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Cry Baby Freeloaders Want Obama To Force Employers To Hire Them


The story just gets richer.  Unemployment benefits have reached the most ludicrous levels in our nation’s history.  People who lost their jobs two years ago have been able to sit pretty, collecting unemployment benefits without doing a stitch of work to justify their paycheck while the rest of us dummies slog through our day doing whatever jobs we can to pay our bills.  Irresponsible people who didn’t bother to read their home loan contracts, who played Russian roulette with their interest rates, have been given the incredible ability to simply re-write their loans at 2% fixed interest loans with partial debt forgiveness to boot!  People who simply don’t wish to pay their home loans (because it is not ‘worth it’) are allowed to walk away, scott free, from their homes after refusing to pay their mortgage for over a year.  With the money they saved by not paying their loans, they can move on and buy foreclosed homes for cash in auctions.   All while responsible, honorable people work hard everyday to pay their own way through life.  And credit scores?  Who cares!  Because in this climate created by the Obama administration, a good credit rating doesn’t offer one iota of help to the people who have done the right thing their whole lives.  Small business owners can’t get desperately needed loans for their businesses because the equity is gone from their homes and bailed-out banks were not required to increase loans to businesses.  Individuals can’t get a good, low (or no) interest credit card if their life depended on it- regardless of their credit scores (because the equity in their home has dried up).  The credit lenders just look at them and think, “Your debt outweighs the ready assets you have.”  So who cares about credit scores?  All that matters is each man for himself, I guess.

In another reward to the free-loading segment of our population, Obama wants to force employers to hire these two-year lounge lizards via his new jobs bill.  While freeloaders rejoice, resentment (and a sense of futility) grows in the majority of Americans who actually work for their money.  Aimed at the jealous, the lazy and the victims of American society, Obama looks to position the Republicans as hard-hearted and pro-corporation by again putting them in the position of nay sayers.  Republicans just don’t care about the ‘little guy’, see?  Obama’s team is very clever- they use every move possible to create class warfare.  All part of Saul Alinsky’s socialist revolution play book.   All Obama need do is continue proposing free money to people, regardless of the damage to the businesses it would cause, and have the Republicans stand against it.  He wins no matter what.  The Republicans will save the economy by opposing the ridiculous legislation and yet get the blame for being pro-corporation.  All great for Obama’s 2012 run.

When Republicans signed the new debt ceiling legislation in August 2011, they refused to sign onto the motherload of free cash for which our dear free loaders have salivated- another full year of unemployment.   In fact, the uber-generous unemployment benefits are set to expire at the end of 2011- only a few months from today.  This has begun to panic the sofa cruisers- especially in light of the Republicans likely gains in 2012.  Seeing the end of their two-year vacation swiftly approaching, they are madly dashing back to the jobs they once had.  And are finding closed doors.

What?  Actual consequences for their actions?  This will not be bourne!  And in steps Obama to save them from any and all self recrimination, societal scorn & financial injury.  Just how much does a vote cost anymore?

Think about it.  If you wanted to hire bus driver for your company, would you want to hire someone who already had a bus driving job or one who had been without a bus driving job for two years?  Wouldn’t you wonder why the second person didn’t have a bus driving job for two years?  Especially in light of the fact that two years of unemployment benefits are the maximum allowable by most state laws today?  Wouldn’t that arouse in you a suspicion that the person milked the system?  And only want a job now because their free money was tapped?  Wouldn’t that speak to the character of the person?  Or wouldn’t you wonder why no one else wanted them for so long?   Wouldn’t the person who already has a job be more attractive?  Wouldn’t that imply that they must be desirable because someone else wanted them?

Of course!  These are completely valid thoughts.  And yet, here we see a story of yet another cry baby who is complaining because an employer won’t even consider her for the job because she had not worked for two years.  Rather than attempt to overcome the natural suspicions of an employer by herself, she wants Uncle Sugar Daddy to step in and force the company to ‘look’ at her résumé.  Of course, if the person is black, then the poor company will be hauled into court if their résumé (without the two-year break) looks identical to another worker’s resume who is not black.  Racism will be screamed to the rafters.  Companies who are not allowed to take the two-year vacation into account will be mercilessly questioned and law suits will be generated- all expensive pursuits to the struggling company in question.  One must wonder if the company will ultimately just feel resigned to hire every free-loader over better prospects rather than go through the inevitable hell that this new legislation will create.  And with the new union legislation being considered, the companies might as well just invite the Union Bosses right in.

Or, if the company owner has any cojones whatsoever, they will just say, “screw it” and take their company overseas to workers who will actually be grateful for the job.  That is what I  would do.  How about you?


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