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Israel Ready To Bomb Iran- Good for Them!

"If the United States Won't Do It, We Will Have To."

Good for Israel.  They have had enough and can no longer wait for Captain-Wait-Until-It’s-Too-Late.  They are ready to preemptively strike Iran’s nuclear facilities.  And who can blame them?  If anything, one must wonder why they have waited this long.  Personally, I believe they waited this long because they love peace and have been waiting to see if Obama & the United States would work diplomatically to protect Israel.  The reverse has been the result of Obama’s foreign policy.

"We love peace, but we're getting a nuke together for fun..."

1)  Obama has actively sought to dismantle the leadership of every pro-American Arab Muslim nation in the Middle East:  Mubarak in Egypt, Qaddafi in Libya, Saleh in Yemen, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz in Saudi Arabia and King Abdullah II of Jordan.  Each of these nations had or have leaders friendly to the interests of the United States.  None were a threat to us.  While he has rattled his saber at Iran and Syria, two nations who have actively and proudly supported terrorist activity against the United States, our European allies and Israel, Obama had effectively encouraged them to increase their influence in the Middle East.  The result of toppling the pro-American leaderships in the Middle East has been nothing less than the consolidation of power for the Muslim Brotherhood, the only organized political there.  The Muslim Brotherhood’s official stated goal is to destroy our long time, traditional ally Israel.

"I know that President Obama was very grateful that you led the prayer at last summer¹s Iftar dinner at the White House,”

2) Obama allowed Iran to successfully obtain nuclear material which most nations suspect will be used toward a nuclear weapons program.  Obama’s administration did not even bother to slap the wrists of Ahmadinejad.  More encouragement.

3)  Obama has been completely silent toward Iran concerning its friendship with Israel- even though it is 100% clear that Iran, Syria & the Muslim Brotherhood (taking control of Egypt, Yemen & Libya) intend war toward our ally. NATO is officially standing on the side line.  NATO is America.  Silence from NATO is silence from America.   Is that how an official alliance works?  More encouragement.

4)  Obama has done exactly zero to broker peace between Hamas in Palestine & Israel.  Disgusted with the complete absence of leadership (or even the intent of leadership),  Palestine felt free to address the United Nations directly for statehood, further adding tension to the Middle East.  More encouragement.

5)  Obama openly insulted Netanyahu of Israel by demanding that Israel return to pre-1967 borders (something no American president has ever suggested before- for good reason) while Netanyahu was on a plane, in the air, unable to respond, on the way to an official state visit with our illustrious leader.  In addition, shortly before Netanyahu’s visit, Obama allowed a photo of himself on the phone with both soles of his shoes prominently facing the camera (he had them arrogantly propped on his desk)- guess who he was talking to on the phone?  As everyone knows that showing the soles of the shoes is a horrible sign of disrespect in the Middle East, it could not have been an accident.  It caused an incredibly shocked & angry reaction in Israel and led to a nationally televised news conference that showed the open disagreement between the two allies.  More encouragement to Iran.

"We can't wean America from Chinese money! Our dependence on Chinese money allows us to throw Israel under the bus!"

6)  Obama has made our nation so dependent on China, Iran’s major ally, by his reckless borrowing and stupid spending that America must shake in its financial Gucci shoes if China backs Iran in a war against our ally, Israel.  More encouragement.

Obama has made his message clear:  The Middle East is open to a Muslim Caliphate against Israel.  The United States, in fact, has helped the caliphate with billions of dollars of American tax payer money.  Iran and it’s new allies Egypt & Libya are now free to attack Israel without retribution.  A little saber rattling, but no actual cutting.

Israel has seen the writing on the wall.  They have no choice.  And guess what?  They will win any war that may arise.  Why?  Cause the Bible says so.

"Maybe it will take a little more than six days to kick Iran's butt?"


  1. Your Right ….America will betray Israel…its even been foretold in Ezek 18: 13 Sheba, and Dedan
    [Saudi Arabia], and the merchants of Tarshish [Britain], with all the young lions thereof [America, Canada Australia etc], shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil?

    they push for diplomacy all the while Israel is being attacked

  2. Good points, all. I agree on the timeline, there is just to much to be done in the remaining what? 14 months.

    Be careful with the energy, restrictions on domestic oil, the push for pure electric vehicles and the attempt to shut down coal will all work to restrict mobility, which has always been one of the characteristics that have made us ungovernable (in their view). Remember the old military maxim, always: “Find them, Fix them, Kill them.”

