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Stop the Internet Takeover or Suffer, Americans.

Are you confused by the two Cybersecurity bills being voted on right now?  Let me give you my two cents on the matter.  The REASON being given as to why the government needs to be involved  in (translated:  wants to control) the Internet and ALL the technology involved in it is:


Americans.  There comes a time when acting in fear becomes foolishness.  We can only protect ourselves so much and then there may come a day when we need to fight back against aggression.  The attempt to prevent ANY and  ALL pre-emptive attacks on U.S. soil can go too far.  It can go so far as to provide a nice, safe little cage for all us timid birds.  It can become a prison.

Personally, I don’t like either bill.  We need to coordinate with Internet providers (hardware, software, communications) to encourage their active participation in law enforcement- just as we do when our police work hand in hand with local businesses.  It is to the advantage of these businesses to prevent crimes both within and without their businesses.  These relationships work extremely well today- and there are no LAWS requiring it.

Why must we have LAWS to compel any business, person or group to give information to the government?  Is the government (either our’s or ANY OTHER government in human history) trustworthy enough to not abuse such power?   Why force when asking will do just as well?

I smell a rat in both bills.  But of the two bills (the one from the House called the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act and Joe Lieberman’s Cybersecurity & Internet Freedom Bill), Lieberman’s bill- the one championed by Obama & the Democrats, is FAR WORSE than the House bill.  They both force businesses to give information.  They both are too broadly defined for my comfort.  But the Lieberman bill is a COMPLETE and utter takeover of the entire technology industry that takes my breath away.  Having worked in systems development for over 11 years, and having read the entirety of the bill, I can only tell you that if you allow this bill to pass, Americans, you have signed your death warrant.  You have signed up for the Mark of the Beast.  Because if the government gets this kind of power, they can deny you food, water, travel, privacy, or the ability to purchase or sell anything- IF they call you a ‘terrorist’.  If you are interested in my in-depth analysis of this bill, you can read it here. 

Worse of all worse is the fact that the Lieberman bill calls for the formation of an entirely NEW AGENCY called the Office of Cyberspace Policy Department  that reports directly to Homeland Security’s Director who reports directly to the President.  This puts ALL world technology in the hands of THREE HUMANS.   That makes me uncomfortable.  How ’bout you? )

Too Much POWER in Too Few Human Hands- Do you Trust this?

Considering the fact that the word, ‘terrorist’, isn’t all that well-defined, I’m not comfortable with that, are you?  If this bill passes, you had better not find yourself on the wrong side of the American government.  This is not a partisan issue, my friends.  Remember, parties change all the time.  Any one of us could be on the wrong side at one time or another.  Just pray that you are not on the wrong side at the wrong time in history.


  1. Little Rebel,

    You’re right on target. This whole thing is nothing but a ploy to subjugate honest citizens of this country. Trade the perception of security for FREEDOM?! I don’t think so!

  2. Joe Leiberman is a real politician- I used to respect him until my eyes were opened to what is happening today- the events leading up to the decline of America, and how we perceived this great democracy- we really should have been brainwashed into believing that we live in a Great Republic (for which it stands), at least we would have the better of the two alternatives. Thanks for putting this out- even though most “normal”(?) people would think that either they can’t make a difference, and accept their fate, or your posts are coming from the mind of a comspiracy theorist. Hard pill to swallow, but we’re not in Kansas anymore.

    • Thanks David. I fully realize that I sound like a FOOL in the first degree. This is exactly what Hitler meant when he said that if a person wanted to get away with murder, just do it so big, so publically, so in-your-face that no one will believe the teller! That is why I always post the bill, post the data, etc. on all my articles. If people take the time to see my references and look over them (like read the bills themselves if they like), then they will at least know I am not fully crazy. They can disagree with me (my husband even struggles accepting the enormity of the situation), but I leave it to them, then, to form their own conclusions. But no matter how you slice the cake, it isn’t good.

      I take a beating every day for being a ‘conspiracy theorist’. If I had a nickle for every time someone asked me about my tin-foil hat, I would be rich! lol! But I love my country and will gladly make a fool of myself if I can help it stay great! Be strong, David. Don’t lose faith in the American People. We are all out here scratching our heads saying the same things. It is the Progressive movement that we MUST defeat.

  3. They just keep coming at us, and they keep attempting to chip away at the Constitution and Bill of Rights in the name of SECURITY! B.S! You wanna sacrifice your FREEDOM for a PERCEPTION of SECURITY, I assure you, you will get NEITHER! STOP THIS MADNESS NOW! Thanks for sharing! God bless. Semper Fi!

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