy?”

Don’t you love the way our leader refers to himself in the third person?  The slime here consists of the innuendo that no one has expressed support for this idea when in fact, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has expressed explicit such support.  In fact, they believe that a cut in legislation will result in an immediate transfer of $1-$2 TRILLION dollars directly into the private market.

OBAMA:   “We can either keep taxes exactly as they are for millionaires and billionaires, with loopholes that lead them to have lower tax rates, in some cases, than plumbers and teachers, or we can put teachers and construction
workers and veterans back on the job.”

This is always my favorite type of quote from our Divide-America-President.  Class warfare at its best.  Because he was lambasted for the inaccuracies of previous similar comments, Obama threw in the “in some cases” clause to this outrageous statement.  Why did he do this?  Because only 1% of millionaires have ever gotten away with it.  The average amount of taxes paid by people who earn over a million per year is 24.4%- more than all other Americans.  Slimy.

Obama also lambasted China for its currency manipulation- in essence propping himself up as the champion of the dollar.  But the reality is a far cry different.  While Obama complained about China’s efforts to keeps its currency undervalued to gain trade advantages, his administration has repeatedly refused to brand China as a currency manipulator in a report that the Treasury Department is required to send to Congress twice a year.  Why?  Because he needs China to borrow the over $400 billion dollar spending spree he is now shoving down America’s throat.

Obama is not an honorable man.  Nor does he care one iota if he is found lying.  He knows that facts can be checked.  He is counting on the apathy of the American public to get away with it.  He is hoping to paint Republicans as irresponsible nay-sayers that, for political purposes only, hate everything he does- because he is a black man.  He also hopes to link Republicans with Wall Street millionaires, which will work beautifully with the protests on Wall Street- especially if they become violent.  He is hoping to portray Republicans as people with no ideas of his own- even while he references their idea to radically cut regulations that over-burden small businesses.

Obama is hoping his paper tiger stance against China will fool someone.  But Americans have not forgotten the bold promises of 2008, which lie like so much litter under the feet of frightened stock traders.  Fool us once, shame on you.  Fool us twice, shame on us.  We will not be so gullible this time around.


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  2. Little Rebel,

    Many will believe the Whitehouse lies because it suits their needs. Free stuff, if you know what I mean. Moochers are much too lazy to do any kind of serious research. They have chosen to be gullible and will continue to do so. Knowledgeable progressives will certainly take advantage this willful ignorance.

    So be prepared. The fight to kick this BUM out of office will be fierce.

    • Hi Whitey,

      Yes. This exactly according to the socialist revolutionary’s plan- first devalue & demoralize, then step in with the great idea of blaming rich individuals. THEY, not government is the problem. These morons actually want to STRENGTHEN the Federal Reserve to ‘prevent’ the smaller banks from defrauding America again. Oh, the irony of that! The protestors on Wall Street have now been joined by the Progressives- most obviously via the big union machines. All Obama allies. Obama simply has no answer to the economy. So I have no doubt whatsoever that the plan is to stoke these protests, hopefully have them turn violent, watch Republicans condemn them, blame the republicans for being on the side of Wall Street & millionaires and hence, distract the American public so badly that they don’t notice that another Black man is running for office. A conservative one with great business experience and plans to get us out of this mess. Splitting the black vote is scaring the pants off the White House.

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