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The Fourth of July & Syrian Independence

Syria's Future Fourth of July?

What does July 4th mean to Americans?  One thing and one thing only:  the day we took control of our own destinies.  It is a thing to be proud of.  Though we are fast friends with England, we still celebrate our bloody war to separate us from it.   We celebrate the day that marked the beginning of one of the greatest loss of American lives in our history.   One must ask why so much bloodshed and violence is a thing for parades, cotton candy, flag waving and remembrance.  Isn’t everything bloody and vicious ‘bad’?

Of course not.  The thing is, some things are worth dying for.  Freedom is one of those things.

Just as the ‘killings’ in Syria & Libya & Egypt are not (were not) necessarily bad.  The People of those nations are disgusted with their tyrants.  They have been abused for far longer than the fledgling American Colonies were before we decided on rebellion.  They know, just as we knew, that the blood of patriots would undoubtedly be shed.  We never asked for international aid (we asked for money) in the form of military intervention.  We hunkered down and decided on brilliant new tactics- both on land and at sea.  We bled & died.  We died in much greater numbers than any of these new rebellions have ever produced.  But eventually we won.  As will any people who simply refuse to be ruled.  If the entire people will not be governed, there is little the leadership can do.  After all, there are more people than governors.  They can’t kill everyone.  Cohesion of intent is really all that is needed.

While there are evil forces at work attempting to co-opt these populace movements, I have no doubt that there is real heart involved.  There are several questions we, and they, must ask.  First, do the people of these rebellions have cohesion of vision?  Do they know where they are going?  Second, are they wise enough to avoid the evil forces that would love to use their rebellion to further their own cause? Third, is it anyone’s proper business to interfere with what must be a self earned independence?

The first three questions need to truly be answered by the People of these nations.  The last needs to be asked by the rest of the world, especially the United States.  And the answer is, unequivocably, no.  Each of these People need to win their own independence.  It is critical to their own national pride and to their ability to be truly sovereign in the future.  Nothing in this world is free.  ‘Help’ from other nations always comes with iron strings attached.  Political favors in the form of political infiltration doom the fledgling governments from the get go.  The new nation simply becomes the pawn in other nations’ (and Movements’) games.  These Peoples can do it themselves.  They must do it themselves if they are ever to have a real future.

The only reason that other nations involve themselves (including the United States) is to further their own needs.  The press, owned & operated by the Progressives, is attempting to paint the usual victim picture of the Syrian people.  The purpose is to give greedy nations or movements a chance to stick their fingers in the Syrian pie.   The Muslim Brotherhood and the Progressives would like nothing more than to topple yet another secular government in the Middle East and install Sharia and the Muslim version of socialism/dictatorship.   Good for the Muslim Brotherhood, good for the Progressives.

We need to let the Syrian People decide their fate.  I believe the People in Syria yearn for true democracy and freedom- not a theocracy/dictatorship.  I believe that by ‘helping’ them, we only help their enemies and our enemies.  If the Syrian People are serious about freedom, they will win.  They will shed blood.  They will die in droves, but  someday, they will have parades, cotton candy, and flag waving to remember the day they truly become independent.


  1. Freedom? who is calling for freedom? an Islamic Salafi??? Sorry but this is really so stupid and pathetic !!!!!!!!

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