    The Caliphate is a worry, the one bright spot is that the Saudi’s don’t want the Iranians running it either and that is the reason they have financed Pakistan’s nuclear program.

    The continental union (for lack of a better term) I really don’t see happening, Canada perhaps, but they’re as wary of it as we are and I think at that point the old catch phrase that many of us use too lightly comes into play “The 2d defends the rest”. I have enough confidence in the American people (emphatically, not the government) to stop that in its tracks. At least I hope so, It’s really nothing but naked imperialism from the left.

    Is the end of the US what they want? yes. It’s up to us to stop their plans, which we can accomplish.

  3. I agree with your premise, although I think it will be a little less bad. I think (with scant evidence) that the Saudi’s will side with Israel (for reasons of their own, obviously) as will the UK, they at least have said so although calling on the US to lead. The US, any other president, yes. This one, who knows? One can only hope and pray that he does the right thing.

    • Hi Neenergyobserver,

      As the Bible prophesies have never been wrong- and have, in fact, accurately foretold the coming of Jesus, the destruction of Jerusalem (by the Assyrians & Egyptians & Babylon) , their migration to all nations, the hatred & ridicule of all nations against them, their murder during the Holocaust, their creation of Israel & the subsequent homecoming of Jews to Israel, the ultimate hatred & jealousy of their Arab neighbors when they come home and finally, their victory over their Arab neighbors (six day, three day and thirteen day wars), I am more than willing to believe the prophecies concerning the future of Israel. They WILL be alone in the end. Even if countries give verbal support to Israel, they will not give any real political or military aid. The Bibles says that Israel will look to the Assyrian for help. The Assyrian will give them assurances of help but will betray them in the end. He will be the ultimate tool God uses to bring about the invasion of Israel by its neighboring countries.

      The only question is who the Assyrian is. Assyria was an ancient kingdom that spread throughout the Middle East- and in the days of the prophesies, it spread all the way down Africa to Ethiopia. That is a mere 500 miles away from Obama’s family ancestry. A very short migration, indeed, over the last 2,800 years, wouldn’t you say?

      • Without disagreeing with you (mostly because I don’t). I see in America a strain of the chosen people all the way back to Bunyan, leaving the question, does God? Also do note that I am separating Americans from American political leadership, here.

        My only problem in using the Bible as history, as we are wont to do, and I think should, is translation difficulties and the books left out by the early church. You’re also a far better Bible scholar than I am.

        Very interesting and scary point (accurate, too) on the Assyrian empire, although I would lean more towards Iran/Persia on simply geographical grounds. The homeland and such.

      • I think the translations today are extremely accurate. I use the NIV Bible. It took many years and many scholars to translate directly from the original Hebrew and Greek to modern day english. My bible also does a most excellent job of giving multiple translations in areas where there might be multiple translations possible. But to me, I find that the Bible is extremely translation proof. It does not rely on nuances whatsoever. Things are spelled out multiple times, in multiple books, by multiple people in very plain prose. Jesus spoke in parable, which is even more translation proof. God even went so far as to have some prophets physically enact his meaning (read Ezekiel) so that no one would have any doubt- then or now.

        I am only just reading the actual text. I am no scholar, that is for sure. What has struck me is the completely plain meaning of the texts! Give it a try- you will be utterly astounded as well. I always thought it would be confusing to read the old prophecies. But it is clear as day and easy as pie. Not to mention spellbinding.

        The reason I point out that Obama is an interesting possiblity for the Assyrian is because Israel only has one ally powerful enough to defeat ALL their enemies- the United States. We are their most trusted allies as well. We have always been their big brother in any regional disputes. It would be 100% logical for Israel to count on the United States to protect them both politically and militarily should Iran, Jordon, Syria, etc. join together to attack as a group.

        Just my theory.

      • I’ll reply to your 6:01 here since we’re out of levels (always seems to happen when it gets interesting).

