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The Angels of Millersylvania- Chapter 3 of Pastor Michael Castanares’ Upcoming Book

All Christians who doubt God’s active interest in our daily lives, here is an incredible, first hand account from one of the pastors at my church.   The genuineness of Pastor Mike’s narrative is undeniable.  I only WISH I could have been there too!  someday…

During the Seventies, I was in a Christian rock band called, “The Rock of Ages Band”.   We were a fairly well-known band- “in a regional sense”.   We didn’t have any national hits- however we did serve on the local Maranatha Concert committee- apparently the reason we had no hits, according to some!    It was a great time in my life- it was fun for all of us and we did some great evangelizing.  One time, years ago in Seattle, there was a massacre in the International district—it happened during a time of street evangelism and  a concert at the Sonshine Inn.  We led the girlfriend of that shooter to the Lord.   I ate dinner with Sweet Comfort Band, Street witnessed with Servant, opened for De Garmo and Key, hung out with Darryl Mansfield.  What a time!

As the Seventies rolled to a close, my road to fame was interrupted when the state overseer of the denomination of which I was a part asked me to go to Ellensburg, Washington to pastor a small church.  Afterwards,  I was approached by the camp director to teach a class on “Rock music” the following summer.   I guess I was qualified to teach it since I played rock music in the 70’s and since most church people at the time thought that Christian rock music was “of the devil.”   So I guess I could explain to those little campers how God had delivered me out of my downward spiral toward joining Motley Crue. Whatever the reasons  for me being asked, I agreed and began studying, fasting, praying and crying out to God to make a difference in the lives of the teens that would be attending that week of classes.

I had a dear friend, Rainier, that lived in Camano Island- a beautiful tree-laden place on the Puget Sound.  He and I studied diligently together to prepare a comprehensive overview of the subject.  We spent hours on the phone; we met a few times to design a curriculum and we had tons of prayer meetings where we called out to God asking him for miracles and changed lives during the upcoming camp.  Looking back now, I don’t remember much of the curriculum we developed but I do remember very clearly what happened the night after the first class.

That night after a great evangelistic service, we strolled up to the boys’ area and sat together to discuss how things had gone. Our students goofed around in the common area roasting marshmallows in a circular fire-pit at the center of four little cabins.  We both felt pleased with the outcome of the first class but both felt like we wanted to pray after our guys went to sleep- the students’ interests had shifted and we wanted to make some adjustments in our curriculum.  We each had a cabin of twelve kids; we had our hands full.  We waited until our guys were fast asleep and then we snuck out the front door to a smoldering campfire about twenty feet directly in front of both cabins.  We held hands and began to pray.  With tear-filled phrases we each took turns asking God for the hearts of each student there.  We prayed that lives would be changed and that God would reveal himself to every student.  Rainier suddenly dropped to his knees and cried more intensely. He was making a kind of whiney and desperate sound.  I remember thinking, “This is a Charismatic camp, I don’t feel what he is feeling, however, I’ll just go with it.”

After five minutes of hearing my buddy sobbing and whimpering,  I began to feel “not so spiritual”…I was getting a little—irritated.  He kept looking up and then his whimpers became crying; so I thought maybe I should look up at what he’s looking at so I could understand what he’s experiencing. Perhaps it was an exact duplicate of “Starry, Starry Night”- who knew?   I looked up and immediately dropped to my knees in shock.  To this day, I cannot begin to explain the splendor of that life changing moment because when I looked up, I saw a huge angel not more that 40 feet above us!  Of course, immediately, I was a partaker in his “shallow emotional charismatic experience!”  However, I am a singer, so my whines were much louder than his and my range was better.  This angel looked just…  continue reading…


    • Thanks, Wdednh! It makes me so happy to know that God is showing his great wonders again to humans. But this does make me think we are in the end days. This was one of the signs- that we would see miracles & signs in the heavens. I am so excited by the possibility of seeing Jesus in my lifetime!

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