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Teacher orders pupil not to ‘disrespect the president’

Teacher orders pupil not to 'disrespect the president'You got to love a federally run monolith like public education.  Can”t wait to see what they do with the Internet!  And you have to love the Teachers’ (thuggery) Union for keeping our high quality teachers fully funded for early retirements! Enjoy seeing what we get for our tax money. (p.s. I love it when she adds, “Bush was shit!” to the conversation AFTER she informs the kids that ‘as a teacher, I am not allowed to let you disrespect the President!” Liberals. At least they provide entertainment on a daily basis.  Start the video at 37 seconds- the first part is unintelligible.
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  1. Little Rebel,

    Just more of the same progressive line. This teacher is a law breaker and not a respecter of the constitution. The OFFICE of the president is to be respected not the person. Personal political opinions of a teacher should never be voiced in the classroom (Pro or Con). I find her comments to be unduly repugnant.

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