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Americans Slumber While Obama Takes Over Internet & Embraces Muslim Brotherhood

If you watched the news today, you might wonder what those little blips between Republican campaign reporting were.  They were so short, and yet so unbelievable, that you might think you dreamed them.  They were so outrageous that you might think it was actually a nightmare.  But then, thank goodness, the smiling reporter returns to scenes of balloons, flags & glitter- the campaign trail!- and you feel much better.  Reassured that none of it was what you thought you heard.

Take over the Internet?  Make Eric Holder (Mr. Fast ‘n Furious) the new Internet Czar?  Control the last bastion of truly open communication in the United States?  Censorship like they have in China?


Make new alliances with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya?  With a self admitted terrorist group bent on our country’s destruction?  A group dedicated to extremist Islamic Jihad against not only us, but on Israel?


No, it must have been a dream.  A fit brought on by too much coffee and too much cream cheese on you bagel….

Wake up, Americans!  Obama and the Progressives are hard at work- and treachery is their goal.  They are putting into place a complete lockdown of information.  They have already taken over ALL American media.  They are poised to fast track act. S. 968 PROTECT IP ACT OF 2011 this week in order to shut down any site they wish without requiring one shed of evidence that the site is participating in piracy.  There is no legal recourse for shut down sites.  Trust powerful, ambitious men to use this power sparingly?  Ha!  Now THAT is the dream!

The Progressives are taking down our dollar by printing it up via ‘quantitative easing’, by unionizing the few companies still in America, by crippling us with massive debt to china in order to ‘pay’ for crippling entitlements that we simply can’t afford, and by creating even more massive legislation and restrictions on American businesses via environmental reforms.  They are ‘managing the decline of the U.S. dollar’, as George Soros so proudly proclaimed in his infamous video clip.

Despite all logic and without providing a single reason that clearly benefited America, they ousted two secular pro-American governments in Egypt and Libya in favor of the theocracy based, Sharia-loving terrorist organization named The Muslim Brotherhood.  What they hope we all forget is how Clinton actually had ‘talks’ with the Muslim Brotherhood even before the Egyptian revolution ousted Mubarrak!  What, exactly, was ‘talked’ about back in June?



And now they are shrugging their shoulders and creating official channels of diplomacy with the Muslim Brotherhood and saying it is ‘just political reality’. Something that ‘just happened’ and now we need to legitimize them even further than we did in June 2011! Who cares if their stated mission is to destroy us and our way of life?  Burka’s anyone?

The tradegy is not watching these things being done without a shred of support from either party or from the American public.  The tragedy is watching Americans sitting on the sidelines, stuffing buttered corn into their mouths, with dumb, happy & vacant smiles on their bloated faces as they watch it unfold before their eyes.


  1. I Think it’s crazy that they are going to have control on what’s sites we go on.It is not far!

    • Shabina, thanks for commenting. Yes, it is not far. I believe these two bills are just ‘floater’ bills. These two were meant to test public sentiment to determine if the time was right to take over the Internet. If you really want to have your hair stand on end, please read my article, “Joe Lieberman’s Cybersecurity & Internet Freedom Bill” article. THAT is the real deal for these Progressives. Remember, Progressives can exist in either party. Progressives wish to subvert American sovereignty to a new international order. They also crave power over people. They already own all the news. The internet is the last place where people are free to communicate- for the good or for the bad. In order to truly consolidate power, they need to control the Internet. As they control the news, no one knows about the bills being passed.

      In 2009, the original version of this bill was defeated. Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM all objected publically. I posted a copy of their letter to Lieberman. But there is a new version (just as bad) on the Senate floor as I type. It has already passed the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (Lieberman is the head of that committee) and is up for further review. This time around, there is zero public protest from these groups. In fact, Microsoft & progressive Bill Gates are for the bill. Why? Because they have been bribed. I can’t prove this, but just think about it. If the government owns the entire technology industry (which is the end result of Lieberman’s bill), then they can give massive contracts to whomever they please, can’t they? I guess these companies have been assured that they will be top dogs…

      I believe these two lesser versions of the bill are only to guage public reaction. They don’t want to put the ‘big one’ out there to be voted down as it would be the second attempt and would probably damn the bill forever in U.S. politics. So they sent these ‘floaters’.

      Apparently, these two bills have been ‘dropped’, whatever that means. I think it means that there will be no vote on it. Isn’t that interesting? After all the firestorm from public protests (driven, thank God, by Wikipidea & others), they know that to pass these bills would damn their careers. But they don’t want to vote them down as that would put an offical ‘no’ on them. So they just pull them- for now. Just wait until the next time they can blame the Internet for another terrorist attack on U.S. soil. You will see the ‘big bill’ introduced immediately.

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