        I’ll try the NIV. I’ve always used the KJV mostly because I love that richer English but, it can be rather opaque. Thanks.

        You’re right though on the clarity of the texts, they say what they meant to say in perfectly clear Aramaic or Greek and translate very well. I need to read the Bible more, that’s for sure.

        The Assyrian thing. I have always thought that we Americans (even our battle hardened troops) were far more shocked by the holocaust than the more (I’m not sure of the word I want here) inured(?) Europeans were. We seem to be the only ones who vowed, along with European Jewry, itself “Never Again”. and we meant it, too. Not to mention that we have been a Jewish refuge since before the Revolution, especially in the late 19th century and right on through the Russian Civil War.

        While I have my doubts about Obama’s natural citizenship, it’s irrelevant at present, he’s got the job. Irregardless of that, his upbringing is so outside the norms of America in mid-century as to be in some respects alien. That seems to me to account for the dissonance we (a lot of us anyway) feel in his statements. I can’t imagine an American president surviving the loss of Israel though. To me, and I think many others, Israel and the Anglosphere are the people that define, with us, the dream of freedom, and have long since joined us in that “city on the hill”. Little brother is a very apt description.

        Incidentally, I disagree, you are a Biblical scholar, you study it, therefore you are a scholar. Additionally, your reading of the Scripture is far more accurate, in my mind, at least, than many of our religious ‘leadership’s’ is.

      • Well, according to Bible prophesy, when all this happens, Jesus will return in the middle of it all- so if you think about it, Obama wouldn’t really have to worry about re-election then! lol!

        Seriously, though. I don’t see this happening overnight. In any event, if Obama miraculously wins re-election, I will feel even more pre-disposed to feel as I do. In that case, Obama need not worry about re-election. He will be on his last term. In his mind, he had nothing to lose and everything to gain- potentially more money and power than any human has ever had before him. All he need do is make deals with the one world government dreaming Progressives and buy stock or partial ownership of the next wave of energy.

        Even if he doesn’t win re election, I don’t think we have seen the last of Mr. Obama. Oh, no. Somehow, if things don’t go down within the next five years, then I get a feeling the Progressives will be pushing for the end of the United States in the next 10 years. A nice little union with Mexico, Brazil, Canada (and heck, let’s throw in a few more S.American countries too- Chavez has some oil I hear…). I think we will see Obama at another podium there. Perhaps the first president of the new American Union? Ummm hmmmm….

        If I were a bettin’ woman, I would bet on scenerio number two because it seems that world events might not be ripe yet. But then again, with this new Arab ‘spring’ moving with such lightening speed, an Arab caliphate could be solidified withing the next few years. Very interesting…

        You definitly should read your Bible. I promise that you will be glued. I want to do book reviews on the books I have read and am reading now. I have never been so fascinated in all my life. Ezekiel really tells so much about God- from God’s own mouth. God explains why he is angry with the Jews, why he chose to kill so many of them, why he will bring them back to Israel, why he will rescue them from the Arab caliphate. I won’t give the answer away. Read it and find out- God states his case plain as day. Why the Arabs & Jews don’t read their own books (both read the Old Testament) is beyond me. They are both stubborn peoples. But God will have his way with both of them…

  4. Susan: It would be interesting to research the China position on Israel…do they need her to balance their interests at a ‘stalemate’ in the MidEast, which is what I truly believe. China wants 20 other nations in her pocket before any MidEast one. Look at her love affair with African and South American resource-rich nations. I agree with your political hypotheses here, as Obama, schooled under the Soros’ School of Hatred for Jewish-Christianity will inevitably try to sink Israel in a nuclear fog. When will Israel strike first? It must strike first! That is the question?

    • Hi Paul,

      Sadly, I don’t think they will strike first. As I wrote to Neenergyobserver, the Bible foretells of the betrayal of Israel by the Assyrian. The Assyrian promises to aid Israel but when they are invaded by their neighbors, the Assyrian betrays them and supports their enemies. This implies that Israel did not strike first, but waited for the help of the Assyrian and his nation. I believe that Obama might be the Assyrian. His ancestral roots are very close to the ancient Assyrian kingdom ( which reached into Africa as far as Ethiopia). The Bible takes ancestry in account when defining someone. The Bible tells of how Israel will believe the promises of the Assyrian and will rely on them. This implies patience and non-violence. Not acting alone and certainly not preemptively.

