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What Do Fred Flintstone and the Occult Have In Common?

Fred & Barney back from a meeting at the Loyal Order of the Buffalo's Lodge 32

My father sent me an email recently in response to a theoretical question I had concerning the Messiah for whom the Jews are waiting.   I was wondering if they knowingly rejected Christ or if they truly still thought that God would send a great king with armies as their Messiah.  I mean, if Jesus is the Messiah (and he is), then it should be evident to all who seek him, right?    Being the son of God is no small thing.  The son of God would have a presence that would be undeniable.  And Jesus’ presence is undeniable.  (Hence, the hate he and God draw from so-called unbelievers.  You never see them hating on Mohammad, do you?)  And being so self-evident, if the Jews reject him, then they are rejecting God.

He told me that many people believe that the illuminati (the über rich elite who own everything- including politicians) have blood ties to the ancient jewish Pharisees and Sadducees that were the original persecutors of Christ.  Also, that these illuminati are invested in satan worship via organizations such as the Free Masons.  Being me, I wanted proof- genealogical charts showing this.  Not that it was really relevant- but I would find that bit of proof to be very amazing indeed.

His email contained links about the illuminati, their history, self documented belief systems, etc.  I followed the bread crumbs to find truly daunting bits of information that link these people to the design of our dollar bill to the presidential seal.  I even found links to the 9/11 site that contain proof (yes, it’s real) that the subway station directly under one of the towers was dedicated to satanic symbols (Horus’ eye) AND that the new subway station being built is yet another big, creepy eye.  One could argue that all these eyes (pyramids & other symbols) have nothing to do with Satanic worship- but my response would then be, “But what’s with all the eyes?”  It’s weird, to say the least!

'Oculus', 1999 by Jones/Ginzel. location: Chambers Street/World Trade Center before its destruction

Another Creepy Eye! New World Trade Center Subway Station: Santiago Calatrava-designed Transit Hall and 'Occulus' (same name as destroyed artwork previously here- both mean 'eye')

Yet Another Pyramid on the new World Trade Center Freedom Tower- So now we have BOTH a pyramid AND a giant Eye directly above the old World Trade Center 'EYE'! How weird is THAT, people?

Horus' Eye in a pyramid

The EYE & pyramid on our dollar

The EYE on Freemason insignia

George Washington's Freemason Apron

Dollar showing masonic symbols- note the square

Masonic Square & Compass

Another Eye & pyramid on another Freemason insignia. Note the Eagle as well..

The United States official seal is FULL of Masonic symbols- including the eagle, the number 13, 33 & the hexagon (or Star of David)

Free Mason Org. Chart- in a pyramid!

The Roman Numerals on Dollar = 666 in Egyptian translation!

I have to admit that either there is an unbelievable amount of coincidence (com’on people, is there really such a thing?) in finding these symbols everywhere OR there are people who like these symbols very much and manage to get them implemented in very expensive or politically powerful ways.  And if they truly are satanic occults, all I have to say is…

Who cares?

Honestly, after reading about what people have to do to become 32 or 33 degree Masons (who can  remember all the rules?) and thus be initiated into the ‘sacred mysteries’ or secret ‘knowledge’ is very reminiscent of Fred Flintstone’s Grand Pooh-bah lodge.  I keep waiting for the pooh-bah hats with the horns to come out.

Secret knowledge?  Initiation rites?  Special symbols?  Pa-LEASE!

If the argument is that Satan is behind the New World Order and the corrupt elite or the progressive movement, then I would say, “duh! Of COURSE he is!”  But only to the extent that God wishes him to be.  All this must pass in order for God to fulfill his own great plan.  But why worry about the technical details of how Satan bamboozles a bunch of idiots into doing his will?  Satan can’t touch anyone that God protects.  So why worry?  And the symbols?  They are as impotent as Satan is.  Mere boogey men meant to frighten the insecure.

