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Thank You, Whitney

An Angel of God

Oh, my.  Oh, my.  As the last notes of Whitney’s funeral surround me as I write, I am moved to say, “Thank you, Whitney.”  Not for your voice.  Not for your fame.  Not for your beauty.  No, but for your love of Jesus.  I never knew that you loved the Lord so much.  I never knew how much faith you put in Jesus.  I never knew how you leaned on him in all your troubles.  I never knew you had a bible called, “Raggety”- so torn, crinkled and written upon.  But today, on your death, you brought the entire world to church.  And you caused the greatest witness to the glory & might of our Father & Jesus in modern times.  Who knew?  I never intended to watch your funeral.  I was mad that no body seemed to care about you in your life and yet were so public in their grief when you died.  The last thing I wanted was to listen to people I thought were just there to further their own careers.  But my goodness, Whitney.  The people around you are lovers of God, just as you are.  You inspired so many around you.  You died alone, but today the angels of God and all the sons of God are with you.   Only in your death do we see the true purpose of your life, which came in this one beautiful, brilliant moment.  Your love of Christ, never known to man, is evident today in the most beautiful service I have ever seen.  Tears stream down my face as I listen to your beautiful song, “I will always love you.”

All people who love Jesus and our Father in heaven are together in this one glorious moment.  And we have your life, your death, to thank for that.  You know that now.  Did you ever imagine that all your pain & sorrow would result in this kind of glory for our Father?  You strived your whole life to bring Him to the world- and it seemed as if you failed, my friend.  I know you were sad.  You were alone when you died.  But now you know, don’t you?  Your moment has come.  It is clear.  You were an angel.  And you have given the world a great gift today.

So, I thank you, sweet lady.  You were marvelous.


  1. I think that we can call her a national treasure, lost.
    You mentioned that the people around her didn’t take better care of her during her life.
    So many times, the most talented individuals are looked upon as just another commodity, just another money machine.
    Whitney had many demons in her life and now she has defeated them and is singing with the angels.
    Her performance of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl is and will be the gold standard IMO, for anyone that attempts to surpass her range and delivery of a very difficult song to sing.
    She took it to the rafters and then some.
    Besides that “The Greatest Love” was so inspirational and powerful it goes beyond words.
    We will always have her music in our lives.

    • Yes, AFVET, you are so right. I always loved her, but began to disapprove when I saw the condition she put herself into. I always felt sorry for her, but wished she could have been stronger. As I said in my article, I never knew what a staunch Christian she was. But if you saw her funeral, you too would have been shocked at how God & Jesus were praised to the rafters. Her mother, so bravely in today’s world, insisted on having it in Whitney’s favorite church. With her favorite pastor. It was truly amazing. The pastor was courageous and full of the Holy Spirit. I laughed & cried. He didn’t spend his time talking about Whitney, propping her or himself up- instead, he made everyone listen to God. I felt that the true purpose of her whole life came to be right there and then. Upon her death. Her life, her story, her suffering, her death- all led to this incredibly powerful, poetic moment. Since when was the entire world made to hear about Jesus & God? It was her very celebrity, her very tradegy, that brought that situation to be. I have no doubt that she would have been clueless that this would happen at her funeral. She didn’t TRY to die. But unbeknownst to her, God worked his mystery through her. Her life made perfect sense at that point.

      I will always remember her with light in my heart because of it.

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