      If only the Jews believed in their own prophesies! They would see it coming. But sadly, this has been their historic relationship with God. They always turn away from the prophets and refuse to believe in the promises of God. It says that only when Israel’s enemies have smashed Jerusalem and have killed many Israelis will the Jews finally turn toward the power of God to save them. And then it says that God will ‘rain burning sulfur from the skies’ (the exact description given to the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah) on the Arabs. He says it will take seven months to ‘clean up’ the Arab dead bodies and the ‘uncleanness’ of the land. Hmmm… sounds like some kind of nuclear weapon, doesn’t it?

      In any case, the Bible has been very handy in terms of seeing the political events unfold, Paul. While horrified, I sit transfixed as it all plays out.

      • Ah. I try to keep the blog as sarcasm free as possible. Mostly because it (sarcasm) is not very clear in its meaning. While I respect all opinions, ‘hard’ sarcasm goes against my posting rules. However, I invite you to please state your opinion on this matter more prosaically if you would. Believe it or not, I still don’t really grasp your meaning. I am looking forward to hearing it…

      • thanks for not deleting tis comment, First of all if you do have respected the diiference of opinion or perhaps had a reply comments with facts or shall i say logic would be very understanding. My comment was not targeting any individual. it was my opinion based on what you written.
        It is quite simple some agree and some dont. thanks anyway my opinion normally quite staight forward. and I dont speak rocket science. lolz 🙂

  5. That’s what I thought you would say. In the case that Israel does win, the relations between the West and Israel surely can’t survive positively. They must wise up, but who knows.

    My standing on religion is a complex one. I have been studying Christianity and religion as a concept for about seven years now and have to admit that I side on the agnostic spectrum. I don’t dismiss the possibility of God. I just dimiss religious concept of God (Christian, Islam etc.). I was a Christian for a lengthy time actually and was confirmed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. But as time goes by, opinions change.

    As for the Bible predicting much of the conflict of today, its perfectly possible. Phenomenons such as the predictions of Nostradamus (who predicted the rise of Hitler) can be very useful when interpreting current events and predicting the future. Nostradamus also predicted a massive war in the middle east and then 400 years of peace or something like that. So maybe this is his prediction happening as well as the Bible’s.

    • Hi Alex,

      I’m sorry to hear about your relationship with God. I must say that I don’t believe you were ever a Christian. There is no way to love Jesus and then turn away. I believe you might have been raised in the faith and learned about Jesus & God- intellectually. But not spiritually. There really is no turning back from being a Christian. The joy and completeness can’t be undone. Jesus said that no one could take his sheep from his hand. This is true. Somehow, someway, your journey with God took a turn for the wrong. You were derailed either by negative experiences or people purporting to be Christians. God is real. Jesus is real. Of that, I have no doubt. I can only hope you come around to facing God & Jesus again some day. Only then will you remember what I am saying now. You will understand what I mean that there is no turning back.

      In any case, Alex, I wish you well over in your neck of the woods. You seem like a nice guy. Let’s keep talking politics. It is interesting to hear your views- especially since you are from another nation…

      • That is such a good point Susan…you cannot turn back willfully when you really get that personal relationship going …there’s just no way because you realize that dabbling in the old ways does not feel good anymore and you are so happy that you can run back to the one thing that is sure. I was just thinking about it on my way home from work work, I often realize I am in the world but not of it. I’m steady, grounded, peaceful because of that relationship. Something I never had before. It’s simply amazing.

      • Yes, Denise, it IS amazing. That is the irony of God. He can, at any time, open our minds and hearts to understand him better. He could make himself as evident as the trees around us. But he doesn’t. For a reason. he wants our true love. He chooses not to overwhelm us with his presence or majesty. That would be blind worship & fear. He is testing each & ever one of us. He wants us to come to him in faith and true love. Exactly in the way each of us wishes to be loved by our spouses. There is no real meaning otherwise. If a rich man told his prospective bride all about his incredible wealth and then married the woman, could he ever be really sure of her love? Would she love the man or the money? Would she even know?

