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Obama’s Doing: Is This What We Really Want?

Americans, this is the result of Obama’s crazy Middle East policies- brutal, shameful death.  Raw, raw, raw.  With gunfire & celebration.  This is what death looks like, people.  Every president before Obama has understood the need to keep the Middle East under control and as peaceful as possible.  Obama has systematically stuck his arrogant finger in the pie over there and stirred and agitated and stirred until the angry bees have streamed out of their nest in a murderous rage to kill.  Obama, the anti-war candidate, has made more war and has perpetrated more killing than any president in United States history.

He declared (with no Congressional backing, mind you), “Qaddafi must go!”, even though Qaddafi willingly gave up his nukes & chemical weapons after we invaded Iraq.  Qaddafi, while not a good man, was cooperating 100% with the international community in exchange for a peaceful recognition in the United Nations.  Is there no credit given when a dictator decides to change his ways?  Obama also promised, ‘no boots on the ground.’  Well, guess what?  We recently put boots on the ground in Libya.  And Wha-lah!  Here is Qaddafi’s body being stripped, kicked and bloodied.  Coincidence?

Obama declares that Saleh ‘must go!’  Obama declared, “Mubarak must go!”  Obama declared that the United States won’t tolerate Syrian president’s crackdown on protestors.  Obama declares that Iran has committed an ‘act of war’ on the United States because one American Iranian & one Iranian official were caught in an assassination attempt on a Saudi ambassador.  Really?  And act of war?  This, from a president who won’t even obey the Constitution’s demand that he go to Congress to declare war?  A president who used U.S. troops willy-nilly without obeying the War Powers Act that limits presidential power over military use?

Just think about what the world must think of America now.  We can sure kill people we don’t like, huh?  Leaders of nations too.  Think that will engender a big hug session for us?  It is too much.  Where does this benefit us, I ask you?

Americans, WAKE UP!  Ask yourself why our so-called leader wants a bloody Middle East.  Think!  Isn’t Obama also trying to shove America onto a completely unsustainable green energy binge?  Hasn’t he and his friends already invested millions of dollars into the immature industry?  Don’t they stand to be trillionaires if the entire world moves to ‘green’ energy instead of oil?  Wouldn’t making the Middle Eastern oil supply completely unstable and unreliable make green energy more attractive?

Anyone who believes that Obama (or any politician) makes war because they really care about the poor, little Arab people who are being treated so meanly by their favorite dictator are fools.  Plain & simple.  We need to start asking ourselves- not what one man gains, but what the elite gains.  There is an elite, people.  And they are the same people who own ALL American news, magazines, cable, movie studios and online news.  They are the same people who own the Federal Reserve, JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs.  The same people who are buying our politicians (and every other politician in the world).  They are the Progressives.


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