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The Next Two Decades: How the End Might Come

Aug. 21 2028,  Associated Press, N.Y.-   The aftermath of last month’s stunning terrorist attacks on London, Singapore, Paris, Hamburg & Chicago continues as world leaders meet to determine what measures are now needed to stop further attacks in what can only be termed an act of war by Islamic fundamentalists. Suggestions ranging from strengthening the governing role of the UN over member states to implementing a UN membership card (in the form of a non-replicable, permanent ID chip for individuals) are emerging as world leaders try to cope with massive casualties and worldwide panic & rage.

U.N. President Obama is strongly urging member states to adopt the new chipping program but is meeting opposition from liberty groups from his own member state- the United States of America.  While this has caused some embarrassment for the first U.N. President, Obama seems unfazed.

At today’s meeting of UN leaders, UN President Obama said, “The adoption of a new United Nations ID chip will ensure that law-abiding world citizens can continue to enjoy the blessing of liberty and freedom of travel between member states while at the same time ensuring that those who mean us harm will be quickly identified and stopped before they can engage in such terror as we have seen last month.  Those who would stand in the way of such security measures must answer the question, “Why are you siding with the terrorists?”  There have been many who have opposed the creation of a stronger United Nations, who have even opposed a black man being the first president of the same.  There have been those who have opposed every piece of legislation that would ensure the safety and freedom of those who are on the right side of the law.  One must wonder why they are doing these things.  What we know is this:  these terrorists have found safe harbor in our member states.  On must wonder who gave them this safe haven.  Our investigations will be relentless and will be successful.  The hammer of justice will indeed fall.  Those found to be working actively against the security & safety of every member state within the United Nations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of international law.  Of that, I can assure you.”  His speech was met with overwhelming support from UN leaders who gave the UN President a standing ovation in response.

Republicans have long championed the use of a National ID card in the United States as a solution to the increasing rate of illegal immigration from war-torn Mexico.  After last month’s tragedy, Democrats seem much more willing to accept the idea- at least in concept.  Rather than a United States ID card, which seems to target dark-skinned Americans unfairly, they support the UN ID card proposal of Obama.  Both parties believe that a compromise is highly likely within the next two weeks.

The  Christian Last Stand Alliance (CLSA) – an offshoot of the terrorist organization Tea Party America, has publicly stated that it will refuse the chipping program and will ‘fight to the end’ to prevent its adoption and implementation.  This has raised concerns worldwide that the CLSA, widely seen as a radical Christian element,  will begin to engage in similar tactics as the Islamic terrorist organizations.  A heightened security watch has been declared on members of the CLSA as a result.  Some in Congress are calling on President Waters to downgrade CLSA’s terrorism grade to ‘enemy combatants’ and thus allow the U.S. governement to keep a closer watch.  The ACLU has declined to comment thus far on the matter.

Another benefit of the chipping program is control of terrorist funding.  Each person’s unique ID number can now be locked to their financial accounts- down to every UN dollar they own.  This will, in effect, cripple the terrorist funding mechanisms 100%.  Last year’s move to completely digitize world currency was made in order to accomplish this goal, but has been limited in its success due to the inability to know which UN dollars belong to which UN citizen.  Without such a link, it is still possible for terrorists to obtain UN dollars to fund their terrorist activities.  The implementation of a unique ID, similar to the Social Security numbers issued in the United States of America, would put a final end to the terrorist funding activities.  This has widely been seen as the strongest tool against terrorism in modern times.

Again, the CLSA has decided that the ‘security’ of such a move is in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States of America, even though the Supreme Court struck down their case citing the new provision, Amendment 30, passed in 2018.  Amendment 30 states that the Constitution is not inviolate in its original form.  What has become known as the ‘Living Document’ Amendment, Amendment 30 states that all laws passed by majority in the United States Congress supersede the original language of the Constitution.  Therefore, according to precedent  law enacted since 2018, such a chipping program can be enforced by the United States government upon its citizens.

Only 30% of Americans strongly support the UN identification chipping program.  40% strongly oppose.  30% are uncertain.  It is widely understood that the success or failure of UN President Obama’s proposal is dependent on how the UN responds to the mayhem after last month’s coordinated attacks and on whether the UN can truly stop further attacks on member state’s home territory.



  2. Little Rebel,

    What you have written above, of course, is outlined in the Book of Revelation. Believing Christians know Satan’s plan for them. Could this man be Obama? I have often thought so I but can’t prove it. Perhaps the most outstanding facet of Obama is his ability to stay popular in wealthy elite circles (the source of his power).

    Nothing appears to be sensible or logical with respect to his decisions as a president. I’m convinced that he hates Christians in particular. His latest actions demonstrate that he is capable of any unconscionable act.

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