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The Power of Positivity

I have been blogging as Short Little Rebel since about May of 2011.  Most of my posts have been political in nature.  It has been my mission to point out current events as a reflection of God’s divine plan and to help keep Christian eyes open to satanic influences in the world.  To keep them from stumbling over the clever lies of the enemy.  These articles have attracted their share of self proclaimed atheists- each with the aim of stinging me with their little insults.  It has never worked.   I laughed them off.  I have also had my share of people ‘liking’ my articles and commenting with positivity & interest.

But I have recently learned an amazing thing.  I mean, it is something I always ‘knew’ on an intellectual level, but didn’t get until Easter evening.  What I learned is this:  people crave a positive message more than a negative one.  Even if the negative message is a much needed warning.  And here is what I also learned:  Satan detests a positive message much more than a negative one (even if the negative one was to warn about him).  He hates the positive message of Jesus’ impact on a life.  He hates the spreading of good news.  He hates when someone shares their passion & joy in Christ more than he hates anything.

By sharing the GOOD news of Christ, you draw his attention.

I mention this because something has recently happened to me personally.  Something quite surprising in its ugliness and even more so in the direction from which it came.

My last three articles have been about finding my new church and the spiritual explosion that has been occurring in me and my family as a result.  Before finding my church, I thought I loved Jesus & God as much I could do.  But now I know different.  The fellowship I found in my church is one powerful thing.  It is like a magnifying glass or a prism that your light shines through and is magnified & colorized beyond reason.  The love I have always felt for God has been, well, soul shaking since starting with my new church in Sept of 2011.  I have wanted to share this joy with you all.

The result?  I have topped my ‘Likes’ for both Constitution Club AND Short Little Rebel!

Isn’t that funny?

My recent articles don’t have near the depth of research or referencing that my political articles do.  They are simply from the joy in my heart.  And people liked them better!  Literally.


Guess what?  Satan hates me more now, too.  On Easter morning, I received a painful comment on my Short Little Rebel blog.  It was personal.  It was meant to ruin my character and my will.  It was even meant to ruin my love of Jesus.  Though full of blatant lies, it was meant to cast such an insidious shadow upon me and my family as to ruin our happiness.  It dared me to publish it.  It dared me to censor, ready to call me a chicken.

It was from my own brother.

He used a fake name, but I later recognized his email address.

People.  Satan knows no boundaries.  He respects no love, no relationship, no sacred ground.  He can make anyone hate, if they are not oh, so careful.  There is no means to combat him if we will not bend our knees in obedience to God and Jesus.  Only through complete humbling of ourselves can we sit comfortably in Jesus’ hand while his angels do battle for us.

Jesus will always be our faithful witness.  HE will tell our truth- to the world and to God.  In Jesus, I have no doubt.

Love him, turn to him, obey him.  Satan would like me to hate my brother.  He would be thrilled to see my family erupt in ugly fights & nasty phone calls.  But I remember that Jesus told me to pray for my enemies.  Perhaps my brother is at a crisis point.  Perhaps everything hinges on my reaction.  Perhaps he needs all our prayers.  So be it.  But I WILL rejoice in this day the Lord has made and I WILL do his bidding.  No matter what.

So how ’bout that?


  1. I LOVE this entry! Thank you for sharing and “Amen!” Satan lurks. He is cunning and loves when God’s children stray from the path. We all have to pray, keep God in our heart and life, and fight the devil with all our might. Goodness will prevail if we believe and fight!!!

  2. I’m so happy you are finding your true self and your true voice through your blog. God Bless You in your endeavors!

  3. Little Rebel,

    I also have concluded that nothing can be resolved politically if Jesus is not involved in the process. Simply expect the attacks as you draw close to Jesus. What confounds the lost is that there are no perfect Christians. We are sinners saved through the blood of Jesus sacrifice on the cross. We are no Longer under the “curse” of the LAW when we confess him as Lord and Saviour. He alone represents us before a Holy GOD. Thank you for sharing your joy in Jesus.

    • Oh, these people know there are no perfect Christians. What bothers them is that although imperfect, God loves them anyway. They know that the bended knee is the only requirement from God to obtain his love. It is just too dispicable to them. Jesus was surely correct when he said, “he who would preserve his live will lose it”. Therein lies the hate…

  4. Stay strong. Satan only comes after us when we are closest to our faith. As long as we are just luke warm we aren’t a threat to him and we aren’t furthering the cause of Christ. Satan will use the person or the thing that will have the best chance of shaking our faith.

    • “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?” 49Pointing to his disciples, he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers. 50For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

      Thanks, Flyover. Your words sustain me and strengthen me. We followers of Jesus must pull one another up when the inevitable attack occurs. The support I have received in this matter makes my spirit happy again. no more tears…

  5. Nothing really to add, it happens to us all, on blogs or in real life. I noticed the difference in your posts, mostly on Concon for whatever reason, they glow. Makes me very happy to see,


    • Thanks, Neenergyobserver. yes. we are all on the same journey, really. Christian fellowship truly helps us move along smoothly, though! blessings on you and yours.

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