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Breaking News: Legalizing Pot Leads to Drug Proliferation!

Pot Stores Front for Hard Drug Operations

Be still my heart.  Associated Press reports today that California is being overrun with pot shops.  Like foul sticky mushrooms, they have erupted in small shopping malls, neglected corners of city downtowns, and in-your-face store fronts.  The blinking neon marijuana leaves were bad enough, but could pot growing hippies be satisfied with their 1.3 billion dollar booming businesses?  Do the kind of people who open pot shops respect the law?  Did legalizing pot lead to less criminality in the drug arena?  With new federal activities to prosecute new drug crimes, have we really saved tax payer dollars by legalizing pot?  Of course not!  The pot shops have become brazen illegal drug operations where junkies can walk in as respected customers and purchase crack cocaine and other ‘hard’ drugs.  Of course, they have a ‘doctor’s note in hand for the marijuana and leave with extra prizes.

Prosecutors Friday described it as the first coordinated statewide offensive
against marijuana dealers and suppliers who use California’s 15-year-old medical
marijuana law as legal cover for running sophisticated drug trafficking ventures
in plain sight.

U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner cited a 2009 federal study that 72 percent of
marijuana plants eradicated nationwide were grown in California.

“California’s marijuana industry supplies the nation,” he said.”

“The actions were geared toward stopping a proliferation that has led to
thousands of pot shops opening their doors across the state. The spread was
fueled partly by the Obama administration’s assurance two years ago that it did
not plan to devote federal resources to countering marijuana outlets operating
in compliance with state laws.”

“It is “a Costco, Walmart-type model that we see across California,” said Andre
Birotte Jr., U.S. attorney in the Los Angeles-area. Some people making money
from medical marijuana openly revel in what some have called “the new California
gold rush,” he said.”

“The intention regarding medical marijuana under California state law was to
allow marijuana to be supplied to seriously ill people on a nonprofit basis,”
said U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag, the top federal law enforcement officer for the
San Francisco Bay area. “What we are finding, however, is that California’s laws
have been hijacked by people who are in this to get rich and don’t care at all
about sick people.”

And what is California’s reaction to this unprecedented explosion of illegal drug trafficking?   Well, that too is predictable.  The new industry for California is generating between $53 million and $104 million in annual sales taxes.  And for a state wallowing in debt, corruption and financial ineptitude, this injection of cash is just what they need.

I don’t understand the politics of it, and certainly if we haven’t learned
anything over the past century, it’s that Prohibition does not work,” added
State Sen. Mark Leno, who has worked to safeguard and regulate medical marijuana
in California.”

Is anyone thinking what I am thinking?  California is exactly like a street thug who has never bothered to finish high school and thinks college is a waste of his good time.  He gets frustrated at the lack of respect he receives, blames everyone else, gets angry and decides to take it out on someone.  He joins a gang.  Commits crimes.  Blemishes his record, all the while getting poorer and poorer.  Soon enough, he sees the drug trafficking business as a solution to all his woes.  Pretty soon, he has brand new $200 sneakers, gold & diamond bling, and a jacked up Chevy Tahoe.  It feels good.  Life is good.  And he will KILL to keep the easy money.

Liberalism & Progressivism lead to hell on earth, people.  We need to use our common sense that God gave us.  We all know that it is stupid and vastly unwise to legalize marijuana.  California’s example only provides concrete evidence to what we already knew.  Regular Americans need to be more confident in their own instincts.  Progressives will mock you mercilessly, but they are a teeny, tiny minority with enormous mouths.  They use our natural reluctance to fight and our desire for peace against us.  They use their PhDs and so-called credentials to brow beat us into thinking we are ‘behind the times’ or ‘uneducated’.  Stand firm, America.  Use your gut reaction.  These people are nuts.  Stand up and don’t let them turn our nice downtowns into haunts for druggies and crime.


  1. I aconservative on most topics, but I have a more libertarian view on this. I don’t think its the government’s business what adults put into their bodies. Doing drugs is stupid, but it’s your body. Of course, along with that is that it’s YOUr health you’re ruining, and taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for that, either. The war on drugs has been a failure on every level. At least CA was smart enough to realize some tax revenue from this.

    • Hi Freedom, I know that libertarians feel this way about drugs. But I can’t help but feel it is a little naive. It doesn’t take into account the effects on youth. Young people are very affected by their environment. If sex shops were everywhere, on every street corner, they would be tempted to sleep with a whore. Same with drugs. There is a reason Christianity (and most religions) advocate the shunning of evil. To keep something evil in your midst can create a rotten core that will spread outward and rot the whole barrel. If the destruction were truly limited to the individual which chose to engage in the behavior, then I would be fine with it. But sadly, I do not believe this is true. Can you honestly tell me that a teenager, who would not normally go out of their way to buy pot illegally from fear of reprisal, would not be tempted by a big pot shop where they could go and buy pot and other illegal drugs without consequences? If they knew they could not be arrested? If they knew that their futures wouldn’t be ruined by an arrest? If they knew their parents would never find out via a police phone call?

      It is just plain naive to think that. People can be tempted onto a harmful path. And if a teenager tries pot, is that not a path that might very well take them in the wrong direction? In the direction of using drugs to deal with stress, insecurity in social situations, grief?

      Sometimes I lean to the libertarian mindset, but then I think it is too idealistic. It just doesn’t work for social issues. I’m not a republican either. I will just sit here, be an independent thinker and try to be pragmatic about politics.

      • I would much rather ministers and good Christians work with our youth than have them thrown in jail and their futures ruined.

      • Unfortunately your only experience is with the black market still in existence. If cannabis were regulated like alcohol it would not be accessible to the youth in the same manner that alcohol is not. It should not be up to the government to tell me how to treat my illness and deny a natural option. Further it should be up to the parents to teach their children right and wrong and their decision to keep them away from cannabis. To make cannabis out to be the villain when in fact it is the criminals is plain ignorant. There are too many stories and too much proof out there now to show the healing power of cannabis. I see the violence and corruption going on but unfortunately its not the users its the government and organized crime. It is not right to punish patients when the attack should be on the cartels and gangs. You really should educate yourself a lot more before you pass judgement.

      • Cherrygirl28, I certainly wouldn’t stand in the way of medical marijuana. If you need it, you should have it- that is for sure. But the way it is being done in California is a joke. You are wrong to think that availability of NON-MEDICAL marijuana is not rampant in California as a direct result of the legalization of pot. It is also been shown to be a front for illegal drug sale. Illegal drug sales are directly related to neighborhood crime. Did you read the AP article? You are also wrong to think that availability of drugs doesn’t correspond directly to drug usage in teenagers. The simple act of putting a pot shop on every corner is enough to undo the best of parental training. It is plain naive and disingenuous to say otherwise. Marijuana is proven to be an ‘entry’ drug to harder drugs. It has also been directly linked to school failures. The impact of this is life-long. To me, marijuana should be a controlled substance being sold in pharmacies by legitimate drug companies- not in Mom & Pop stores. With a prescription, a person should be able to pick up their marijuana the same as any other pain killer- and their insurance should pay for it!

  2. Little Rebel,

    I take a prescription drug called Alprazolam 0.5 mg that certainly can become addictive. It is sold only in legitimate pharmacies. This drug is one of several that the doctor has prescribed for my high blood pressure.

    It was my initial impression that California would sell pot and/or its derivatives in the same manner. However, as always, liberal progressives have proven that they are without honor. I guess it just gets easier and easier once a person losses every ounce of decency.

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