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America’s War on Women? Really?

Forgive me if I repeat myself.  But this topic deserves more than one article.  All these women were aided or rescued entirely by the United States. I’ll put a million dollars on a bet that none of these women would call the United States sexist, racist or evil.  (Too bad our own President thinks those things.)   Or wish us to become a dictator socialist state.  I’ll bet they are glad that American medicine is the best in the world, built on the free market system.   I’ll bet that they are glad to be legally protected in the workplace & in the home when they come here.  Observe your choice, Liberal & Progressive ladies.  And stop bitching.  We got it good.

What a Christian American Woman gets to look like:

Susan Shannon, American Woman, age 47

What Islamic Women get to look like:

Shahnaz Bibi, age 35


Zainab Bibi, age 17

Saira Liaqat, age 26

Najaf Sultana- age 16

Munira Asef- age 23

Kanwal Kayum- age 26

Irum Saeed, age 30


Bibi Aisha, the most famous woman to be mutilated in Islamic ‘justice’, was given free transport, free reconstructive surgery & living allowances from many, many of us EVIL, SEXIST AMERICANS.
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  1. Little Rebel,

    This article is truly sad. What is worse is that many so called progressive women believe that Sharia Law is acceptable in the United States. GOD help us if this ever happens. I fear 2013 the most. If Obama wins the election it is doubtful that the United States will survive another 4 years. If his opponent wins, the same may be true. I believe that both of these men are progressive World Order men – Just an opinion.

    GOD help us all.

    • Cry and Howl, I went to your blog and read the comment section. Thank you for sharing. All I can say is that Princess Laila represents Islam well. But I also think she is in denial. When the leaders of your religious institution are the exact people advocating war, terror and bloodshed, that is when the religion itself becomes tainted. These atrocities are not the acts of barbaric individuals acting on their own. They all asked permission from their Mullahs first. And were given special blessings to carry these crimes out. Further, Islam is not separate from the governmental institutions. That is the meaning of Sharia Law. The government never chases these criminals down. Christian countries would slam dunk these men. They would never see the light of day again. When the leaders of your mosque and the leaders of your government actively condone these ‘punishments’ in the name of Islam, then it is not a matter of a few sects misinterpreting a book. It goes beyond culture.

  2. Maybe there was more info in the first article, but I only caught this one. Where is this happening at? Kind of confused!?!

    • Kevin. Hi. Yes. This is happening all over the Muslim world. They claim it is an American lies- like we fabricated the whole thing. And yes, I did another article called the “Politically Incorrect Assesment of Muslims“. It is truly sickening. This is the the ‘religion of peace’ which Obama supports wholeheartedly. Enough so to invite the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House- not once, but several times. Bet he never invited any of these women!

      These particular attack happened mostly in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Most of these attacks were carried out with the complete blessing and approval of the local mulah. The men who commit these crimes either never get punished at all or are given a mere slap on the hands. Muslim women are regularly beaten in compliance with Shariah law- something the progressive liberals are advocating for in the United States. Shariah law has already become entrenched in France & England. The United States is next. And don’t expect the mainstream media to tell you about it, either, Kevin. The mainstream media is 100% owned by the same people pushing Sharia in America- the progressives.

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