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Rebel Caught In Rare Northwest Snow Storm!

Rebel is indeed socked into her house with her husband, three kids, dog and new kitten. She is lovin’ it. Rebel realizes there are those that hate snow, but she is not one of them. It is too rare in this locale to detest. It’s rarity makes it precious.  To my faithful readers, I am not MIA.  I am wrapping up my new fine jewelry collection.  Those who might be curious how Rebel spends her non-politically obsessed time can check out her art jewelry at  My Water Garden collection is based on my water garden which is featured below.   This is how Rebel & family are spending these lovely days:

Snow clouds on their way!

Snow clouds on their way!

The snow begins..

Two hours later

My favorite pine bonsai- Next step is to get it into a shallow pot...

My maple bosai covered in snow- a rare treat for me- if only it would branch a little more this spring...

Rose arbor

I wonder how the koi are doing?

Everything's better with snow..

Rebel trades her jewelry for art- one great perk of being an artist..

Times like these make me feel like a success as a mother..

Rebel's source of joy..

The apple of my eye...

Rebel's Pitiful Pooch

Water garden that Rebel's new jewelry collection is based on..


  1. I like your guy’s yard I needed to make extra money so i did landscaping on and off for the last three years and found my God given gift. I talked my mother into not traveling abroad but to spend it on her back yard. She has added a flower garden here and there a brick patio ect. well i took a garden hoes and laid it out for a possible pathway around her flower beds and up the little slope along the edge of her trees and back down to her red brick patio. I showed her and we adjusted it and came to the final outline. I rented a sod cutter and took out gee ?? maybe 2 tenths of a mile and made steps up the little incline with little sitting areas along the garden path. Well it turned out awesome. Every year I do a little more like laying a flag stone/rock garden pathway from local quarry and have done a few since. I tried to talk her into a waterfall as it would fit in nicely with the little hill but she does not want the hassle with Montana winters as we have to store it away for winter. I built a Pergola and put up misters to cool the patios and lined the broader with paver blocks. I called my new company (Patios Pathway And Lighting) her friends that go on garden tour think that my mother’s garden is up in the number ten range. She is so happy and thanks me all the time and I tell her it is Gods gift, We enjoy planting flowers and the like together and because of that our relationship has flourished. I think about Adam God said tend the garden and I think it is one of God’s greatest gift is that of gardening. Well I would like to up load photo’s but don’t see how to yet. Keep up the good work and thanks again for you writing and informing and edifying our brothers and sisters. God speed and wish you the best in your endeavors. Scott Price

  2. Beautiful family and garden, but you can keep the snow and the cold. We are running around here in Florida in shorts and T-shirts! But please don’t tell anyone that, we don’t want anyone else moving to our FANTASTIC STATE! Sort of teasing, but not totally! Donn

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