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New Modern Translation Bible Omits the Term “Christ”

Thank you to my fellow Christian blogger,  ,  for this important alert concerning the a new Bible translation being released.  Without the type of vigilance of Christians like   , many naïve and new Christians would fall prey to the deceitful world of Satan.

Posted on April 25, 2012 by Christian Blogger:  

Image from the Book of Kells, a 1200 year old ...

There are many translations of The Holy Bible. Some are very accurate and some are not so. The copy right laws makes it very hard for translators to do their job properly, however there are some words and names which are not effected by any copy right laws, words and names such as God, Jesus Christ and Angels and few more. And when translation come about such as the following which omit or changes the above mentioned under the false pretense of “Easier Understanding,” we as believers have to be aware and expose these ungodly efforts! (news article below).

Written by Dave Bohon

Tuesday, 24 April 2012 12:49

Another new Bible is making its way onto the shelves of Christian bookstores and the Sam’s Club religious section, touted by its publisher as a fresh and easy-to-understand translation for those who may own a Bible, but never read it.

The most recent Bible offering from religious publisher Thomas Nelson is entitled The Voice, and in an effort to make Scripture more palatable to 21st-century readers un-attuned to the customary language of the Christian faith, the translators have inserted some creative alternatives to age-old terms, causing some concerns among more tradition-minded Christians.

For example, the name “Jesus Christ” has been replaced with “Jesus the Anointed One or the liberating king,” reported USA Today. “That’s a more accurate translation for modern American readers, says David Capes

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  1. Little Rebel,

    Unfortunately, the attacks against Jesus Christ will never stop until his return. Christians see their own sin and turn to a forgiving Savior; Jesus Christ for forgiveness. Those belonging to Satan say they have no sin and do not need forgiveness. The advocates of Satan justify what they do, labeling their notions as “progressive”. I believe that there are more “progressive” churches than not. Many of these “so called” churches of Jesus Christ are actually churches of Satan.

    Subtle changes in bible verses are one of the oldest tricks used in the progressive movement. All of these heresies and outlandish blasphemies will only come to an end during the Great Tribulation, after which Jesus Christ will rule for 1000 years.

    • Satan actually did the exact same thing when he ‘tempted’ Jesus in the desert. He told Jesus that scripture said Jesus could jump off the temple and call on angels to catch him. He was quoting from the Bible, but changed the meaning completely by changing the wording and misquoting.

  2. Another aspect that one has to consider when viewing this type of translation is the effect of the Muslim in surgency worldwide. In their attempts to APPEASE many of the devout muslims, christian missionaries are using materials that completely remove ANY and ALL references to Jesus as the Son of God and the Trinity. Since Islam believes that Jesus wasnothing more than a mere Prophet, missionaries, and now many mainstream demoninations have begun referring to Christ the same way as a “way to get them into an open dialogue” about Islam and Christianity.
    When you begin changing the FACTS of the Bible and the individuals involved, you start to unfold the very plan of Satan by downgrading the role of Christ and His Deity. It is a road that is being increasingly travelled by too many Christian organizations in a politically-correct forma6t so as NOT to INSULT the religion of Satan, or ISLAM, as we refer to it.

  3. There is most definitely an effort afoot- an ancient effort- that attempts to generalize the Person of God and the Person of Jesus. The ultimate goal is to substitute Satan as God & Jesus. This is exactly what is being done in the Freemason society today. First, convince the naive Christians into believing that Christianity is the basis for the organization by swearing on the Bible & kissing it before pledges. Then reading scripture that has intentionally ommited the name of Jesus altogether. Then having the idea of the Universal Architect replace the name God. Then reject Christianity as the ONLY way to the Universal Architect. Lastly, introduce Satan as the true God and savior. It is an effort that has borne fruit amongst the weak Christian sect. Especially those who feel rejected, lonely or ostracized by previous events in their lives. They love the brotherhood and the way these organizations reach out and seduce them for their participation.

    This type of new Bible is attempting to make God’s commands and Person EASY for weak Christians. It is also inviting brotherhood by diminishing the requirements of faith. It attempts to seduce those who wish for the promises of God but do not wish to fulfill their end of the bargain.

    A great tool for Satan. We must pray for those seduced, pray for justice and do our part by alerting the world to these types of efforts. Thank you for the heads up. I will repost and spread the word…

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