I think some people fear these things just as they fear Satan.  Not me.  God said to fear HIM.  God made Satan.  No matter what Satan or any of us think, the pot cannot be greater than the potter who made it.  Satan and many people believe that Satan has free will.  That he chose to disobey God.  That he truly has power.  Listen.  If God is God (and he is), then he doesn’t make mistakes (remember the All-Knowing part?).  He knew exactly what he made when he made Satan.  He KNEW he would disobey and then attempt to destroy God’s creation (us).  It is an integral part of God’s plan to create us.  You see, we aren’t done being created yet.  When God created Adam & Eve, that was just the beginning of our creation.  He also wants our love- just as we crave love from others.  But love is not love unless it is given freely.  So God gave us another choice:  Satan.  And Satan is beautiful (at least on the outside) and can promise many earthly things.  Which do we choose?  God, who promises rewards AFTER we die or Satan, who promises rewards NOW, while we are living?  You have to have FAITH to make the first choice.  You have to believe enough to give up your entire LIFE on earth to get God’s promise.  And what if there is NO afterlife?  Why, you have just wasted the only life you will ever have!  Satan’s promise can be fulfilled right now and in a very tangible way- money, recognition, adoration, power, sex, fame, yachts, clothes, jewelry, castles, mansions, success and beauty.

So when you choose God, God knows you really love him.  Sounds like a very human kind of test, doesn’t it?  Very much like a wealthy man who conceals his riches from a woman he courts.

We are, after all, made in his image.  Even God wants true love.

So, back to Satanic rituals.  They make no sense.  There IS no secret knowledge.  That is the funny part.  Why would ANYONE need to mumble a bunch of words or make a bunch of scribbles in order to get Satan to notice them and ‘accept’ them?  Has Satan somehow become very picky in who he welcomes to Hell?  Um.  I don’t think so.

Here’s what I think:  Satan fools these idiots into these rituals and symbols because he knows it truly appeals to their need for recognition and sense of self-worth.  Basically, it makes them feel ‘special’.  He makes them actually believe that they will have some kind of special position in the new satanic world where they will get to be ‘better’ than us dumb earth dwellers.  But he plans to roast them on the spit the same as every other human who comes his way (you know, the mundane idiot who just hates Jesus and God in the ‘normal’ way).  Satan’s mission is simply to destroy what God loves- people.  His children.  His special creation.  Those to whom God truly gave free will.  Perhaps Satan is actually jealous of us that we have been imbued with this incredible power.  The power to truly choose.  Without God’s interference.

In any case, the Grand Pooh-bah lodges can put their symbols on the dollar bill or at ground zero or anywhere they like.  It doesn’t scare or worry me.  Artists can continue to erect works of art that supposedly worship satan.  Because here is what I know:  God and Jesus can redeem anything- including hexagons, skulls and cross-bones, eyes, pyramids, the numbers 9, 13, 32, 33 or whatever.  After all, look at the cross.  It used to represent fear and oppression.  It was used to scare the living daylights out of people who didn’t obey the Romans.  And Jesus went and redeemed that ugly symbol and turned it into the greatest symbol of freedom and life and hope the world has ever seen.

So don’t worry, everyone, about the occult,- or about Satan.  Fear God.  He is the one to please.




Research links (if you care to see these symbols, names of the supposed illuminati, etc.):

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Satanic/Free Mason symbols on U.S. Dollar and Seal:

Historical creation of today’s freemasons:

The names of the Illuminati families:

U.S. Presidents who are verified Free Masons:

Here is an interesting one about imbedding chips into kids….straight from the free masons of Pennsylvania:

Links to all the major Free Mason lodges in the United States:


  1. It goes beyond symbols and just simple rituals..there are people being sacrificed. Children being abused and killed. It is not only self importance and recognition they are after, they want to also destroy God’s children. In the end God and His love will triumph…but do not be fooled right now into thinking that these are just silly things you should ignore.

    • M, I don’t doubt that children are being killed in satanic rituals- they certainly are in pagan rituals outside of the USA. I think the numbers in America must be pretty low, however. People notice when kids disappear. Nonetheless, I believe it does happen. I don’t think it’s silly, believe me.

  2. I don’t believe in the Illuminati, but I was in the occult years before I became a Christian, and you nailed it. Probably hundreds of unconnected, powerless groups think they’re the Illuminati. Satan plays on people’s vanity and lust for power. Of course they send each other coded messages trough their work, in every field, because it makes them feel special. A baker who thinks he has special knowledge will ice a cupcake in code to see if he gets a wink from a customer. So what? All the while, the real knowledge is that Jesus saves.

