Contemplating God & Evolution

I have never understood why people who claim to be scientists, by a vast majority, also call themselves atheists.  The study of science, erroneously credited as the premier doorway to knowledge, must inevitably lead to awe, humility and at the very minimum, heavy proof of intelligent design.  And yet, according to today’s scientists, it doesn’t.  They don’t see a giant elephant in the room.  So, I would like to propose the following questions & have an atheist answer them:

Does evolution’s notion that the design of all life is powered by the need to improve its own procreation answer the following questions?

1)  Why is music soothing to our souls?  Why does it make us dance?  Why do some songs inspire people to war?  Where does the power of music come from?

2)  Why does the concept of beauty exist?  Must we love the sight of a sunset to prove our viability as a mate?  Why should we love the sight of an ice storm on bare trees?  How does that help us?  According to evolution, prehistoric people all evolved in heat soaked lands.

3)  Why does one man give his life for a stranger?  If that man is young, then his genes are gone forever.

4)  If evolution is the law of design on earth, then it must be the law of design in the entire universe.  That is the nature of scientific law- it is universal.  So, why isn’t there life on every planet?  Evolution enthusiasts claim water is necessary for evolution to work.  There is no water anywhere else in the universe- that we have found, anyway.  So why would the laws of evolution evolve around water?  Are the laws of the universe dependent on Earth and its needs?  Why couldn’t life spontaneously occur in any atmospheric condition?  Light exists in every atmospherics condition.  So does gravity.  Things fall on every planet.  Why do living things not evolve on every planet?

Does the Big Bang theory (or any current theories of creation) explain the following questions:

1)  Where did the physical laws of nature come from that powered the Big Bang explosion?  Light, heat, gravity, entropy, thermodynamics, time, space etc- were all present at the time of the explosion.  This implies they existed before the explosion.  Is it an assumption that these concepts needed to exist before all creation?  If so, why?  Why must there be light or heat?  Couldn’t there feasibly be universes that do not have these things?

2)  The big bang theory says that the bodies of the universe were created through this massive explosion.  But… where did all the matter involved in the Big Bang come from?  As we know, energy and matter are interchangeable.  So, where did the original energy come from?  Is it an assumption that all energy in the universe existed before the explosion?  If so, where did it come from?  Or are we assuming that massive energy must exist for a universe to exist?  Why?  Couldn’t we imagine a state of existence that doesn’t need energy?  I can.  And I’m no scientist. (ha!)

Here are just a few more interesting questions:

1)  Mankind can now create life (did you all know that?).  And yet, we say that no one could have created us!  Is this logical?

2)  Mankind searches for extra-terrestrial life forms.  We believe there are life forms more intelligent than us.  And yet, we refuse to acknowledge that intelligent life forms can exist that are so much more intelligent than us that we consider him to be God.  Is this logical?

3)  Mankind has invented an invisible cloak (did you know that?).  And yet, we say it is impossible that super intelligent life forms (angels) can be here, unseen.  Is this logical?

4)  Mankind has discovered proof of alternate realities (did you know that?).  And yet, we say that there can be no intelligent life form (God) that can be able to know the past as well as the future.  Is that logical?

I find it interesting that although there are no answers that can be proposed by current ‘scientific’ knowledge, atheist scientists cling, well.. religiously, to their notions of evolution, big bang or whatever other theory they are throwing around.  Despite the incredibly heavy, statistical, and obvious logic, the very idea of Intelligent design is thrown out as ‘rainbows & fairies’.    This, my friends, speaks more about a repugnance of the bended knee than to the love of knowledge.

Those who would claim the mantle of ‘truth seeker’s must indeed love the truth more than their own personal hang-ups.  If nothing proves the existence of God & Jesus, the hate directed toward them does.  It is illogical.  Illogical things are not things of science & math.  They are things of the human spirit.  And Christianity is the only answer that addresses this malady of the human spirit.  It also offers us the truth and the absolute freedom to seek it.  The bended knee is just wonderful that way…isn’t that so ironic?


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