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When God Gives You a Miracle, You Share It- And So I Am

My new church: a humble place where miracles happen...

Many so-called atheists love to compare my belief in God to a belief in something silly, like unicorns.  But their anger always belies their smugness.  They know the truth.  And it makes them mad.

In several articles, I have disparaged the atheist ‘scientific’ mindset in its blatant contradictory belief in super intelligent aliens, but not in the possibility of God.  Isn’t he, technically, a super intelligent alien?   A being, not of this world, that is so much more intelligent than us that we cannot comprehend him?  I also like to point out the self contradiction of atheist scientists who are, even now, creating life in test tubes and yet, find it impossible that we might be the creation of another life form’s test tube.  If humans can create life, why not another life form?  Are humans the highest form of intelligence?  The same atheist scientists who believe that humans are nothing special- simply the end product of a series of genetic mutations- should certainly not believe it impossible that the same laws of physics, chemistry, biology, etc should create other such life forms, should they?  Are the laws of nature somehow different here on earth than anywhere else?  Or are they… universal?  And if that is so (which, by logic, must be so), then who are humans to say how intelligent the other life forms may be?  Who are we to set a limit on how much knowledge other beings have gained?  Couldn’t they have ‘spontaneously’ developed a billion years before we did out there on their planet?  Why wouldn’t they be superior to us?  Just think:  we have the beginnings of invisibility cloaks today.  We have also proved that alternate realities exist at the same time– pointing the way to time travel. Why couldn’t other beings be completely invisible to us?  Why couldn’t they travel through time?  Why couldn’t they have amazing technology that we couldn’t even imagine?  That is, if we are only natural by products of the laws of nature and matter.

Any person of logic can see that it is entirely possible- even within the physical universe we live in (we don’t even need to believe in a God in Heaven that exists outside of our physical reality for these things to be feasible!)- to believe that creatures such as angels could exist.  Even God.

I have had shocked atheists ask, “You mean you think God has a corporeal form?”  I answer, “Why not?”  But who are we to determine exactly what ‘corporeal’ means- we have only begun to scratch the surface of matter/energy relationships.  Would a Neanderthal understand our computers?  Our invisibility cloaks?  God is real- he has a body.  Who knows what kind?

And yet, here we are.  Singularly alone- singularly special.  We search and search the heavens.  The same heavens that obey the laws of nature that exist here on earth.  And yet, life is only here.  Completely outside of normal phenomena- the series of mutations only happened here.  Strange, no?  A ball dropped here on earth obeys the law of gravity.  A ball dropped on another planet would have to obey the same law.  If the creation of human life- of any life- is not special, not guided by God, then like the dropping ball, life should exist prolifically throughout the universe.    Laws are laws.  Either they are or are not.  If the forces of these laws lead naturally and spontaneously to life- they would always do so.   Some would argue that water is necessary to life.  I ask, “Why?”  Why wouldn’t life develop spontaneously in any climate?  Isn’t that the argument?  That life developed in an exact reaction to the environment?

Why do I reiterate my old arguments?  Because I want to make one point very, very clear:  God is as real as the keyboard I am typing on.  People must stop thinking of God as a ‘supernatural’ phenomena.  He is real.  And he is alive and well.  And he is driving the events of humanity toward his singular goal- which only he really understands.  While some people hold Nostradamus as an oracle, one need only read the Old Testament prophecies to be stunned at the incredible, ‘supernatural’ precision of its predictions.  All of them either have unfolded exactly as predicted or are unfolding now.  Anyone who is not amazed that the People of God are at the center of all world politics, all world economies and all world history is just plain ignorant, willful or stupid.

Atheists are terrible mathematicians.

Now.  I have something special I want to share with you all.  A real miracle that has happened in my life.  A gritty, practical and pragmatic miracle.  A Christmas miracle.  Proof of God’s mighty power, compassion and integrity.  When God makes a promise, he keeps it.    He is a God of honor.  And I know this:  God does miracles not only for our benefit- but to prove that he is, indeed, God.

James 5:  13 Is any one of you in trouble? He should pray. Is anyone happy? Let him sing songs of praise. 14Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. 15And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. 16Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

Three weeks ago, my pastor was talking about how many Christians are like passengers on a cruise that haven’t read up on all the free benefits they are entitled to and so miss out on much of the cruise experience.  He pointed out that many Christians do not claim the promises made by God in the Bible.  Instead, they pray un-Biblical prayers that have no strength or power.  He read the above passage from the Book of James as just one example of the many, many promises of God that Christians don’t claim.  Sitting in the congregation, I got an idea.  My husband was diagnosed with thyroid cancer seven years ago- right after Thanksgiving.  It was a terrible thing to learn- but we were quickly gratified that it was not the deadly sort.  It was supposed to be the ‘easy’ one to cure.  And yet, seven years have dragged on and on- with no cure in sight.  In fact, after major neck surgery,  the maximum lifetime treatments of radiation and years of grueling thyroid hormone manipulations, the doctor told my husband, “You had me worried there for a bit.”  What?  Worried?  This was supposed to be a no-brainer!  We had never called on God because we had thought it was no big deal.    My husband’s cousin got the same cancer- a year after him.  He was cured and cancer free within one year!  And yet, year after year of blood tests showed that the stubborn cancer remained.   And recently, a swollen lymph node that required another biopsy.

