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When Your Countrymen Let You Down

My neighbor's house looks like this...

I have a friend, a neighbor, who told me the other day that she just couldn’t wait for Christmas to be over with.  Now, to put this comment into perspective, you have to understand this woman.  If Christmas could be wrapped and packaged into the shape of a woman, it would be her.  Every year, she opens her home to all her family members (distant and close), her neighbors and friends.  The tree is up and fabulously decorated before Thanksgiving because she always throws a Thanksgiving shin-dig-blow-out with armies of platters packed with delectables.  Her table decor just makes you wonder.  Her neat, tidy home sparkles in the neighborhood and warmly beckons a drop by visit.  She is always stocked with cleverly selected wines which will surely end up in your hand should you choose to accept the unspoken invitation.

"If I can't gamble, I'll make everyone around me miserable!"

So, for her to say what she said left me rather speechless.  Her slumped shoulders and defeated air told me to be delicate in my approach.  I quietly asked her why she felt this way.  She is a department manager for a local grocery store.  Turns out that the people at work are grouchy, grumbling, tantrum-filled and angry.  They have no more money to play and no more money to spend at the casinos.  She watches older customers upset that they can’t set the spread they used to be able to set for Thanksgiving.

"Wisdom? Ha! Just give me my money, toots!"

She sees that people are buying only what is on sale or that have matching coupons.  Her store is losing money and people are getting laid off.  The unions within the store ensure that talented young managers and workers get laid off before the buzzards that managed to get on the gravy train before them.  The new upper management speaks of nothing but cuts and budget, offering no vision of the future, leaving the department managers hopeless and terrified to meet the eyes of their employees.

This is a smart lady, too.  She may not have gone to college, but she is more politically informed than most of my so-called university colleagues.  Not only does she watch the news every day (both local and national), but she has done so for the past twenty years.  We don’t agree on everything and things have gotten hot from time to time, but I always respect that she can back her point of view with real information and thoughtful insight.  We always return as friends and neighbors, watching each other’s kids (or grandkids), cooking for them, loving them and supporting each other throughout the passing years.

"So what if my Dad works on Wall Street? After he's done paying my college tuition, I'll tell him what a loser he is!"

I have never seen this lady defeated like this.  It stabbed me in the heart and made me a little afraid.  I asked if politics was getting to her.  She acknowledged it was so.  The silly Wall Street protests filled with union inspired manufactured rage, spoiled and illogical college kids who are currently living off the very system they say is corrupt and general hooligans out for a good time is irritating to watch.  Even worse, is the news media (bought and paid for by the Progressives) that is valiantly striving to make it relevant somehow.  And let’s not forget our useless politicians who can’t even agree to cut an infinitesimally small piece of the FUTURE debt pie.

Someone actually enjoyed making this sign...

As we talked, I began to understand her malaise.  Bad politicians are one thing.  Obama’s out-and-out desire to take our nation down in favor of a new world order could depress anyone.  But the real downer is our countrymen.  One can only be hopeful and cheerful for so long.  How long can we believe that Americans are worthy of the blessings and promise of America?  Are we a nation filled with such spoiled individuals that a few less dollars for fun can, literally, ruin our Thanksgiving and Christmas?  While is it nice that grandma wants to set a magnificent spread for Thanksgiving & Christmas, is she so prideful that she can’t just ask for some help?  Whatever happened to the old pot-luck concept?  Is it worth making everyone around you cringe because you can’t take a vacation this year or you can’t go partying at the casino every weekend?  Are kids really so bored and directionless that the only way they can feel they are ‘doing something important’ is to rage without reason on the streets?  Have Americans really become so lazy that they still support a president who is wrecking our nation like no other before him- on the mere promise of free money?  Are we really so money-loving that politicians can use our jealousy to convince us that it is right to rob the wealth attained by others?  Have we become such a people?  No pride of self accomplishment?  No pride of taking  care of our own?  No desire to make something of ourselves- by ourselves?  No ability to find meaning, happiness or joy in the simple pleasures of good health, family, friends & good deeds?

A mass for Christ... Christmas...

Whatever happened to Christmas being about giving and not receiving?  Whatever happened to Christmas being about Christ?  Remember him?

I think my friend sees the writing on the walls for 2012.  There is something ominous in the air.  If Obama wins, we will know the answer to the above questions.  She feels the weight of too much information and the undeniable evidence before her eyes everyday at work.  I feel it with her.  Americans.  If we do not pull ourselves up with our bootstraps and get a grip on ourselves, we are lost.  If we can’t get back to core values of decency, goodness, kindness, selflessness, humility, and contentedness with what we have, we are lost.  If we can not remember that God blesses and takes away, that he tests us because he loves us; if we can not keep faith in him or in each other, not only are we lost, but we simply no longer deserve his blessing.


  1. When I was in college, and when I returned for a second go round, I worked at a fairly good size retail store both times. 10 years total. The vast majority of us loved working during the Christmas season. There were always fellow employees that despised the time. It was very interesting that those of us who loved the time were Christians. I always made sure to say Merry Chritmas, and always returned a God Bless you with the same.
    And SLR, I will check your business site out right now!

  2. Short Little Rebel

    I really missed your writing for the last couple of weeks. Keep up the good work that you are doing for GOD and country.

    Your friend, in my opinion is only feeling the hopelessness of many others. What choice is being provided to the American people? Who can be trusted? – The Trilateral Commission, The CFR, The Bilderbergs – I think not. I view these as the Puppet Masters, pulling the strings of Congress and the White house. Only the American people themselves could make the difference. Unfortunately they have not yet awakened to the mishap that awaits them.

  3. Perhaps she would benefit from prayer, Reb. I know it is not the answer that you are looking for, but sometimes that is the only thing that will work. The world is turning into a sad place right now, and truly, it is going to continue for sometime.

  4. Hey Shortie
    I sent you and email on your website. I see great success for you. Have you given any thoughts to writing for jewelry trade journals? Or perhaps I could interview you and do some magazine pieces for you. I see great success for you. You deserve it.

  5. Thanks, John. You can check my new business out at I am almost done with the product line, final selections, photographym and website. The next step is pricing. After that is the fun part: selling! The pricing looks ominously difficult, though. Say a prayer for me to have the strength to not only finish it, but to make good decisions as well…

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