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Palestinians Vs. Israelis- Israelis Win The Morality Game Hands Down

Palestinian Prisoners Returning From Summer Camp

Please note the muscles on the arms of this Palestinian prisoner.  Look at the energy these guys have.  They are all standing, cheering, reaching out to loved ones and generally look like they are returning from a nice, long vacation- sun tans and all.  Not a skinny guy in the bunch.   The Geneva Convention expressly states that POWs must always be treated humanely- clearly, the Israelis understand this.  Note that these are the same non-uniformed guys who blew up a pizza joint, buses & markets full of innocent Israeli civilians– women, children & old people included.  All of whom are expressly forbidden by the Quran (and the Geneva Convention!) to be murdered.

Included among the prisoners  is: Abdel Aziz Salha,
who helped kill two Israeli soldiers who made a wrong turn
on the West Bank and were stabbed to death; Nasser Yateima, who planned a 2002
hotel bombing that killed 30 people celebrating Passover; and Awana Jawad Mona,
who seduced a sixteen year old Israeli boy over the internet to come meet her.
That boy, Ofir Rahum, was shot and killed when he arrived.

Tal Kehrman was 17 when she was killed in a bus bombing along with
sixteen others. The attack’s organizers are among those being freed.

21 young people were killed by a terrorist bomb 10 years ago. The instigator of
that attack among those to be set free. Not only that, but of the 280 prisoners
with blood on their hands, several say they are unrepentant, have not renounced
terror and that given the chance to attack again, they would.

Malka Roth was murdered along with 14 others in the August 2001 Sbarro Pizzeria suicide bombing in Jerusalem.
Ahlam Tamimi, 31, who drove the suicide bomber to Sbarro is one of the freed terrorists.

And what was the reaction of the Palestinian people?  Why, they are so ecstatic at the ‘weakness’ of the Israelis that they are chanting, “The people want more Gilads!”  They want their terrorists, oops, “freedom fighters” home so that they can find wives for them.  The Quran & its laws be damned!  They scoff at the Geneva Convention as handcuffs for weak fools- something to be used against their enemies.  For Muslims, the ends justify the means.  Honor means nothing.  The freed Palestinian terrorists showed no remorse for breaking the laws of their own Quran and instead vow even more terror in the future.  They hope to blow up more pizza parlors & buses full of kids.

A clearly malnourished Schalit is shoved by masked Hamas on his way to freedom.

Galid Schalit, on the other hand, was a uniformed soldier (in obedience to the Geneva Convention) when he was captured.  He never killed unarmed citizens and only ever engaged in the valid protection of his country’s borders.  His cause and his method were both honorable and in complete compliance to the Geneva Convention, unlike the terrorists who were held in Israeli jails.  That he could be kept as a prisoner of war is not the question here.  But his condition upon release is.  He was held in clearly terrible circumstances, was denied any access to the Red Cross (a violation of the Geneva Convention) and shows signs of deep malnutrition.   In the cruel Egyptian interview (with a masked Hamas soldier in the background) before he was even handed over to safety, Schalit had trouble breathing & talking.  He was confused and mumbled his words.  He expressed hopes that more Palestinians would be freed from Israeli prisoners (remember that a Hamas soldier was behind him).  This is the Muslim way.  Torture, starvation, humiliation and coercion.  And all with a big, middle finger in the air to international law.

Over 1000 Palestinian Hamas militants and terrorists were exchanged for one Israeli soldier, demonstrating not a victory for Palestinians but the incredible Israeli value of one life. Of their love of their own.  Of their sense of unity.  And humanity.  Viewed as ‘everyone’s son’, the Israeli people, despite deep ambivalence over the release of murderers of their children, overwhelmingly supported this inequitable swap.  And why?  Because they love more than they hate.


  1. Photos do speak a thousand words. I am very torn about this. My heart breaks for the Israeli soldier but what a terrible price to pay for his release. I am afraid Israel has released a renewed terrorism in the form of new autoricities AND the incentive for the capture of more Israeli soldiers. I would not have liked to have been the one to have to make the call Israel did. What will happen next, I wonder?

    • Freedom, the way I see it is this: Israel have never been, nor ever will be, cowards. Nor are they weak. They traded this soldier for those Palestinians because the nation needed it for some reason. This soldier had become a national icon. Hundreds of websites, news articles and t.v. shows were creating an ‘everyone’s son’ image for the nation. The fact that the vast majority of Israelis supported the trade tells us something. I think he became a symbol of national unity and love. They did this trade to satisfy a psychological need of their people. You have to understand this from a Jewish point of view. They have been hated, reviled and punished non-stop throughout history- since the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians. Their country has been attacked by both nations and terrorists on a non-ending basis. They are used to it. And they know the attacks will never end. The terrorists are like an unending stream of red ants. Letting a few go will make no difference whatsoever to them. As for creating an incentive for capturing Israeli soldiers, that is not possible. Why? Because the incentive was already there. That is how Schalit got captured to begin with! As for creating more incentive for terrorism, is that really possible for Israel? The entire Muslim populations yearns for their demise already. And will continue to do so for perpetuity. For the Jews in Israel, they lost nothing by releasing the Palestinian prisoners and gained their national son. It is balm to their souls.

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