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God is the Greatest Mathematician & Artist- Part II

I would like to introduce the most amazing human artist I have seen in modern times. Reuben Margolin is both a mathematician and a kinetic artist. His art mimics various math waves found throughout nature. What is intriguing is the amount of human technology it takes to merely imitate what so freely takes place in our universe. God’s technology is so effortless in comparison. If one looks as closely as Mr. Margolin, one would see that God has created a universe where science, math, music, art, physics, chemistry, biology & emotion all meld together into one joyous event. Only humans, with our limited capacity to understand, must break God’s creation into these various study areas. When humans truly seek to understand the science around them, they must find God. Enjoy and admire both the original Creator and this amazing human as well!


  1. Reuben’s comment about his daughter is quite relevant. Indeed God’s creation is intelligent. Mankind is just touching the surface of understanding. We are at the very best disciples, at least those of us that believe.

    • Indeed I am, Robert. I don’t worry about liberal heads exploding. The mere mention of two syllables normally does the trick: “Jee-sus”. It will clear a liberal party room in two seconds.

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