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Germany Doesn’t Need WWIII To Conquer Europe- It’s Already Bought It

David Cameron standing strong, but beginning to waffle...

BRUSSELS— The European Union said Friday that 26 of its 27 member countries are open to joining a new treaty tying their finances together to solve the euro crisis. Only Britain remains opposed, creating a deep rift in the union.  In marathon overnight talks, the 17 countries that use the euro gradually persuaded nearly all the others to consider joining the new treaty they would create. Some of those countries may face parliamentary opposition to the treaty, which would allow for unprecedented oversight of national budgets.”

Germany has nearly accomplished its lifelong goal of conquering Europe.  And nary a shot has been fired.  Turns out that all they needed to do was buy it.  I happened to be in Germany working as a contractor when the Euro was being shoved down Europe’s throat.  No one trusted it.  They all thought that they would lose their individual identities and freedoms.  But no, they were told, this would never be so!  Because this was only MONEY.  Not government and not culture.  Only money.  See?  And guess who championed this brilliant coups d’état?  Guess who pushed and pushed and pushed the idea?  Guess who bribed even the weakest nations to join in this ‘new coalition’ against the might of the American dollar?

Yup.  You guessed it.  Germany!  Even the German people didn’t want it.  But the ‘government’ did.  Everyone wondered back then why weak economies like Italy, Greece, Spain & Ireland would be included.  It was a real point of contention.  But it was oh, so predictable.  It was so clear.  It is called built-in failure.  While initially counter intuitive, built in failure is absolutely necessary for the ultimate takeover of the new ‘country’ (think:  EU).  Here is how the plan goes:  first, get everyone to switch to the new currency (an impossibly complicated, irreversible process).  Make sure to include sure-shot failures which in turn will kill the new currency’s viability.  Then, insist on new regulations that will allow for governmental takeover of the economy.

Only England wisely stands apart.  The question is:  can they take the pressure?  I sure hope so- I do love our friends, the Brits.

The same forces (the Progressive movement) are busily at work here in the United States.  Anyone who thinks the euro will go away is just kidding themselves.  This is a manufactured crisis designed purposefully to ensure full governmental takeover of the EU.  Once that is accomplished, you will see the world banks open their purse strings to create a mighty euro.  All this while the dollar will be in its ‘managed decline (George Soros)’.   The exact same arguments will be used to induce America to join an American union with Brazil, Canada & of course, Mexico (see, we need our built-in failure too).  But this time the boogey-man will be the Chinese yuan and the euro.  The Progressive movement is interested in the demise of individual nations in favor of much larger, more easily controlled ‘unions’.  The Progressives plan on holding mighty political & financial power over larger and larger masses of people.  Technology is ripe for it.  People have been convinced that if the information comes from the news, it is true.  They do not know that the Progressives own ALL the news.

I truly wonder, sitting here, if we even deserve what we have now- freedom.  If people are too lazy, too self centered, too… irresponsible to cherish it, why should we be allowed to keep it?  As I watch my countrymen stray further and further away from God, morality and all the ‘old verities’ of William Faulkner, I begin to wonder about where patriotism stands in my life.  I do not have blind loyalty to anyone or anything.  I have to believe in it to be loyal to it.  I will fight for what I love, but what if the thing I love turns out to be something completely different than what I thought?  Does it then deserve my love anymore?

I am not ready to give up hope on my people.  Not yet.  After all, the news is controlled by the enemy.  Taking the heart out of patriots is part of the plan.  So I will continue to pray silently over here in Seattle, WA that there are more patriots out there than the news would like to show.  I think you are there.  I sure hope so….

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