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The Big Bang Theory vs. Intelligent Design- Part II of “God is the Ultimate Scientist”

Look, it’s possible that God used the Big Bang to create everything.  I just doubt it.  This video provides the basis for my skepticism.  There is NOTHING in human experience that would indicate that order is a natural result of…. time, natural law and the elements…


  1. You’re clearly on to something. Throwing shoes is completely analogous to how enormous gas clouds behave in a vacuum in interstellar space after the early expansion of the universe. You should submit this brilliant work for peer review and to be published in the journal Nature or Astrophysics and Space Science.

    Also, it’s wonderful to see these children learning about science from a well trained scientist who experiments with shoes in their living room. Who needs to build telescopes and test theories based off observations from the actual cosmos? And who needs to waste time studying the science books written by astrophysicists and cosmologists or their models and simulations to actually understand how stars and solar systems can form by natural processes. I mean, it just sounds ridiculous. Solid objects being made of moving particles and mostly empty space, as atomic theory says, also sounds ridiculous. That’s why I say to my children, “Look at this desk. Do you see anything moving? If it’s mostly empty space, why can’t you see through it?”

    And since there is literally NOTHING that indicates order can result from time and natural laws, notify the scientists that the complex, symmetrical shape we see in snowflakes that form every day on earth is just a total illusion, and the science and mathematics that fully explain how it happens is garbage. Either that, or god is reaching down and magically giving each and every snowflake its shape every minute of every day.

    • oh, I don’t know about ‘untrained’, Joe. Does a biochemistry degree and countless hours in a lab quality as a little training at least?

      The trouble of making fun of a stay at home mother is that you never know what she did BEFORE she took such a humble job!

      Referring to ice crystals & snow flakes is ridiculous. The law of entropy shows that every state change in matter must be accompanied by an energy boost. This boost is given as things freeze or boil. The temperature change gives that energy. The temperature changing is a function of an exploding sun and a revolving earth (among other things). These are NOT spontaneous moments of ordering but a result of systematic energy increasing or decreasing. And it is not due to a steady increase or decrease in heat either- but needs an extra little ‘jump’ to acheive a change. My point: ORDER needs extra energy to happen. Which is my point in my rather elegant experiment. So don’t be stupid if you can help it. And don’t make me explain the shoe experiment to you. I’m warning you: if you continue down this sarcastic path, I will do so and embarrass you in front of the children! And please, get a sense of humor while you are at it.. geeze.

      BTW, if you had stumbled upon those shoes, even you, in your vast sense of superiority, would know some person had designed it. But when you look through your microscopes and see what you see, you WON’T see that it is designed. And hence, you WON’T acknowlege it’s DESIGNER. Simple experiments bring out the most basic laws of nature. Ask Einstein- he knew all about it…(dummy.)

      P.s. you had your chance to say something intelligent and blew it. You are hereby banned as an insulting and sarcastic troll..

  2. Little Rebel,

    The holes in the Big Bang Theory cannot be explained away. Theories are being used to explain theories. When the Hubble proved that the universe was actually accelerating rather than decelerating the theory of Dark Energy was invented. Non-the-less several universities treat this meager theory as a law of science. Some scientists are trying to fill the gaps in the big bang theory by generating String Theory. In my view one is just as ridiculous as the other.

    The above site is requesting that at least other theories be considered. It appears that in the scientific community there is a fear that to oppose the Big Bang Theory is to loose project funding. The plain truth is that mankind is still in its infancy when trying to understand God’s work.

    Science should be used to learn about God’s creation, not disprove his existence.

  3. Personally I find no conflict between the big bang and creation. For one to accept creation they must accept that prior to creation what exists did not exist, ie from nothing he made everything.

    • Talon’s Point, I DO find a contradiction in the Big Bang- but not between itself and God, but between itself and LOGIC. Where did the energy & matter come from that participated in the Big Bang and how did all that debri spontaneously form such order in the universe?

      My point is that when so called atheist minds MUST discount the idea there is a DESIGNER (as in, GOD) then they must also discount the idea that there is a design. So they laughably continue to imply that order can emerge ‘naturally’ out of chaos. This is simply foreign to human experience. NOTHING orders itself spontaneously. Nothing. Even the so-called atheist scientist who came upon the arranged shoes would know that a human had designed it on purpose. But when faced with such mathematical & systemic perfection as the ENTIRE universe, they say it is the result of a series of explosions & accidents.

      It defies even a child’s logic.

      From studying the Bible- especially the Old Testament, God almost always chooses to use his creation to accomplish what he wants. He doesn’t tend to do ‘magical’ or mystical things to acheive his purposes. He remains consistent and within the parameters of natural science to make things happen. I find this amazing. So, why would he use an explosion to create order when no other kinds of explosions create order? Why start with a mechanism and then change all the laws of nature to continue his project? To me, it seems logical to start with one set of rules and allow those rules to run their course. I rely on common sense and human experience when I approach God’s marvelous creation. It just defys all human logic to say that an explosion created order. I think God used a different mechanism. A more logical one.

      • OOPs, Sorry Joe. I promised to bann you, but you were too quick! You slipped another comment in. Joey has been banned for not following my blogging rules. Sarcasm and insulting the author do nothing to convey anything other than the bitterness and ignorance of the writer. Short Little Rebel.

      • I can only answer this way: How does being born of a virgin and dieing on a cross save me from my sins. I cannot fully comprehend it but am grateful it happened.

