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Observe Greece, Americans, And See Your Future

“Give us more money!”- Protestors  “There ISN’T any more money!!!”- Cops

As Greece and the Euro zone enter into their final week of critical negotiations to save Greece and the Euro from implosion, the Socialist Unions in Greece are wreaking havoc to ensure that the same failed system they created remains in place.  Despite all logic and common sense, the socialists (better known as the Unions) in Greece are striking and threatening even more ominous strikes- all in order to squeeze money from a stone.  Unions have completely overrun the country- from the airline industry to the baking (yes, baking) industry.  Think about this:  the people who make the BREAD are threatening to strike.  Think, ‘Marie Antoinette’.  You don’t mess with people’s bread.  Mess with people’s bread and you get revolution.  But because the Greek unions have wound their evil tentacles into every facet of Greek life, they can ground flights and they can create hunger in the land.  Regardless of the fact that it was exactly the Unions that have driven Greece to bankruptcy with their crazy demands for more and more money and benefits for Greek workers which they never actually earned.

They, like so many liberal Americans, believe the government somehow ‘has money’.  They fail to understand that government has zero money.  It neither reaps nor sows.  It does not create a product, nor does it sell anything.  It can only do one thing to raise revenue:  tax the people who do have money.  And if the people have no money to tax, then the government has no money to give.  And socialism makes sure that there are no wealthy people- because they believe in sharing.  Like good little children.   See, that is why socialism doesn’t work, people.  Socialism sets up an artificial value on work.  Regardless of how valuable the work actually is.  Regardless of how much revenue the people’s work actually creates for the company for which they work.  It creates a sense of non-ending money supply from the government and/or company and puts the focus on workers’ “Rights” rather than on the Value of the workers’ activities.  And because people need not earn their pay (they need only to work) through special talents or education, they get lazier and more entitled each day (like American youth today).  Inevitably, greed and self interest of the workers will insist on having more money, more vacation, more privileges than the company/government can take in as revenue.  And then you get a collapse.  And the people who were promised so very much by corrupt socialist leaders are left with less than nothing.  In their utter disbelief, they riot in futility.  Because there is just nothing to fight for anymore.  See, it is so easy to promise everything.  But not so easy to deliver.

Socialism is the drug of the masses.  But it is a lie.  Sooner or later, every. single. socialist. government. FAILS.  Every one of them.   Why?  Because it doesn’t fit with human nature.  People are not made to share and share alike.  No.  People are competitive and want more for themselves.  Sooner or later, the money pile or the bread pile is gone- with only a few crumbs sitting there for the hungry masses.

One must wonder why socialist leaders do what they do.  Why lead the people to poverty and ruin?  Sooner or later they will figure it all out and turn your way, right?  Naw.  Because they had been living the high life up ’till then.  Is Kim Jung Il poor?  Is Putin poor?  Is Castro poor?  Was Stalin poor?  Of course not!  They only believe the MASSES should share.  With their immense centralized power and with the inevitable graft that rots about the edges of socialism, they skim the cream and sock it away in Swiss banks, ready at a moment’s notice to flee if their military can’t quell the inevitable riots.

And here is where Greek socialism went wrong:  it didn’t set up a military and secret police to smash the inevitable riots.  So, it will go down in flames.  But Obama is not so foolish.  He has already committed 20,000 United States Army troops to control American uprisings- against all our laws.  And Homeland security has set up large detention camps– for reasons unspecified.  Computer databases are filling up with American citizens’ names on Watch Lists and avenues of escape are being heavily guarded in the name of terrorism.  American citizens can be named ‘enemy combatants’ by one man (the president), without the approval of Congress and without any kind of proof of wrong doing.  Civil trials can be denied to American citizens and they can be arrested if they attempt to leave.  Homeland Security checkpoints have been set up within American borders with the power to stop American citizens for no reason whatsoever– in direct violation of our rights against search & seizure (Bill of Rights, 4th Amendment).  Our media is 100% controlled (from MSNBC to FOX) by the socialist progressives and they are about to get their slimy hands on the Internet via Lieberman’s Cybersecurity Bill.  And all with nary a sqeak from the public.

Americans, wake up!  Do not trade comfort & a fake sense of security for your liberty- or we will follow Greece down the crapper!  Work hard for what you get and be ready to fight for your LIBERTY.  Everything else is a lie.

I will leave you with this lovely example of how Obama will ensure that American socialism survives longer than Greece’s…


  1. Little Rebel,

    What you have written and what is revealed on the video are sadly true. The United States has rapidly become a harsh dictatorship. The White house with its own army will squash any attempt of the slave state citizens to regain their freedoms. The detention camps of which you speak have been know to me for a long time (their existence has been denied for many years).

    Union bosses play a large part in the Trilateralist Movement (Reference Trilateralism by Holly Sklar – Incidentally, I’m not anti-union, rather I am anti corruption. Union bosses have been corrupted by the progressive elite. Therefor it can only be concluded that Obama’s actions will be supported by union members (burning, looting rioting etc). This provides Obama with an excuse to declare Marshal Law. I believe this is how he will institute his official dictatorship and forbid the 2012 elections. Most importantly, I have not seen any large coordinated effort on the part of the slave citizens to free themselves of this oppressive government. Handouts seem to be more important!

    • Whitey,

      Never give up hope. Americans are still Americans. The news (100% owned & operated by Progressives- FOX too) is attempting to suck the hope right out of us right now. They only show the most rabid portrayals of the lowest forms of Americans. And most of those frothing-at-the-mouth people being shown were hired to protest to begin with. Remember, 90% of Americans are still paying on their homes and have jobs. We are still the richest, freest country in the world. We are still the shiny city on the hilltop. Only a tiny fraction of the world truly hate America- most count on us to keep the world from blowing up. The people who own the media want us to believe that we are a divided people- liberals and conservatives. That we hate each other. But we don’t. They want to frighten us into silence so that we will not talk amongst ourselves. Then they can divide and conquer.

      But they underestimate our country. And our people. They have made great inroads, but soon Americans will wake up. No matter how you cut the cake, there are just more of us than them. Without our active cooperation, they cannot function. It is up to us, in the end. I believe in Americans. You should too. If you lose hope, then the progressives have truly won.

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