        But once you enter God’s presence, it is so radiant and exciting. There is such joy and happiness. All the time. Even in the midst of the worst troubles.

        God is just glorious and I love him to death!!!

  6. If war does actually break out, who do you think Obama will officially side with? I reckon most of the west will side with Israel, Britain mostly, because of their continued (but arguably not sufficient) support. I know understand your criticisms of Obama and it does start to make sense to me.

    Also, in the eventuality of Israel possibly being destroyed and perhaps a Palestinian state taking its place, what will the middle east’s attitude be to the west? This being if the USA and the rest of the West do not directly intervene.

    • Hi Alex,

      I believe that the second scenerio is what Obama has in mind. If Obama is doing what I think he is doing (along with the Progressive leadership), then the plan is to betray Israel at the last minute in the hopes of its destruction. This is to be a gift to the Muslims to get them off our backs. Off Obama’s political back. No more terrorism for America! A huge political boon. I believe deals are being made w/ the Muslim Brotherhood & even secretly with Iran. To stay out of it. To destabilize pro-Western, pro-Israel Muslim nations so that the Muslim Brotherhood can consolidate power and unify the Arab Muslim dream of destroying Israel. They couldn’t do it in the past as separate nations (note that it only took the new Israeli army & airforce 3 days, 6 days, and then 13 days to kick Arab butt in the past). But they believe that w/ Iran’s nuclear capability & the money from oil rich nations like Libya, they can build armies that can do it in the next 20 years or so. They have China on their side as well. A country willing to supply them with arms, tanks & planes. Lots of money & training too. In exchange for cheap oil, no doubt.

      I mean, think about it, Alex. If Obama & the Progressives can successfully kill our Middle Eastern oil supply, then America will be ‘forced’ into using Brazilian oil as we transition to green energy. Everyone gets filthy rich- except the American people of course. We will be paying out our bloody noses for energy- all because we now ‘know’ how stupid it is to rely on foreign oil. If we don’t need Middle Eastern oil, why do we need Israel? The old pragmatism was that we needed Israel in order to have military bases & ports in the region in case we needed to protect our lifeblood of oil. Other than that, supporting Israel is nothing more than a complete pain in our political butts, right? If we don’t need to protect our oil, then we don’t need to protect Israel. Unless you have religious or moral beliefs that we should, right? Makes sense, doesn’t it?

      To answer your question more directly: Obama will SAY he sides with Israel. They will trust him and will count on his support- that is, on American military support. They will not believe him, America, capable of utter & total betrayal. But Obama will drag his feet- he will go to the UN and ‘ask’ them to intervene. He will say that the United States can’t unilaterally go into this war. He will ‘work hard’ to build an international coalition that will then settle the matter between Israel & its enemies. All this will take time. Lots of time. Israel will continue believing that Obama will deliver. But he won’t. And they will be hit and hit badly. It will be ugly. It will look like the Israelis will lose and then, they will win. There will be no Palestinian state, Alex. In fact, I believe that Israel will take even more land than they have today.

      I’m not sure where you stand on religion, Alex. But I am reading the Old Testament for the first time in my life. I went to Sunday school as a child and read all the cute little books about the old time Bible heros in their colorful outfits. But let me tell you something. Reading the actual books as an adult makes my hair stand on end. It literally predicts every event that has ever rolled out and that is rolling out today on the world stage. It is the most remarkable thing I have ever seen. It predicts the Arab califate that is building right now and the betrayal of Israel by the nations of the world. It predicted the creation of Israel (a completely amazing event in and of itself- when is a nation just ‘given’ to anyone?) and the Holocaust. And it also predicts that the Israelis will trust in this ‘other’ nation, this ‘other’ leader, when the Arabs attack. It predicts that the Israelis will be hit hard and that they will die in droves. But it also says that God will intervene and that He will utterly and totally destroy the nations that come against Israel on that day- with ‘burning sulfur from the sky’. Could this be a nuke?

      So, that is why I predict that the Israelis will be betrayed (I believe by Obama, based on political events of the world today), they will die in a terrible war on their land but that they will ultimately win.

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