I have watched my husband age quickly over these last seven years.  He hasn’t slept throughout these years, his appetite has been low and his skin has withered.  The unnatural thyroid levels they have needed to keep him at to battle the cancer has been hell on his body.  A man who has climbed all the major peaks in Washington State and a few in South America- an avid biker, runner and sportsman- my husband has been reduced to an exhausted, stressed out man.

Until that idea popped in my head.  I would claim the promise of God!  I have never doubted the power of God, but I was the passenger who never knew the free benefits that came with my ticket!  I went to our pastor and told him about my husband.  I told him that we had never prayed for healing because we thought modern medicine would do the trick easily and quickly.  He said he would pray for Cal at the next service.

I just love my new Church and my new pastor!  This is a real, living church!  My pastor kept his word- and more.  He called all the people with sicknesses forward.  The entire church prayed the most earnest prayers I have ever heard.  They raised their hands toward my husband and prayed for his healing.  My pastor went to each sick person and prayed quietly with them.  It was so powerful.   Not at all like those fake broadcasts on T.V.  Just a bunch of humble people praying for my husband, a man they barely knew.  I was so touched by their good will.  Though quiet, I could hear the whispering of people, each talking to my God about my husband.

And guess what?  Last night, almost exactly seven years after my husband was first diagnosed with this cancer, we got a letter from my husband’s doctor concerning his biopsy and blood test.  The cancer is 100% gone and highly unlikely to ever return!  How do you like them there apples?  And almost exactly seven years to the date.  Why does God like the number seven, I wonder?  He waited until science and medicine failed.  He pushed the cancer to the limit.  He allowed my husband to suffer and suffer.  Oh, people of the earth! Never think your suffering is for nothing!  God always has a purpose.  Always.  Sometimes God uses it to prove who he is- and thus lead more people to Life.  Everlasting life and happiness that we can only glimpse in our current, limited state.  God has proven, yet again, that he is God.  The only God.  And I am so glad.  Not because he saved my husband (although I am happy about that too!), but because he has allowed us to be the instruments to prove his power.  It is an honor and it is wonderful.  I say, Blessed Christmas to you all!  Celebrate, World, because Jesus was born, lived, died and rose again- the season is upon us.  The time of Christ’s return is very near.  Put your houses in order and keep your oil ready.  For the King is coming again.  And sooner than you think…


  1. Miracles do happen, I have witnessed them.

    In 1989, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. The prognosis wasn’t good. The doctors gave him 6 months to live, more or less. Opting for no treatment, he just wanted to live what life he had left peacefully. During that time, my mother was a born again Christian and praying for him to be saved and healed. He finally broke down and went to church after realizing he was actually going to die. He found Jesus, got saved, got baptized and gave his life to God. At the very next doctor visit, the miracle became obvious…test results showed the cancer was “gone”. They re-tested again – no sign of cancer anywhere. Doctors were baffled. One doctor even went so far as to say ‘it was a medical miracle’. Ha! Divine intervention miracle yes, medical miracle, not so much. My dad went on to live another 7 years before an accident took his life in 1996, and even though I miss him terribly, I KNOW I will see him again, thanks to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Praise God ♥ Thanks for letting me share this with you.

    • Thank you for sharing your God given miracle. The Bible speaks of miracles happening more often in the end days. It is strange to be a witness to one. One moment, someone is sick to death, the next, healthy as a horse. In some ways, it is so… normal. But then, you think, “Wow. A REAL miracle!” It is hard to wrap your mind around it, isn’t it?

  2. I have always known how blessed our church is. I call it the “little church that does” God regularly performs miracles there. Thank you for sharing your miracle story. He perfectly planned this for your family. Welcome to our church we are so blessed to have you!!!! Merry Christmas 🙂

  3. Little Rebel,

    God bless each and every one of you. I say MERRY CHRISTMASS and again I say MERRY CHRISTMASS. May Jesus our LORD and Saviour come.

    • Thanks, Virginia! Thanks for visiting my blog! What a wonderful miracle for our church, right? Pastor Frank is amazing. Our Church is amazing. Thank you so much for bringing us there… You guys play a part in Cal’s healing as well…

  4. God bless my friend. you are a miracle yourself in bringing this good news and giving us a reminder that God is in control!

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