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Ahhh, The Beauty of Socialism…

Isn’t Socialism so promising? Welcome to May Day in the most Progressive state in America: my home state of Washington. We are so proud.

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  1. Socialism is always beautiful; it has the perfection only awailable to illusion and always lacking in reality.

    The ‘Occupy’ mobs are the reality, or part of it; they seem a bit short on sales appeal so far…
    Turning up the violence seems the only way these may acquire more attention, while earning less respect. Selling illusins seems to be getting harder…

  2. Let’s see, I’m not middle class, I certainly have had my “bottom spanked” – if that’s what you want to call monthly beatings

    And no, I am not resigned and “satisfied” with a world where inequity reigns. As for the positive face of religion, why not show some abortion bombers and Islamic jihadists. Let’s have equal representation.

    • Trix, not sure if you are implying that you had monthly beatings or if you are saying that spankings are all beatings. So I can’t speak to that.
      • If you live in America, you are at the MINIMUM, middle class. We don’t have poor people.
      • However did you get the idea that I was speaking to ‘the positive face of religion’?
      • Are you saying that socialism is the OPPOSITE of religion?
      • Further, if I show the ugliness of socialism (which is ALWAYS ugly- has always been ugly and will always be ugly), why do I have to show Islamic jihadists too?

      How are these things connected?

      Your comment is hard to understand and is illogical at best.

      However, I think you are implying that socialists are usually atheists. Perhaps you are right. And you are implying that religions are ugly too. Perhaps you are right. But I am not religious. I am a Christian- Christianity is not a religion, it is the truth of life. Christians are nothing like Islamic jihadists. There have been maybe two people out of millions of Christians who have blown up abortion clinics- and Christians publicly denounce them. Christianity clearly and publicly denounces murder and taking vengeance into your own hands. It is preached at the pulpit- unlike Muslim mosques that actually preach jihad from their ‘pulpit’.

      Trix, if you are one of these idiots who trashed downtown Seattle- or any other city, I surely hope the police catch up to you and put you where you belong- jail.

  3. This goes beyond freedom of expression. In any third world nation their heads would be cracked by police batons. What gets me is that most of them come from well to do family’s and affluence. I’m convinced this type of behavior is due to feelings of guilt. They believe that somehow by taking part in some sort of civil disobedience they will connect with their 60’s precursors or somehow connect with the common man. Quite the contrary. The typical family that’s financially hurting has no time for such non-sense so think again you so called “progressives”. If you think you stand for the common man, think again you’re not. Consider yourselves very lucky to be living in America where you can express yourselves in such a manner.

    • So right, Dan. These are kids of upper middle class american parents. I believe their true problem is soullessness. They haven’t been raised in the church and they haven’t had a parent at home spanking their bottoms when they went wrong. They do not understand the deep satisfaction that comes from a life of service. Most Christians understand this satisfaction. Without it, a soul is left searching… but for what? A cause like this allows them to not only feel like they are giving, but also gives vent for the vague feelings of frustration and anger they have inside- “why do I feel so empty?” “Why aren’t I happy?” Their conclusion: it is someone else’s fault….

      • “Soullessness” My sentiments exactly and hopefully …hopefully it won’t be the word for the days and decades ahead or are we too late. God help us all.

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