        To expound on what I already offered if I may, God needs nothing to create. To assume he does means he had to have something to work with before he created the universe which then forces the question “where did it come from before he used it to create the universe. As such logic in my view means he had to make something from nothing.

        Just my two cents…for all their worth, lol

      • Talons Point,

        Can I address the question, “How does being born of a virgin and dying on a cross save me from my sins.”?

        These things in and of themselves do not save you from your sins. Faith saves you from death. That is the more correct way to put it. You need to read the Old Testament, I am finding, to truly understand God and his purpose. Also, to understand how and why Jesus came and did what he did.

        God has always been generous in everything he has done. He has always wanted the most beautiful life for us. He always intended us to live forever- to have a quiet, joyful and peaceful life. But it is clear to me that when God created Adam & Eve, he did not consider his creation complete. He wanted children to love and who loved him back- with TRUE love. To have true love- love that can never be doubted, there must be a choice to love. If you are the only man on an island with a woman, she has no choice but to pick you. But if there are two men and she picked you, how sweet is that? Thus, the creation of SATAN. Now, if Satan was ugly, poor and could offer nothing to his bride, who would marry him?

        No, God wanted a difficult choice before us- thus increasing his satisfaction when we choose him. He wanted his children to come to him DESPITE the attractiveness of his rival. He wants TRUE LOVE- just as we do.

        We are made in his image. Thus, he is like us. He wants what we want.

        So, Satan is unleashed with many, many gifts to give. He can give everything a human could want: beauty, power, money, fame, fun, sex, etc.

        God, on the other hand, only quietly offers everlasting life. But he has not been so subtle as to leave us in ignorance of his Being. No, he did mighty works, documented historically in the Old Testament. He even predicted future events hundreds of years before they occurred. And they occurred exactly as foretold and within the time frames foretold. He even named by name the future King of Israel that would ultimately deliver Israel from Babylon! All this came to pass exactly as prophesied. He also predicted the virgin birth of Christ, Jesus’ suffering, his death and resurrection- hundreds of years before he came! All this is validated through historical records that can be carbon dated for authenticity! God stated through his prophet, Isaiah, that he would do all these things to PROVE he was God. He made it clear, over and over again, that this was his whole point!

        And yet, the evil people in the world pretend these amazing battles & events never took place. Nostradamus gets more air time for his predictions than God does for his!

        It is clear when reading the Old Testament that God had a plan from the very beginning. He planned for the world to become corrupt and he promised a future savior from the corruption. All to prove he is God. All to win our love. In the Old Testament, he promised that this Savior would not only be the king of the Jews- but of the Gentiles. Jews at the time could not understand this as God only claimed THEM as his People. It even predicted that this Savior would ride into Jerusalem on a donkey! The Jews, to this day, believed that this Savior would be a great political & military king who would defeat their enemies on the battlefield.

        So the poetry of how Jesus came into the world completely escaped the Jews when he came. Again, like God in the Old Testament, he did miracle after miracle to help us believe that he was the Son of God. His wisdom & personal power emanated from his body in such a tactile manner that people thronged to him and pressed against him almost to the point of being unable to breath! This is why, although they embraced him when he rode into Jerusalem on the donkey, when he was arrested and didn’t save himself with lightning & angels from heaven, they mocked him for saying he was their savior. They lost FAITH in him. That is why they were angry enough to call for the release of a murderer rather than this miracle worker!

        Like God in the Old Testament, Jesus did all these things to help increase the FAITH of the people. To help them believe that Jesus truly did come from the One True God. He was doing everything he did to make them see that he was the fulfillment of God’s earlier promises to redeem mankind’s sinful nature, to forgive them for it and to accept them into God’s presence. he did what he did to make God personal & loving to them.

        What people fail to understand is that everything Jesus did was to make people believe in God’s promise of eternal life- if only we would believe in him and obey him. This is the ONLY requirement of Jesus. Believe in him and thus believe in God. In other words, have FAITH.

        He died on the cross to fulfill ancient prophecies concerning the coming Messiah. He was born of a virgin because the Old Testament prophesied that he would be born of a virgin. God made the ancient prophets write down the prophecy of his coming. To fulfill these prophecies is to PROVE God is real and his promises are real. THAT is the reason he came, died, and rose again- because the Old Testament said he would! The miracle of him rising from death is to fulfill another ancient promise of God that although Mankind obviously dies, if he will obey God, then he will not die- not a true death. And that his new body would be perfect. Jesus needed to die and then rise again to demonstrate that God’s promise was true. He is the first to go through this transformation from human to human death to risen human. There was a real reason behind why he went through these motions. To PROVE God is real and that his promise is real.

        So, the actions of Jesus do not save you. FAITH in God saves you. Does that make better sense?

      • I posed it intentionally simplistic as the explanation tends to go deeper than most wish to go into as you demonstrated. Yes faith is integral as we are saved by grace through faith as the Word says but it must be faith in him born in part by acknowledging what was done per Romans 10:7 so we are not in conflict over that at all I can assure you.

        I also wholeheartedly agree that the OT is one event after another that foretells the crucifixion of Christ for us.

        I would further say that the belief Jesus expects is not an event but a mindset evidenced by obedience. I am not of the thinking that one can have a moment of belief, then immediately or eventually wandering off and expect the Father to accept them as a child born of the Spirit through his Son….but I certainly don’t want to start any contentions either so you are welcome to edit out this last portion of my comment without offense.

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