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Need a Good, Hearty Laugh? I Recommend this Great Blog

I don’t ususally go around recommending blogs, but this one struck me as good, clean fun.  I can’t help but spread the fun to you.  I’ve seen all sorts of blogs- political, religious, satire, food, travel, photographs.  But this one is unique.  Really!

How many people do you know that would do an entire blog on people with funny names?  Not many, I’ll bet.  Well, here are three guys who describe themselves in the following way:

The Funny Names Blog is the work of three friends, born in three different countries, united by a shared appreciation for off-the-wall names. After years of spotting fun, improbable, unusual, and just plain bizarre names in sports, politics, showbiz, and the general consciousness, we set up this blog to celebrate the achievements of the many accomplished individuals who were blessed with these names, and to share our joy with the world. We’re practically saints….

The articles are quirky, well written and best of all… SHORT!  For a great, harmless laugh, check them out at The Blog of Funny Names.


  1. Rebel you are a Trooper, Tip of the Hat to you for exposing Tommy the fraud Pastor. Great Job. And ty for this post 🙂

    • Thanks Wdednh. Can’t take credit for it. Tommy gave me a great gift today and I have been praising God all day for it. He doesn’t realize that he confirmed the Holy Spirit’s promptings in me. I had been praying fervently this morning about him and another person to whom I had commented yesterday. I couldn’t bear that my own flaws of arrogance & impatience should get in the way of God’s work. I prayed and the Holy Spirit answered me, “God knows your flaws. He is bigger than them. He works through you DESPITE your flaws. God is a God of promises- you have given your life to him. TRUST in his power to use you even if you are flawed. And when I saw Tommy’s post today, I was so overjoyed. God was fulfilling the promise and words of the Holy Spirit for me. Now, I can truly trust that when I feel the Holy Spirit compell me to speak- I can do it and it will bear fruit- despite my flaws as a human! Hallelujah!

  2. Thank you, Susan for the kind words! All of us at the Funny Names Blog are delighted that people are enjoying it. We really only started the blog because we found a lot of names funny ourselves…I guess we’re not the only ones!

    • Todays blog made me laugh not only the first time I read it, but the second time too! Thanks for the brilliant blog and the completely innocent laugh. We all need that as serious issues seem to crush us down on all sides. It helps to remember that laughter is possible and that people are all the same in the end. We can trust in that.

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