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Am I The Next American Enemy Combatant To Be Killed?

"I'll tell you what, I'll give you security in exhange for your liberties, ok?"

The day that I agree with the ACLU is the day that confirms my belief that the world has truly turned upside down.  That day is today.  The ACLU is demanding transparency & legal justification for the killing of American born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, his teen age son, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki (a U.S. citizen who was born in Denver in 1995), and his 17-year-old Yemeni cousin that were killed in a U.S. military drone strike that left nine people dead in southeastern Yemen.

Obama claims this Colorado boy was Al Qaida and needed to die.

While the death of Anwar al-Awlaki seems perfectly legal & just (as he was actively participating in war against his own country), the question remains open about his young son, another unnamed US citizen & his 17-year-old cousin (not to mention the nine possibly innocent Yemenis citizens) that were killed along with him.  Just when does the life of one bad man start providing perfect justification for the killing of children & innocents?  In our nation today, if a gang member decides to kill an enemy, but carelessly sprays the street with machine gun fire regardless of children and other innocent victims, we punish him even more strenuously than if he had simply killed his one sworn enemy.  I thought this was a standard notion in our nation.

But I see now that ‘terrorism’ has truly begun to unravel us as a people.  It is alarming, to say the least.

With the death of Gaddafi being celebrated by both conservatives and liberals alike, I am left wondering where the boundaries of decent, national behavior lie.  I am also astounded to see über liberal progressive types hip-to-hip with my normally conservative friends in agreement against me and my concerns about the strategic consequences of state sanctioned assassination of world leaders who posed no threat to the United States.  I have no doubt that they will stand hip-to-hip against me on this matter of Anwar al-Awlaki’s killing as well.  Where are the political boundaries now?

This is why I have always considered myself an Independent and not a Republican or a Democrat.  I believe we all need to look at the facts of a case, understand some history surrounding it, and use our common sense as to the logical, strategic aims of the people who bring the event into play.  We must also project forward in time to gauge the consequences & ultimate wisdom of our decisions.   We must not simply revel in getting our way (be it political or emotional) but must attempt to bring our intellect to the party as well.  Killing Gaddafi has far-ranging consequences that go way beyond the killing of a bad man.  It has put the United States in the role of world dictator.  We can now announce who will lead nations.   If we don’t like them, one man, our president, can simply tell them to ‘go’.  They can either go alive, like Mubarak, or they can go like Gaddafi.  Dead.  Assassinated.  Kicked & bloodied in the street while the United States plays the coquette of innocence.

There is an interesting verse in Ezekiel that I read last night:

5“‘When she saw her hope unfulfilled,
her expectation gone, she took another of her cubs
and made him a strong lion. [Think: United States]

6He prowled among the lions,
for he was now a strong lion.  He learned to tear the prey
and he devoured men.

7He broke down their
and devastated their towns.  The land and all who were in it
were terrified by his roaring.

8Then the nations came against him,
those from regions round about.  They spread their net for him,
and he was trapped in their pit.

9With hooks they pulled him into a cage
and brought him to the king of Babylon.
They put him in prison, so his roar was heard no longer
on the mountains of Israel.

Your friends will take you down...

When a nation becomes too powerful and displays that power too overtly, the other nations will come together against it.  Think about it:  if you were a citizen of another country, like Spain or France or England, what would you think of the United State’s ability to remove world leaders?  To send drones over other lands without the permission of their government?  Might you wonder if you, too, could be thus invaded if you opposed the great United States?

Wise leaders of this nation have understood this in the past.  Overt displays of power must be used very carefully when one is the King of the Mountain.  Kindness & patience are better in the long run.

Am I saying we should be cowards?  No way!  But I am saying that we had better be able to explain the NEED for the displayed power very clearly.  Or risk being labeled a tyrant.  And from there, be hated by all and eventually, brought down by our one-time friends.

Now, as for the killing of this 16-year-old teenager, his 17-year-old cousin and this other unnamed U.S. citizen.  Do we simply not care anymore when Americans are killed by our own government?  As long as that citizen is Muslim, killing them becomes ok?  Regardless of their innocence?  Even if they are children? As long as they look Arab, then it is ok to just murder them- as long as we got the ‘bad’ guy too?

