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It Takes Truly Willful Arrogance to Deny God’s DESIGN

by Susan Shannon

My dear friend LoopyLoo at posted this video and I am reposting it for you all. It addresses my greatest belief: ANYONE who studies science & math MUST come before God with glory. Only the most willful person can ignore what they find with their microscopes & MRI’s. God’s creation is a beautiful and incredibly designed masterpiece that will… well, blow your mind. As a Biochemistry major w/ a fondness for math (probability & statistics is my poison), I can tell you that it is mathematically more feasible to believe that God created all this than to believe that it was all a great ‘accident’- the ONLY great ‘accident’ in the Universe thus far- and in a world where accidents NEVER lead to order- but rather to chaos. The greatest worshipers of God should be our scientists. And yet, it is not so. Christians, feel confident that great minds are rare- and they certainly are not the exclusive property of so-called ‘science’. Those who do possess true intelligence and yet deny the elephant in the room (ie, the incredible DESIGN of life) are merely shackled by revulsion of the bended knee. Sometimes, they lack good ol’ common sense.


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