    • The Rainey View. I thank you so much for your confession and for your insight. I pray that you can reach out to those who leave cults and can speak to their hearts with your experience. I find that most Mormons who leave that practice feel doomed to hell. So they just abandon Jesus’ gift altogether, thereby fulfilling Satan’s greatest dream. I hope you find it in your heart to take up this cause in your life. God gave you that unique experience so that you could help others! Bless you.. Susan

  3. You little Rebel! You have such amazing way of spitting words in detailed alphabet. I admit, I haven’t read anything like this post before & I am in dumbfounded agreement with you because you make so much sense its almost hard to repress both that smile & tear. Thank you & well written!

    • Thanks, Love. If you are interested in these types of eye openers, please read my “Who is Rupert Murdoch and Who Owns the News?”. I try to point people to that article first because I prove, beyond any doubt, that ALL our news, magazines & publications are owned in a clever scheme by six families or groups. I have identified these groups and the companies they use to purchase it all- through the stock market- and I give links directly to the official stock market reports to prove it. Once people see how these people are scheming right beneath our noses, then they are more willing to accept the ideas I bring forward about the various bills that are being passed, etc. All of this evil is happening right under our American noses and no one even knows. Why? Because the very people behind these new bills are the same people who own the news!

  4. I somewhat disagree about the origin, I think the pope (and maybe the French king) bears more blame than the Templars per se but that’s minor. Masonic history before the end of total secrecy is a muddle because so much depends on oral history and traditions and such, it is interesting though.

    But in everything else I wholeheartedly agree, and am very content to leave the outcome in God’s hand. After I do my part, of course!

    If I haven’t mentioned it, I love your blog and writing as well as your point of view (with which agree 95+% of the time). Thanks.

  5. Thank you for reminding me who is in control in the midst of this insanity unveiling itself. Over and over and over in the bible, there are references to “fear not”. I don’t think it means we can’t or won’t be afraid but to keep in mind that it is God who created it all and as you said “the pot cannot be greater than the potter”. This was one of the most upsetting Christmas’s yet and Satan worked hard at infiltrating our celebration. I am by myself now and trying to un-do every commercialism related Christmas ideal and dive into true biblical history about my savior, the magi and the one true hope that was freely given to us through the birth of Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas my friend and may God Bless You and continue to give you wisdom and discernment. Denise

  6. We exist between two eternities.
    What we do with the time we have is up to us.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Susan.
    Cheers 🙂

  7. Short Little Rebel,

    Excellent analysis! Indeed mankind does have a special place with GOD. I also believe that Satan is jealous of mankind and seeks to destroy him. A person cannot have two masters. A person cannot be a 33rd degree Freemason and still claim salvation in JESUS.

    • Having read some ‘mission statements’ of the Pennsylvanian Free Mason Lodge, they openly admit that they are NOT christian. They only require everyone to believe in The Supreme Being. Or Diety. Nice, huh?

      • Very good and interesting post. I agree completely in the range of Satan’s power (I believe the name translates as ‘Adversary’) and as he is every bit as much a creature of God as we are, his options are limited.

        The Masonic thing has always interested me, I tend to think that the original Masonic order followed in a direct line from the poorly (in England and Scotland) suppressed Templar military order and as such had been rejected by the earthly church, leaving them with very few options pre Reformation. The undeniably heavy involvement with the American Revolution could easily be simply that they were the liberal (in the old sense) thinkers of their day, and we were decidedly radical in our founding.

      • I believe they do stem from the old Knights Templar- the exact ones who were initially protected by the Pope and then later expelled from the Catholic Church. I believe they merged with the old Stone Masions (just an early version of a union). As for their involvement in our formation, I’m not sure what to think of all that. I have to believe that either a) the participating members were ignorant of the true purpose of the Masons or b) even if they were evil in intent, that God can redeem anything. If our eagle was intended as an evil symbol of devil worship, then it has failed. It stands as the greatest beacon of freedom and hope in the world today. If our dollar has been imbued with evil symbols, then no one even knows it! So what power does it have? God is above all- evil symbols included. In the end, they are nothing more than ink scribbles. It is what humans do that matters. If Americans keep faith with God as we did in our infancy, then we will continue to prosper, despite any evil intentions of any politician in our history. If we stray, then we no longer deserve God’s protection and blessing. And we will fail- but not because of a bunch of ink on paper. We will fail because we lost sight of God. Plain & simple. Let the idiots have their grand pooh-bah lodges & scribbles. They will burn just the same as the mundane sinner who rejected Christ.

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