Jose Padilla- the first American Enemy Combatant to be denied the Constitution.. are you next?

Many of you are thinking I’ve gone soft, but I haven’t.  I am saying that we need to be very careful here and THINK about what this means for every single citizen in this nation.  ESPECIALLY if you currently oppose this administration.  I oppose this administration vehemently.  So do most of my conservative friends.  We have made no secret of our distaste and desire to rid this nation of Obama’s corrupt rule.  We could very well be on Obama’s Watch List.  That being said, does no one wonder just how far a man like Obama would go once he gets tacit approval for labeling an American citizen a ‘enemy combatant’ (which began, sadly, with President Bush)?  Or a ‘traitor’?  When he has gotten tacit approval for simply bombing an American citizen, even though he is with his young, innocent son?  Will I be the next ‘enemy combatant’?  Will you?  Will my house be blown up with my three babies inside?  Will my vehicle be gunned down with my children inside?  And will everyone celebrate my children’s death because ‘they’ killed me, the bad guy?  Or will they say, the kids were ‘just’ collateral damage?

Just how many people must support my ideas to keep my murder il-legal?  200? 2,000?  If my supporters go below that level, is it then ‘ok’ to kill me and my kids?  Does emotion and not LAW now rule our land?  Has the Bill of Rights become extinct?  Liberals & Conservatives- Americans.  Open your eyes.  The ACLU is completely right on this matter.  NO ONE MAN can simply decide which Americans can be killed.  Nor can a small, secret cabal of people make that decision.  We need to know EXACTLY what type of actions & circumstances can legally land an American citizen on the Kill list.  We need to know when our Bill of Rights becomes a moot point.  What, EXACTLY, do we need to do to be denied a fair trial by our peers.  And if there ARE circumstances that would suspend our inherent rights, then how can that be constitutional?  I just want a clear outline.  I want to know when a citizen can denied their supposedly God-given rights.    And if ‘proper’ channels are followed to put someone on the death list, then it should NEVER include their children or other innocent Americans.  Should it?

Libertarians and the ACLU are very correct in one thing:  to protect the rights of others, regardless of how despicable they are, is to protect your own rights when things turn around and you find yourself on the hot seat.

Americans.  Do not give up your freedoms and liberty for the false, flimsy promise of security.  Nothing can truly secure our nation against a single person with a nuke.  It is not worth losing our Constitution over.  A determined person can do much harm.  Giving up your liberties in attempt to stop this lone person is foolish and unwise.  It also allows the Progressives to get exactly what they want:  nothing less than the demise of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  And all done with the EXPRESS approval by the very citizens that they will come to rule with an iron fist in the future.


    • Exactly right. We need to make the public aware of this very dangerous Progressive move. It spans both parties. In the Republican party, it has pulled the wool over patriotic American’s eyes. They believe only terrorist, non citizens can be targeted- and only for ‘valid’ reasons.

  1. Short Little Rebel,

    I am also an independent for precisely the same reason. Where are those boundaries? This has been building up for years. Indeed Biblical Prophecy is being fulfilled. Two or more years ago I saw a sign in the sky. I took my wife outside and showed her the sign that we had never seen the likes of (I know this sounds crazy).I told her that I believed it was a sign of the Anti-Christ. Perhaps the LITTLE HORN has indeed risen. I found it strange that nothing was mentioned on any broadcast.

  2. This is excellent Susan and Ron Paul said same thing(to some degree) right after it happened. I still like him best even though people think he’s radical. I love the way you interject scripture too. I believe prophecy unfolding.

  3. This is something that bothers me very much, we do not even know what the legal justification there is for those on the kill list, is this going to be someone that Mr. Obama considers an enemy? And what about the next President? When you start down this path of becoming Judge, Jury, and Executioner, where does it stop? And on what authority is this action being taken?

    • Loopy, exactly right. When a person has the authority to be judge, jury, legislator, and executive, they become the official king. That is EXACTLY why our founding fathers separated the three branches. Americans are getting too caught up in false security and emotion- on both sides of the political spectrum. We are falling into the Progressive trap beautifully.

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